Episode 15

We sat in the car while our room was being cleaned…I told her some of the things that Captain said and how he seemed to want the baby and was even ready to go see my mum after our exams.
This was like the most serious discussion I had ever had with Deola
“Wow! This is huge…
Do you really like him though?”
I nodded but it was obvious I was afraid of something
“With what I know about Captain, he’s a straightforward guy….at least, his friends say that behind his back. And if he is promising all these things, it seems he’s planning a future with you in it.

Chief confided in me that he was one of those that advised and persuaded Captain to find a good, young girl and live his life so he doesn’t die in loneliness
You like him and he seems to like you too…
Sweetheart, not every girl gets that lucky
Most of us didn’t get in the game to find love or a husband…we went all in for the money
Let me be frank with you, even with all the money we make and the opportunity  to roll with the people of affluence…deep down, every girl, including those that ‘form’ big girls, hopes for a good future with a good man
So if this is for real, then I can’t help but be happy for you.

Don’t worry about the details, they will sort themselves out”
Deola’s words were so comforting and eased many of my fears…I hugged and thanked her for always being there for me.
She advised me to visit home as soon as possible since they knew the strike had been called off. That way I could use my exams to buy some time and then work on how to go back with Captain.
“The older the pregnancy gets, the easier it is to spot. So do it before suspicion sets in”
I picked up my phone and informed my mum I would be coming over the next day.
Deola went with me and drove ‘my’ car but we had to pretend it was hers.
My mum was so happy to see me, likewise Sister Grace. Even my brothers were around to welcome me. They begged us to pass the night but we quickly flashed the exam card.
“Or is it because we don’t have Air Conditioner here?” my mum asked jokingly.

Sister Grace then insisted that since we would not be sleeping over, we had to stay with them till evening before leaving and we obliged
I had divided the stuff Captain bought for me into two and brought them one portion (it was a lot)…I also gave them some money; I had a little something for everyone. My mum could not hide her feelings; she prayed for me and also prayed for Deola…who she claimed changed our lives for good.


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