THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 22 – 26


Folahan told me right there and then that we would honor God with our relationship and not sleep together.
“If I ever come on too strong, remind me of this declaration that I made today. If I don’t answer you please slap me back to reality”
What he said made me laugh so hard but he insisted that he wasn’t joking.
He’s a Christian alright, but the fact that he already sorted such things out in his mind, at the beginning of the relationship, impressed me. True to his words, it was such a beautiful and godly relationship.

He made sure we prayed together once every week…even if it was over the phone. He re-introduced me to the Pastor, this time, as his girlfriend. He said it was for oversight and accountability. Obviously, the pastor was in the know all along.

Folahan wanted to know everything about me…my plans for the future, where I intended to live; he even wanted to know how many children I planned to have. I wasn’t used to that…I had lived my life, up until then, one day at a time. “Whatever comes, whatever life throws at me” but He taught me that when people don’t have a plan, they leave their life decisions in the hands of chance and chance is the most unpredictable thing in the world.
“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails…that is not a call to stop planning but to be willing and ready to submit even our best plans to the sovereignty of God”
“Success in any area of life is never by accident. It is birthed when opportunity meets preparation”
“Live deliberately”
Those were some of the things Folahan taught me.

This was a guy that had a 5-year plan, a 10-year plan, a 20-year plan, a career-plan, a marriage-plan…he even had names picked out for his unborn children. He had everything written in a journal and prayed on it daily.
When it was about a month to the end of the service year, I got a call from Auntie Felicia (our landlord’s daughter). She confirmed the rumors we had been hearing that there were plans to retain Corp members at some branches of the bank and convert them to full-time employees.


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