THE DIAMONDS- By Faith Lucky: Episode 31-38

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted😈)

Episode 34

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov:
I laid on the bed with my eyes wide opened, unable to fall asleep again. I just kept thinking about Miquel.

How would he react to me skipping work today again? What if he gets mad?

Well, I wouldn’t blame myself. I just couldn’t face him – not after what he did to me.

How would I stand before him? How would I talk with him? What would he think about me?

I gave him access to my……..


I feel like slapping myself over and over again.

“Cali” I heard Nina call and turned to look at her.
The two l*ezbians were no longer in the room – perfect.

“Why’re you still in bed? Shouldn’t you be going for lectures since you’ve stopped working for Miquel?” She asked and I itched my hair.

“I don’t feel like going anywhere, Nina. Don’t worry about me” I replied feebly.

“Huh? What exactly is the problem? You can talk to me. What happened?” She asked and I sighed.

I was about saying something when a knock on the door interrupted me.

Nina left to check it out and I covered myself up with the duvet again.

“Cali?” She called and I looked at her.

“I think they’re here for you”.


I sluggishly left the bed and my eyes dimmed when I saw the figures in front of me.

Zack and Abel????

Miquel’s guards????

What the…..

What’re they doing here??

“Hey, you!” Abel Called roughly.

“Come with us immediately. The boss wants to see you”.

Oh my God!!

I felt my heart skip as soon as I heard that.

Miquel wants to see me??? Oh God!

I’m dead. I’m officially dead.

“Uh….wh….why?” I stuttered, my eyes itching.

“You’re in no position to question us. Don’t make us come in ourselves” Zack replied in a more grumpy voice .

Good lord!!

I placed my hand at akimbo and itched my head.

I’m officially dead.

Officially dead. What do I do?? I can’t believe he sent for me.

“Um…..I’ll just….brush my teeth” I said and turned to the direction of the bathroom.

“You have 30 seconds” I heard them say behind me but didn’t turn to look at them as I walked in.

Oh! Cali.

I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face, anxiety eating me up. What have I gotten myself into, huh?

Well, what was I expecting? Did I really think he was going to act quiet towards me skipping work?


“Cali!” I heard my name from outside and rushed out of the room.

“Get your ass out here” Zack snapped and I bent my head and walked to the door.

“Bye” Nina whispered to me in a pathetic tone but I ignored her and walked out.

I was so devastated.
I kept fiddling with my nails as I walked behind the grumpy guards who led me to his room. Miquel’s room.

They knocked on the door and took me in and I found him facing the window with a drink in his hand.

“She’s here, boss” they announced and without turning to look at us, he replied coldly:

“You can leave”

They gave me a cranky stare before leaving.

And now…..I’m left with the king. The same king who f!ngered me yesterday.

I needed a way out of this.

“S….sir” i called and gulped nervously.

“I um….Sorry, good morning”.

He lowered his head and sipped from his glass. Then, took his eyes back to the window.

‘Actually….” I continued.
“I’m…I’m really sorry for not showing up earlier. It’s just that…..I don’t think I’ll be able to make it today.

“You see… um… monthly stuff just showed up all of a sudden and…..”

“Your what?” He interpolated and sipped from his glass again.

Oh God!


“My….My monthly…flow” I replied and heard him scoff.


I felt like peeing on my p*nt.

“So…” I continued and licked my lips.
“I….Can’t work today because….you know? Its usually…painful and….”

I paused and sighed.

What am I even saying?🤦🏻

“I just need a break for today sir. I hope you can understand” I concluded and sighed again.

I saw a smirk on the side of his lips as he drank from his glass.

Please, tell me I was convincing enough..

“Are you done?” He asked and I felt my legs wobble.
What’s he talking about?

He believed me, right?

“S…sir?” I called.

“If you’re done….pick up the bag and come with me” he said as he dropped the glass of wine and started towards the door.

Didn’t he hear what I said??

Oh God!

I turned around and spotted the bag on the floor. Is he being serious???

I felt like crying as I picked up the bag and followed him out of the room.
I followed him with the big bag and this time around, we followed a route which didn’t have much students around. We barely came across students and it seemed to me like it was a restricted area.

I felt so glad I was behind him because I wouldn’t know what to do if he was actually the one staring at me.

Seeing him reminded me of how he touched me last night – touched my legs, my p*nt and my golden area.

The mere thought of it made my legs so weak.

After a long walk, we finally stopped at a field – a field which I couldn’t really understand.

“Open the bag” he instructed and I kept the bag on a long bench that was close by and opened it.


He came close and brought out the things he needed from the bag – a bow and some arrows

So, now he’s into archery? Gosh

I felt so nervous as I a stood next to him. I couldn’t believe his hands went into me.

He gave the bunch of arrows to me after fixing one into the bow.

Huh??? Don’t tell me he wants me to play the errand girl again.

