We ate lunch and watched some home videos while we shared stories and experiences from our supposed internship. It was fun to be with my family…it had been a while.
As we were about to leave, Sister Grace called me into her room and asked if I was fine. She said I looked tired and a little different.
I blamed in on the strenuous months of internship and promised to come home as soon as I was done with my exams so I could rest.

She looked at me again, hugged me and told me to keep being good; that it was almost over.
We got back to school and preparations were in top gear. As promised, I went to see Captain that weekend, but I had to leave that same day. To surprise me, he had bought a bassinet and it was so cute…I told him I would like to inform my folks as soon as I was done with my exams. I didn’t like the way my sister was looking at me and I was sure she would figure things out by the time I returned home. Captain was cool with this and promised to start making arrangements.

He took me out for lunch and we stopped at a photo studio for me to snap some passport photographs. Evidently, he was already working on my International Passport…everything was taking shape but deep down, I could not shake the strong feeling that something was wrong. It had been there right from the start but there were times it went into hibernation mode.

I was going to visit Captain the following weekend but he called on Thursday evening and told me not to come…that he had to travel.
I was glad he said that because I had a lot to do academically, coupled with the way I felt every morning. He sent some money to me that week but I didn’t really need money; I had a lot stashed already.


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