THE DIAMONDS- By Faith Lucky: Episode 21-30

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)

Episode 22

By: Faith Lucky

Abel’s Pov:
I knocked on the door – Miquel’s door and awaited his reply and soon, his thick voice answered.

“Come in”.

I pushed the door open and walked in and met him in front of the wardrobe, probably searching for what to wear because he was shirtless.

G0sh!! If not for the fact I wasn’t a g@y, I’d have fallen for this guy.

“Boss, I’ve got some important information. One of the students had spotted someone leaving the building through a truck. Its the banshee” I said with deference to avoiding his gaze as he turned to look at me.

“The banshee?” He asked, seeming surprised.

“The student said he’d had only seen her jumping into the truck and doesn’t know why she left” I replied and he turned back to his wardrobe after a silent look.

“Let her go. When she’s back, bring her to me” he instructed.

“Yes boss” I bowed and left.
Cali’s Pov:
I tried bearing the acrid smell from the trash and after a long ride, I felt it was far enough and decided to jump down from the truck.

It was shaking and so wasn’t easy, but I managed to stand, got hold of the edges and smartly, jumped down from the truck.

But I’d to fall roughly and roll on the floor.

Ouch! I groaned as I sustained a little scratch on my arm.

The truck drove away like nothing happened and I thanked God they didn’t have a zilch of what happened. I guess everything is fine, then.

I looked around and waited for a cab and shortly, one arrived.

Though, I didn’t have cash on me, but I boarded It with the intent of paying when I get home.

Thank goodness there weren’t much people around and after a long smooth ride, I finally got home and asked the cabby to wait so I could get his money.

I just hope I don’t get caught on my way to the institute.

I knocked on the gate and the gate man opened up. His brows furrowed in surprise when he saw me.

“Ma’am Cali??” He called like he’d seen a ghost.

“Hi. do you have some cash on you so I could settle the cabby?” I asked and he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a few currency, but thank goodness it was enough.

I collected it from him and paid the cabby and he left.

“M…Ma’am Cali, is there a problem?” The gate man asked as I walked in.

“Of course, not. I just need to see my mum” I replied and fastened my steps towards the house.

Oh! How I’ve missed this place. How I’ve missed being the boss here.

I just feel like crying.
The crocuses of the flowers could clearly be seen, accompanied with its sweet scent.

Its blossomed in the sunlight.

The german floors were neat and the garage reminded me of how I’d normally gone there from time to time to relax.

“Cali?” I heard my name in a faint voice and turned to see mum coming from the backyard.

My heart skipped at the sight of that.

“Mum!!!” I called happily and ran into her arms.

Oh my God!!

I chuckled as I hugged her, but she only acted surprise.

“Cali?” She called and pulled me from the hug, looking into my face.

“What’s wrong? Wh…Why’re you here? What the hell happened?” She asked, panic boldly written all over her face.

“Don’t worry, mum. I wasn’t kicked out or something. I actually snuck out because I had an important message to pass on” I replied and the curiosity on her face increased.

“I’ve missed you, mum” I pouted and hugged her again and this time around, she welcomed me more.

Then, we disentangled.

“B…But what’s wrong, Cali? I’m really worried. Why’re you here?” She asked and I sighed and decided to go straight to the point.

“Where’s Owen? Is he in?”. I asked.

“No. He’s left for school already. And your dad isn’t home either. Please, talk to me, Cali. What’s the problem?”

I noticed her worries were beginning to increase.

“I had a dream, mom. And I think it’s one that’s likely to happen if it isn’t prevented.

“Does Owen have any plans of going to a party tonight?” I asked.

“Yes..Yes. He said it’s his friend’s birthday party. A classmate and it’s taking place tonight” she replied and awaited further answers from me.

Geez! That means the dream wasn’t a lie.

