THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 22 – 26


She had to remind me to close my mouth…the shock was that much.
She got up and hugged me; I didn’t know we could ever hug again going by the awkward twist that kind of ended our friendship.

We talked all the way to Lagos. She started off by apologizing for the way she treated me back in school, after I left Captain…
“I’m really sorry, I know I could have and should have been a better friend but I have no excuse.
I am just happy for this opportunity to at least apologize.
I later tried to reach you but had deleted your number and couldn’t find it”
I didn’t say anything at first, I was just amazed at what was happening (I had learnt from Folahan to listen more and talk less) so I let Deola do most of the talking. 

She went on to inform me that she was working with a major Telecoms company in Abuja and that was the last favor she got from Chief Agbabiaka. Things had gone sour between them after Chief found a younger girl while Deola was away for Youth Service.
“It happened so fast
I was only gone for about a month
I still believe the girl “jazzed” him (used voodoo on him)
How could chief switch just like that? It couldn’t have been ordinary
Well, I was somehow prepared for it…
It had always been a 50-50 thing as far as I was concerned
I just didn’t like the way it ended
I hate “elimination by substitution”…that’s why I hate Mathematics
It made me feel like a replaceable part

His friends that I thought could help talk to him also wanted to date meOne almost raped me inside his office, thank God for his secretary that barged in because of an emergency…I felt like a cheap, road-side prostitute
After talking to three of Chief’s friends and getting the same response, I knew it was time to walk away with the little dignity I had left.
I still appreciate all that God used him for in my life
Na husband I dey find now (I’m searching for a husband now)”
“Let’s assume that indeed God sent Chief to help you, are you sure that’s how God wanted him to help?”
I just had to ask the question…because somehow Deola didn’t sound like anything was wrong with the relationship she had with Chief Agbabiaka.
“You are still doing this your SU thing?” she responded
I went on to talk to her some more about Christ and how God turned everything around for my family after I walked away from my previous lifestyle. I told her about my new job, I told her about Sister Grace, I even told her about Folahan…not that I wanted to, but I needed to let her know that there are times we shortchange ourselves by embracing the devils’ imitation of blessings when God actually has something better in stock for us.

I also invited her to our church in Abuja since she wasn’t a member of any.
“Hmmn…I have heard o.
Actually, I have tried to mingle at a few churches in Abuja but most of the brothers are unserious, they are either too stingy or looking for whom to ‘hit and run’ and I don pass that stage (I have outgrown that). I am 28 now and need to see what’s on the table before rolling my dice.
A larger percentage of the serious ones are too busy chasing money, they are not even considering marriage. They want girls that will hang in there and wait indefinitely.
The few that are ready to settle down prefer younger girls and/or are already dating someone. Wetin person go do?
God should provide me a good husband and see if I will not serve Him forever”
She added jokingly.
We exchanged numbers and Deola promised to stay in touch…she also promised to check on me before going back to Abuja.


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