THE DIAMONDS- By Faith Lucky: Episode 21-30

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)

Episode 25

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov;
At first, I’d thought I didn’t hear him clearly because it sounded so strange to me. So strange and unreal.

Whats he talking about?

“You’ll be around me for two days so you can do whatever i want. And for those two days, if you break any rule or do anything to upset me, you’ll surely regret the day you became a diamond” his words sounded so strict and serious.

Holy Molly!! What the heck is he talking about???

Be his personal maid??


“You can leave. Your duty starts tomorrow. As early as 6 a.m., you should be here” he added icily, but I couldn’t move a toe.

The hell, I still couldn’t believe it.

What’s he talking about???
What does he mean: be his personal maid???

I stood like a statue, staring at him from behind. But not until he turned and looked at me.

“Do you need something else?” He asked with those cold eyes of his and I gulped nervously.

“I’m….I’m fine. Um….thank you” I stuttered and turned around, feeling so stupid to thank him.

Well…I guess he deserved jt because he brought me out of the cell, cleaned me up and fed me.

I walked slowly to the door, opened it and walked out, but not without taking a final stare at him.

As soon as I was out of the room, I released the breath I’d been holding, exhaling deeply.

Holy Christ!

That was so huge and damn close!

I blew air with my hand, feeling hot.

But was he being serious?? I’d become his personal maid? What sort of punishment is that??

I left the door and started walking, headed for my block so I could rest. G0sh! My eyes were so heavy.

Thank goodness I only encountered a few students since I was late, but the few I’d encountered kept staring at me like i was a criminal or something.


I tried avoiding their gaze as I scurried to my block and finally, I was there.


Diane and Nina were waiting for me at the entrance.

“Cali!!!” Diane shrieked the moment she spotted me and ran to me.

At last!

I smiled and welcomed the embrace.

“Oh my Godddd! Look at you! I was so damn worried, babe. I warned you, Cali. I warned you!!” She bubbled as she ran her hands and eyes round my body.

I couldn’t say a word because I knew she’d definitely blast me.

“Cali’ Nina called in her usual soft tone.

“How was it? What happened? Were you badly hurt?”

“Um….I can’t really tell. But I’m okay now. Thanks” I feigned a smile.

“G0sh! You’re so stubborn, Cali. If only you’d listened to me, this wouldn’t have happened. You got me so worried” Diane grouse.

“Well, you wouldn’t blame me, Diane. It’s my brother’s life we’re talking about here. I needed to save him” I said with a huff and she rolled her eyes.

“Fine!!! So, what were we talking about? Come on, tell me everything that happened” she said and as they accompanied me to my room, I told them the whole story.
Miquel’s Pov:
I left the board and went to stand in front of the window, gazing out.

I spotted her – the banshee – as she walked away.

My mind drifted to the time I’d slapped her. I suddenly remembered the bridge on her hand and felt a different anger.


How could he? How could he think of bringing up such memories?

The memories I’d been trying so hard to forget were resurrected at the wrong time.

It torn me up – reopened a scar I’d been trying so hard to heal – st@bbing me again.

I don’t regret hitting her. The banshee.

I don’t regret hitting her Because she deserved it for bringing such pain to me. For reopening my scar.

Even if she wasn’t at fault or had other reasons, she still deserved it.

I sniffed and noticed blood streaming down my nostrils. .

D@mn it!

I wiped it off with the back of my palm and turned back to the window.

Indeed, he’d succeeded in hurting me.
Cali’s Pov:
I turned and turned on the bed, enjoying my blissful sleep.

G0sh! It seems the previous day’s event had really told on me cause I felt so weak and dizzy.

My entire body was hurting like hell that I felt like sleeping my whole life.

Suddenly, I felt a hand tap me.

“Cali. Cali?”

“Mmmm?” I grumbled and turned.
Who the hell is that?

‘Hey Cali. Wake up. You’re running late already” the voice said again and I groaned and turned to see it was Nina.

What the heck? Why’s she waking me up???

“What is it, Nina?” I asked weekly and yawned.
G0sh! I was so tired.

“Didn’t you say you’d be working as Sir Miquel’s personal maid for two days?” She asked.

“Ihmmm??” I grumbled and itched my eyes.

“Didn’t you say you were to go with by 6 a.m?”

“Yess. What’s the time? Is it 4 yet?” I asked, feeling disturbed.

To my surprise, she chuckled.

“Its almost 8 a.m, Cali” she replied and my intestines poured out of my stomach.


This is a dream.

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