THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 22 – 26

The interview was in Lagos and as usual, Folahan dazzled the man. The interviewer was so impressed that he also offered Folahan a second level position and wanted him to start as soon as possible. Apparently, that bank was aware of the big check/account Folahan got from the Federal Ministry and wanted him to resume as the team lead of their Public Sector unit in Abuja. It was a day of celebration when he returned from the interview…I picked him up at the airport. That was the first time I slept in his house (a lovely self-contained apartment in a gated rich neighborhood in Wuse 2). It wasn’t planned but we were having so much fun and talking that time just flew by. 

We had some really deep conversations that day and we talked till almost 3a.m.We sat on the Sofa, holding hands…it was both romantic and deep. Folahan told me how he was not that into marriage in his early years because of the abuse he witnessed at home. How his dad was very abusive both verbally and physically. How he used to feel sorry for his mum but was helpless.
“It was rough and toughThere was a day he broke my mum’s hand and didn’t even feel sorry
 It was such a traumatic childhood…although we had silver spoons but the comfort and luxury did not make up for it.

 The weird thing was that outsiders could not tell…they saw a perfect picture of a perfect couple raising a perfect family.
 My dad was all about his reputation…keeping up appearances and being seen as a responsible man  But God works in mysterious ways and sometimes has funny ways of dealing with issues…it took a life-threatening experience for my dad to change his abusive ways
 It was almost too late to salvage the marriage but thank God they were able to work it out.


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