He stood and faced the target which was very far from us and it made me wonder if he was really gonna get it.
It was actually an image of a halfly structured man.

He set the bow and arrow, pointed it towards the direction, strained his eyes and finally released the arrow.


I watched with keen interest as it flew through the air and landed on the image.

Oops! Not at the image, but on the floor.

“Give me an arrow” he stretched out his hand without looking at me and I handed an arrow to him.

Oh, boy.

He fixed it into the bow again and aimed it at the image and this time around, it hit it.

But with the look on his face, it seemed he didn’t really get the target.

He stretched out his hand for another arrow and I quickly handed it to him.

It went on and on and on so many occasions, I felt he’d reached his target.

“Do you wanna try?” He turned to me and asked and I felt the dev!l hitting my bvtts.

Oh God!!! Why’s he asking me now?

“Um….” I stuttered.
“I don’t think so. I’ve….I’ve never done it before” I replied and he held out the bow to me.

Huh? Is it that he’s hearing the opposite of what I say?

“Give it a try” he said when he noticed I was confused.

I gulped nervously and collected the bow from him and fixed an arrow like I’d seen him do.

So….what next?

The rest of the arrows were already on the bench and he came to stand behind me.

“Hold it this way” he cooed and touched my hands, positioning them in the right direction.

Oh! Cali….I wanna pee.

He was standing so close to me that I could feel his legs touching my bvtts.

“Fix your eyes on the target” he touched my cheeks and lifted them to the direction he wanted.


He was touching my cheeks!!!

My face!!!

His hands were so cold and…soft.

I took in a hard gulp and it was so loud, I feared he’d heard me.

“Aim for the heart” he said as he moved his hands from my face – down to my waist.

My waist!!!!

I twitched a little and almost lost balance as I felt his hands there.

Oh God! Cali….hold it..hold it 😨😨😨

“And take the shot” he whispered
And I didn’t realize when I released the arrow.


It landed on the image, but not on the heart.
That was close.

“Not too bad for a start” I heard him say and turned to look at him.

I really did take the shot!

He signalled me to pack up and as I did, a smile lingered on my lips.

I fixed the bow and remaining arrows into the big bag and followed him behind.

Oh! Cali. I could still feel his touch on my waist…his voice in my ears….and his breath on my neck.

I remembered them and felt my cheeks turn red.

Oh! Miquel…..what’re you doing to me?

I walked behind him, holding the bag over my shoulders and after a while, we arrived at one of the tall buildings – where only the officials stayed.

Hmm. What’s Miquel doing here?

I followed him in, ignoring the securities who gave me suspicious stares because they couldn’t check me.


I kept my gaze low the whole time until he asked me to stop.

“You can wait over there” he pointed to a seat and I nodded and went to sit over there while he walked away.

They were probably having a meeting or something.

I took in a deep breath as I leaned my back against the wall beside me. Finally, I can rest my waist.

G0sh! I was so hungry.
Thank goodness today was the last day working as his maid.

Although…..I wouldn’t deny the fact that its been fun staying around him – being close to him and all that. But….g0sh! It so wasn’t easy.

When he talks, stares, walks….the aura was just too much.

I looked around and admired the place. It was so beautiful and everyone in it seemed busy.

People dressed in suits were moving around with files, some were on desks walking with computers…etc.
So many activities were just going on there – making me wonder what exactly they were working on.

After much wondering, I rested my head on the wall and went into a light nap.
I couldn’t tell how long I’d fallen asleep but I was awoken by an alarming noise and outburst that made me panic. What’s happening???

I quickly tried to adjust my eyes to see clearly and I was shocked to see people running around, like hell was getting loose.

“Everybody!!! Get out!!!”A man yelled as everyone kept running noisily, files slipping and falling all around.

I sprang on my feet and looked around in fear, trying to understand what was happening.

Where’s Miquel?

*Oh! Damn it! He might set this place on fire!!!* I heard a man close to me say in his head.
“Get the fire extinguishers ready!!” Someone else screamed.

I looked around in confusion. What’s going on? What could be happening?

“They shouldn’t have told him the news. What do w do? How do we calm him down?” A man and woman beside me said as they scuttled away.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhh”, I heard a familiar voice scream and jerked in fear.


That was his voice!!!

I started running towards the direction of it but somebody gripped my hand along the way.

“Hey! What’re you doing? Do you wanna die? Get out of here!” He warned but I fred my hand from his and continued running while he proceeded as well.

I ran towards the direction and found him in a hall – what looked like a conference room.

Oh my God!

I froze and was blenched at the sight i saw.

Blood was all over his face. He was bleeding from his eyes and nose.

I saw a man running out with a broken head.

What’re you doing here?? Get out!!” The man yelled at me as he ran out of the office, but I stood at the spot.

I couldn’t move.


I’d never seen him this way..

Who got him this angry??

“Miss!! Get out!! We’re shutting the door!!” Someone yelled from behind but I didn’t listen and they shot the door.

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