“Please mum, no matter what, he musn’t go for that party because if he does, He’s going to die. Please, mum. Make sure he doesn’t go for it. He died in my dream and I’ve had the same dream twice. And…you know my banshee gift. I…”

“Oh my God! Cali, are you kidding me?” She exclaimed.

“You don’t have to worry about a thing. I promise he’s never going for that party. I’ll make sure of that. Oh! Good heavens. Thank you soo much”.

She pulled me in a hug and for the first time since I arrived, I could feel the warmth of her embrace.

“Thank you so much, Cali. He won’t be going for the party anymore”. She reassured me.

“Alright then. I…I need to head back immediately. We aren’t supposed to leave the institute for anything, but I just did and if I get caught, I’m likely to get punished. So, I need to go now” I said.

“O…okay. But why not spare a few minutes for breakfast?”

“I can’t, mom. Its dangerous. Please, I need to leave now. I’m having a bad feeling already”.

“Oh! Cali”
She hugged me again.

“I’ve really missed you, baby. How’s life at the institute?” She asked.

“It’s um…its cool, I guess” I shrugged.

“Hold on…let me get the car keys so I can drop you off” she said and tried running into the house, but I stopped her.

“No, no, mum. Someone from the institute might be outside. Who knows? I just wanna go in without suspicions. So, don’t worry about it. Please” I told her and she looked at me with so much pity and stroke my hair.

“Okay, dear. Take care of yourself, okay?” She said and I nodded like a baby

“I will, mum”, I smiled and she kssed my forehead and gave me some cash for cabfare.

We hugged one more time before I finally ran away.
I got out of the gate and started walking to the main road since there were no cabs in the street.

I walked and with my eyes on the floor, I reminisced over my time with mum and a smile crossed my lips. Thank goodness I was able to get the message to her.

And…Oh! I’ve really missed her. I’ve missed home.

“Thinking about something?” I suddenly heard a soothing voice and stopped walking to have a look.

I turned and saw a young boy standing beside a tree, having a small smile on his face.


Was he talking to me?

I stared at him and was about walking away when he left the tree and started walking towards me

Oh my!!

I felt a loud thud in my heart as I had a clear look at his face.

He was d@mn…handsome!!

His hair, killer looks, walking steps, charms.

They were so perfect and killing like that of a boss,
But I think I was still going to vouch for Miquel.

Hold on; why am I comparing both of them?

Suddenly, I snapped out of my thoughts and decided to walk away since I didn’t know him.
But he called me back

“I need your attention, please”.

I stopped again and turned to look at him. What could be the problem?

“Y…yes?” I answered and he finally got to where I was.

A sweet fragrance lingered around him.

“You’re Cali….right?” He asked and l looked at him in surprise.
How did he know that? Could he be someone from the neighborhood?

But I haven’t seen him before.

“Nice name” he smiled sweetly.
His eyes crinkled as he did.

“Actually, my first intentions had been to take you home with me, but now, I just need you to deliver a message for me”.

What’s he talking about??

What home?

I noticed I couldn’t read his thoughts.

I was about asking him a question when he suddenly took hold of my left arm.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you??” I flinched and tried freeing myself, but his hold around me was firm and I couldn’t.

And I noticed I couldn’t scream as well.

What’s happening??

“Let me go!” I spatted and struggled with him, but he seemed to be so much stronger.

“Relax…” He hushed and pierced my skin with his finger.


“Argh!!!” I yelped in pains as it hurt like h*ell.

He used the finger on the back of my wrist and drew an image on it.

Oh my God!!

It glowed as he drew the lines and I felt a hot burning sensation on my skin.

“What’re you doing??” I cried out and tried to free my arm, but to no avail.

“When you get to the institute, deliver this message to Miquel. Show him your arm and only then will the burn you feel stop” he said calmly and finally let go of my arm when he was probably done.

But the pains were still there, making me feel like my skin was burning.

I whimpered and looked at it.

It was a very small drawing of a bridge and looked more like a tattoo.

Oh my God! Why does he want me to show it to Miquel?

