THE DIAMONDS- By Faith Lucky: Episode 31-38

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted?)

Episode 37

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov:
“T….Thank you” I forced myself to say and he just nodded and turned back to the food.

He opened the pot and my eyes beamed at the sumptuous sight in front of me.

Everything was so steamy and appetizing.

“Seems our meal is ready” he said as he turned off the gas and i felt my mouth water from the sight.

He reached for a big plate and poured in some of the meal, making sure it filled the plate.

Wow! It was steaming hot and looked d@mn delicious.

He covered the pot afterwards and placed them plate on a tray.

Hold on…why’s it just one plate? Does he want me to starve, huh? I was so hungry.

Surprisingly, he took two spoons and fixed them into the tray.

Huh?? Two spoons on the same tray?

“Come on” he said and started walking out of the kitchen with the tray while I followed.

We returned to the bedroom and he placed the tray on the small dining in the room -a small table with two opposite chairs.

“Sit” he said more like in an order and I slowly sat opposite him.
He was sitting on the other end of the table.

He fixed the spoon into the hot meal and started eating.

so, what am I to do??

“Don’t just stare at me, Cali. Go on and eat”‘ he said with an eye roll and I cringed.

Did he just….

Hold on; he wants me to eat with him???

I started at him for a while, mostly as he ate so neatly and perfectly. And not wanting him to repeat himself, I took up my spoon and began eating.

I was eating with the King!!!

I took in a spoonful and was abacked by its taste.


Did a boy really cook this????

If not for the fact I was there in the kitchen with him, I’d have doubted it.

“Tastes good, huh?” He asked with a smirk.

“Um….yes. Really good sir” I replied with flushed cheeks.

“Stay around me and you’ll be a perfect cook” he said and my eyes beamed.

stay around him????

For real??


That reminds me..
This was going to be my last day working as his personal maid.

“Sir” I called after a while.
“After today, I won’t be coming over again, Right? I mean…my punishment is over, right?”

He was silent and took in some gulps of water.

He continued eating like I hadn’t say a word and just when I was about repeating myself, he answered.

Was his simple reply.
Miquel’s Pov:
It hurt.

It hurt when she mentioned it.

For the past three days, I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to be lonely.

I’d finally found someone to talk to, someone yo be around me.

But too bad, today might be the last day I get to see her.

Although, it wasn’t difficult getting someone to stay with me. It wasn’t difficult getting a bi*ch to keep me company for as long as I want. As a matter of fact, 98%9 of the ladies in the institute were ready to die for such opportunity.

But I didn’t want any of them. I hated being around cheap people who didn’t worth my time.

But this lady…..Cali.

Why do I feel different about her? I never get tired of her company.
And at some point, I asked myself;

Was she working as my maid because I was tryna punish her? Or because I really needed her around?
Cali’s Pov:
After eating, I cleared up the place, washed the dishes and returned to the room to find Miquel at the balcony.

What else would he want me to do for him, huh? I hadn’t even taken my bath.

Although….I really enjoyed staying with him and wished I could stay longer. Just that….his cold attitude could freeze someone to death.

I went out to the balcony and stood beside him as he gazed into space.

Wow! What a lovely sight.

I could see the other tall buildings in the institute. And come to think of it, the institute was quite beautiful.

“Sir…” I called after a while.
Why’s he acting quiet, huh?

“Is there something else you want me to do for you?”

He didn’t say a word immediately and sighed.

“Can you quit the formalities? You can call me Miquel” he said and my jaws dropped.


I should call him by his name?

I stared at him speechlessly, unable to utter a word.

“You really wanna leave, huh?” He asked after a brief silence and I nodded.

Oh….hold on;
Do I really want to leave?


Its just that….I feel so nervous when I’m around him.

But….I really really do like him a lot. And….I always feel lucky being around him.

Just that…he makes me sooo nervous. So nervous i wanna pee on my p*nt.

I still couldn’t believe he f!ngered me the previous day.
“What if I ask you to stay…..longer?” He asked and came closer to me.


I moved back and found myself leaning on the barriers of the balcony.

I feared I might fall off.

“What if I don’t want you to leave, Cali?”
His voice was so cold but soft and he stood very close to me that I could feel his breath on my face.

He placed his both hands on the barrier beside my waist and I flinched.

What’s he doing?

“S..sir….Miquel” i stuttered and gulped nervously.

He brought his face close like he wanted to kss me, but curved and leaned on my ear.

“I know you like me” he whispered, sending shivers down my spine.

“I like you too. And I want you, Cali. I want you to be mine”.

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