THE DIAMONDS- By Faith Lucky: Episode 21-30

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)

Episode 26

By: Faith Lucky

Naomi’s Pov:
I walked angrily with the girls in front of me as they led me to the btch’s room. I just couldn’t wait to lay my hands on her.

After a while, they stopped walking.

“This is her block” Natalie said and a grin showed up on my face.

“Well, go in and get her” I instructed and they nodded and left.

The rest of the students around kept staring at me like was a movie or something. But they were wise enough not to come close. Else, I was ready to fry their brains.

The banshee….it’s high time she left the institute.

Ever since she arrived, she’s been the only lady with a difference, always breaking the rules, going against me, making Miquel angry. Who the hell does She think she is?

I’m the only one who can break the rule if I want. I’m the only one who should be close to Miquel. Nobody at all stands against me or defiles my orders. So, who the hell does she think she is?

Today…I’m definitely going to fix her in her place.

I saw the ladies walking out not long after, but they was no increase in their number. She wasn’t with them!

‘Where’s she?” I asked huskily.
I’d come early because lectures were yet to commence.

“We couldn’t find her, Naomi. Her roomies said she’d left some minutes ago” Ivy replied and I fumed.

Cali’s Pov:
I ran hastily towards the building, ignoring the look from students who were staring at me like I stole or something.

They weren’t even the least of my concerns right now.

My only problem at this moment was facing Miquel.

I remember he’d warned me strictly not to be late. But here I am – almost two hours late.

I’m trying to serve my punishment, yet I’m still creating more offence.

Aren’t I just doomed?

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and finally got to the entrance – his doorstep.

Oh Cali! What’s gonna happen now?

I can’t believe I couldn’t even take my bath. I only brushed my teeth, washed my face and ran out of the room.

What am I even doing?? I’m only wasting more time.

I took in a very deep breath and finally knocked on the door but got no reply. Could he be angry huh?

I knocked again and the door opened on it’s own.


It opened wide – revealing the sparkling room and I spotted him in front of his wardrobe.

He didn’t even bother to look at the door and then I figured the door was opened by him.

I cleared my throat before walking in but I made sure to stop a little distance from where he stood.

“Um….good morning, sir” I said with a bow but he didn’t make a move.

G0sh! I wish I could read his thoughts to know if he was mad at me or not.

He just continued searching for whatever it was he was Searching for in the wardrobe.

“I’m….I’m really sorry, sir – for coming late. You know….the rest of my room mates usually set the morning alarm to 7 a.m. so, I had no idea it was 6 already. I’m really sorry” I said politely, keeping my eyes glued to the floor.

I never thought anyone could make Cali Jenner this humble. Even my dad doesn’t put so much fear in me.


He still didn’t say a word and I lifted my eyes from the floor to look at him and that was when he turned around.


I quickly transported my eyes to the floor to avoid any further consequences.

“You’ve just added an extra day to your punishment” he said as he walked towards me with a cloth and placed it on my chest.

“Wash this….I’ll be making use of it later” he added and sat on the bed.

Like…double what.

The first whaaat was for the fact he added an extra day to my punishment.
And the second whaaat….id be washing his clothes???


I can’t even recall the last time I washed as little as a napkin!!! The launder takes care of everything at home.

I turned to face him as he sat on the bed, trying so hard to take the grumpy look off my face.

“I assume you can cook, right?” He asked and I heard a loud bang in my head.



“Um….yes. It…it…it depends, sir” I replied and quickly took my eyes to the floor, remembering you don’t look him in the face.

“Good. I want you to make a bread toast for me. And for your own good, it should be perfect. Cause…if there’s an error, you’re gonna stay pinned to the ceiling for 24 hours” he said and my jaws dropped.

Is he being serious or whaaat??

“The kitchen is that way” he added and pointed to a door and I just gulped nervously and walked towards it.

Oh! D@mn it! You’re so doomed, Cali.
I shut the door behind me as soon as I got into the kitchen and my eyes sparkled at the stocks of food in front of me.

Hold on….Are you sure this guy’s part of the institute at all? Because he doesn’t act like a normal student at all. Or is it because he’s the leader??

I mean…the special treatment is just too much.

Classic house, overwhelming respect. Now, look at his kitchen!!


Everything was in bulk – snacks, beverages, food stuff and there were two refrigerators as well.

The floors and walls were tied and glittered. The entire neat was so sparklingly neat.



I dropped the shirt I held on the floor and set out to work.

Heaven knows I don’t know how to cook. But I think bread toast isn’t that difficult.

I reached for the crates of eggs and took four big ones from it.

I broke them into a plate and reached for a knife and some onions, pepper, carrots and green peas. At least, I’ve always seen them in my eggs at home.

I chopped them and poured them into the egg and at some point, thought of Owen.

How was he? Was mum able to stop him from going to the party last night?

I was so worried.

Oh God! I wish there was a way I could reach them to be sure he’s fine.

I sighed and continued with what I was doing – preparing the King’s breakfast.
30 minutes Later.
I stood in the kitchen, crying in frustration.

Oh! Cali….I’m finally dead.

I ruffled my hair as I stared at the burnt bread toast in front of me.

What have I done??? How could I be so careless??? Why did it have to burn huh?

G0sh! I’m so dead.

Why am I so unfortunate, huh? What is he going to do to me this time??

The meal was a mess!! I burnt the whole thing.

Why wasn’t I careful?

I bit my nails as tears poured from my eyes and suddenly, the door opened and I turned to see he was the one.

Oh God!

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