“Tell him it’s from Mykel” he smiled and walked away, going into a car nearby.

I felt my whole systems vibrate as I watched him drive away. What have I gotten into??

What have I done to deserve this?

The pains were becoming unbearable and I found myself running to the roadside so I could get a cab.

I needed to show it to Miquel so the pains can stop since he said they were only going to stop when he sees it.

At that moment, I was fogged and couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t think about his reasons and why he wanted me to show it to Miquel. I couldn’t think about who he was either. All I could think about was getting rid of the pains.

I continued running and boarded the first cab I’d seen.

I gave him my location and although he looked at me with beady eyes as a result of my arm, he just continued driving.

He drove for a very long time and finally got to the area of the institute and I paid him off and continued running. Cars couldn’t go any further. So, I had to do the rest of the job.

I ran for a long time, holding my arm and finally, I got to the big gate.

How do I go in??

Oh God!

With the look of things, there’s no way I’m sneaking in. I guess I’m busted already.

I tried knocking on the gate and almost fell on the floor as a result of the electric shock.


It was electrified???

So, how can someone get in??
i looked and noticed something like cameras.

Oh….security cameras?? Could it be possible they’ve seen me already?

D@mn it! I needed to go in already. I was already whimpering as a result of the pains.

I was still pondering when the gate suddenly slid open and my heart leapt in fear and surprise.

It opened, revealing the institutes and guards came out immediately.

“She’s back. Get her” one of them said and two others gripped me.

Oh God!

They dragged me in even if I wasn’t struggling with them and as soon as we passed the gate, I met Miquel’s guards standing beside it.

Thank goodness.

“Please, I need to see Miquel” I told them quickly and pathetically and the men holding me stopped walking.

One of Miquel’s guards scoffed.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take it from here” he told the men holding me and they let me go immediately”

They took over and held me instead and started taking me away.

“Please, where are you taking me? I need to see Miquel” I told them both as they held me on each arm.

They looked at my arm and looked surprised but didn’t care to ask.

“You’re so eager to receive your punishment, huh? Don’t worry, you’ll be getting it soon” the one on my left said and I just hoped they were taking me to Miquel.

They probably have no idea what pains I’m passing through.

The students kept looking at us as we walked pass them and after a long while, we got to a building, but I could tell it wasn’t Miquel’s apartment.

“Please, where are you taking me? I need to see Miquel, please. I have a message for…”

“Shut up!” They cut me off and continued dragging me and finally, we stopped walking.



They brought me to him!

He was standing in front of a window in a big passage.

A table was beside him with books, files, drinks…

It looked more like he was having some quiet time here.

“She’s back, boss” the boys said as they let go of my arm, but he didn’t turn away from the window.

“She claims she has a message for you” the other said and that was when he turned to look at us.

His cold eyes bored into mine and I felt my heart skip.

Oh God!! I just pray this isn’t a bad message.

“What message?” He asked unruffledly, his hands crossed behind his back.

I ran to him immediately and held out the hand to him. My legs shook as I stood close to him.

“S…Someone asked me to…to show this to you” I stuttered fearfully.

“He…he…he said his name is Mykel”.

I noticed a spark in his eyes as I mentioned the name.

He touched my hand slowly and stared at the image and immediately – like instantly – the pains seized.

The burn and all…they were all gone.

I gasped in relief, but not until I saw a dot of blood drop on my hand.

I flinched and looked at Miquel and saw him bleeding, his eyes were still fixed on the image.

Oh my God!!

I recoiled in horror as the blood rushed down his nostrils and stained on my hand.

I noticed his guards were also moving away.

My eyes drooped and I tried moving away as well, but he held my hand firmly to the point he was hurting me.

Oh my God!!

No; this is a dream.

I saw a little streamline of blood on his eyes which were still fixed on the image on my arm.

And in the most icy voice I’d ever heard, he asked:

“Why did you leave the institute?”

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