THE DIAMONDS- By Faith Lucky: Episode 21-30

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)

Episode 24

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov:
I’d been sitting on the floor, weak and frustrated and was almost dozing off when I heard footsteps that jerked me back to reality.

I squeezed my eyes and awaited the owners of the slapping footsteps to show up and soon, they did.

It was Miquel’s guards!!!

I stared at them, shocked and wondering why they were there. What else would they want to do to me again, huh?

They opened the cell, walked in and dragged me up from the floor.

‘Come on” one of them said huskily when he noticed I wanted to restrain myself.

Well, I was too weak already and just followed them to wherever it was they were taking me.

After a long walk, I noticed there were taking me to a familiar.

Miquel’s block!!!

What’re they doing?

“Wh…Where are you taking me?” I asked perplexed but they didn’t reply until we’d gotten to his doorstep.

They were really bringing me to his room!??

My heart raced so heavily as they knocked on the door and after getting a reply, they opened it and took me in.

Oh God!

I couldn’t face Miquel!

Please, I don’t want to.

Tears built up in my eyes as they made me stand behind him.

He was facing the table, drinking.

“She’s here, boss” one of the boys said, still holding me.

For a moment, he didn’t say a word or make a move but kept drinking.

My heart beat so fast as I thought of what he was going to do to me. Why did he send for me? Haven’t I received enough punishment already?

“You can leave” his cold voice finally said and the guards bowed and left.

Oh, my! They left me with him!!

I felt my legs become cold and wobble as I thought of what would happen.

Recalling his previous anger, I I felt so scared being alone with him and his silence right now was killing me.

Suddenly, he dropped the bottle of wine he held and turned around, facing me.

My heart skipped that I almost felt like throwing up.

I moved back a little.

“Please….I’m sorry” I whimpered as he started walking towards me.

I stopped walking when I couldn’t move anymore and he stopped in front of me.

A sweet fragrance came from his dress.

I tried avoiding his cold gaze as he lifted his hands to the buttons on my shirt.


What’s he doing???

I gasped and flinched as he started unbuttening my shirt.

“S…S…Sir?”, I stuttered with beady eyes.

What’s he doing?

I wanted to move away but couldn’t and just stood like a stick as he worked on my buttons.

Sweats ran down my head to my chest and finally, my shirt was splitted apart, revealing my big b**bs in a b*a.

Was this my punishment?

He reached for the tip of my trouser and was about taking it down when I suddenly stopped him. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Take it 0ff” he sighed and said and I winced.

Why’s he doing this to me again?

*I won’t hurt you* I suddenly heard him say in his head and my eyes beamed.

He gave me access to his thoughts!!!
I caught the sight of his eyes but quickly stared away and slowly pulled off the trouser.

Now what?

I was left with just a p*n and b*a.

Well, I guess this isn’t the first time he’s doing this to me.

“There’s some water in the bathtub already. Go wash yourself” he stated and walked away, going to face the window.

Hold on.

Did I just hear him correctly or not?

There’s a water in the bathtub???

He…He wants me to take my bath or what?

‘Do I need to repeat myself?” His icy voice came again and I felt my head spin.

Oh God!

Immediately, I turned around and headed for the bathroom, taking slow and steady steps.

I got to the door, turned the hinges and pushed it open.

I turned back to look at Miquel who was still facing the window and taking a weak breath, I walked in and shut the door.

I stood fixated by the door for a long time, eye-searching the place.

So, this was his bathroom?

It was so big and pretty.

The floors were tied with blue, the walls were sparkling as well and a sweet scent came from it.

Different colors of towels were hung on one part of the wall and I saw the warm foamy water in the bathtub.


I turned back to the door to make sure it was properly locked. Then I took off my p*nt and b*a and entered the tub.


I’d almost forgotten what this felt like.

I closed my eyes in ecst@sy as the warm soapy water soaked me. G0sh! It gave me an overwhelming relief.

I guess I really needed this.

My head became cool and the heavy burden I felt was beginning to get off my shoulders.

I suddenly felt at ease.

G0sh! At ease in someone else’s bathroom!!

What’s wrong with me?

I intentionally stayed in the bathtub for a long while because I enjoyed the warmth I felt.

But when I felt it was enough, I came out of it and took one of the towels I’d seen, drying my body with it.

I dried off the water and tied the towel around me.

But….what do I wear? I can’t return to the room with just a towel, right?

I picked up my und!es from the floor and decided to put on my b*a since that was the only thing I could repeat.

But my p*nt…h*ell no. There’s no way I’m repeating that.

I tied the towel back on and returned to the room afterwards, hiding the p*nt in the towel.

The plan was to put on my clothes as soon as I got to the room, but when I did, I couldn’t find my clothes anymore!


My trouser and shirt! They were on the floor, right?

I became more confused when I saw a tray of food on a small table in front of the bed. And Miquel was also in.

But…where are my clothes?

“Go on and eat. When you’re done, I’ll give you something to wear” he said without looking at me as he focused on his drawing board.

He was painting!

I gulped nervously and went to the bed to sit, making sure my p*nt was well hidden.

G0sh! I felt so uncomfortable with the fact I was almost n@ked in front of him.

I sat on the bed and uncovered the meals on the table.

But….hold on.

What’s with the sudden attitude? Why’s he acting this way towards me?

What does he have in mind?

My mind wondered about as I gradually started eating.

G0sh!! I was so hungry. I hadn’t eaten the whole day!

Worst punishment ever!

Thank goodness Miquel was backing me and as a result, I rushed the food with ease.

I ate so fast like I was a criminal, licking my hands at interval. And at some point, Miquel turned and looked at me and I felt my heart skip.

I stopped eating as his dark eyes gazed into mine.

Then, he turned around and resumed with his work.

Oh! Cali…why do I have a feeling I’m still in trouble?
Would he just let me go when I’m done eating or what?

After a long while, I emptied the plates and took in a large quantity of water.

Oh! Goodness, I felt so full.
I can’t believe this.

Just as if Miquel was monitoring me, he stood up and went over to his wardrobe. He opened it and brought out some clothes and came to me afterwards.

“Here – you can put these on” he said as he stretched out the clothes to me and my heart skipped again.

I couldn’t explain it, but every single thing he does made me so nervous.
I collected the clothes from him and quickly took my eyes to the floor.

“T…Thank you” I muttered in a tiny voice and felt him walk away.

I stood up with the intention of going into the bathroom to change, but he stopped me.

“There’s no need for that. You can change here” he said and I felt cold shivers run down my spine.


He was still facing his drawing board and I concluded there was Noway he’d have a peep.

So, I returned to the bed and wore on the clothes.

Thank goodness he didn’t make an attempt of stealing a glance the whole time.

I took in a deep breath when I was finally done.

“I’m…I’m done” I said and took in a hard gulp afterwards.

He didn’t say a word or turned to look at me but just continued with his art.

O…kay. Am I to leave now or what?

I stared at him from behind and wondered why he was keeping me quiet.

Could he have something in mind?

“You committed a grave mistake by leaving the institute” he suddenly said and my heart skipped.

Oh my!

Don’t tell me we’re still on that.

God? Please😭😭😭

I felt my heart tearing up. The previous pains I’d experienced came driving back.

Is he going to punish me again?

“And for the rest of your punishment” he continued calmly.
“For the next two days, you’ll be my personal maid”.

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