THE FALLEN ANGEL: Chapter 11-20


?Chapter 15??

?JUN Pyo’s POV ?

I heard noises coming from my house..

What’s wrong?? I hope pumpkin is not in trouble..

I quickly ran inside…

I saw pumpkin raising up her hand to slap a lady…

Who could the lady be?? And what’s her offence..

I went to the scene and to my surprise it was Anna…

My heart shiver and my head ache at the sight of her.. the event that occurred that unfaithful day, kept on reoccurring in my memory..

I stood there transfixed and helpless, not knowing what to do..

“What are you doing here” I finally managed to ask

“Thank God you’re back Jun pyo, this lady had the guts to raise her hands on me” she cried, pointing at pumpkin..

” You haven’t answered my question yet” I roared, making her shift back..

“I made a mistake Jun pyo.. I never meant to hurt you, pls forgive me” she said and started crying again..

What does this lady take me for?? Unfortunately that Jun pyo she knows is already dead..

“Forgive you?? To hell with forgiveness!! After all you’ve done to me why should i forgive you” I yelled, trying to hold back the tears from falling..

“Look Jun pyo!! I still love you, I love from you from the bottom of my heart ” she, cupping my face with her hands..

I don’t know how to react to this..

Should I be Happy or sad..??

No!! I will never give her another opportunity to hurt me ..

“Don’t you dare touch me” I said pushing her away..

“I loved you with all my heart, Anna I gave you all you ever wanted in life..I was even ready to sacrifice my life for you.. but what did you do?? You left me!! You dumped me you daughter of a btch” I said almost crying..

” Forgive me Jun pyo!! I am really sorry” she cried kneeling on the floor..

“what about your marriage?? I thought you were about to get married??” I asked

” That fraud lied to me,two days to our wedding I found out that he wasn’t as rich as he claimed to the marriage was cancelled.. can’t you see am now all yours”she shamelessly said

” How could you be so heartless” pumpkin suddenly said to Anna..

“Hey!! Stay out of this” Anna rudely replied..

“Come on baby!! Let’s settle this already,I love you and am sure you love me too” Anna said r0mancing my hand and giving me that se.ductive look..

??Her POV ? ?

This lady is really cheap.. how dare her seduce Jun pyo in front of me..

Am gonna teach her lesson..

“Hey, get off him” I said pushing her away and stood close to Jun pyo..

” How dare you?? And Why should I even listen you” she said

” Because we’re couples” I said, putting my hands over Jun pyo’s shoulders.. making him flinch..

I hope he plays along..

“Couples my foot, why should i believe you” Anna chuckled

“Yeah!! She is right, we’re couples and I love her” Jun pyo suddenly said and slip his hand around my waist… really enjoying this..

I can see the killing look on Anna’s face.. more it’s coming baby..

“I love you too, baby” I continued, trying to make Anna angry and jealous..

” Stop it you two!! How dare you do this to me Jun pyo” Anna said amidst tears..

” You’re the one that left me, and now you’re no longer, leave my house” Jun pyo said pushing away

” No!! I won’t leave” she replied stubbornly

“And Why won’t you leave” he asked surprised


The house suddenly became quiet.. it was as if the world stopped briefly.

What did I just hear??


“Why didn’t you tell me that you had sex with her,” I sadly asked Jun pyo with tears almost dropping from my eyes

“No pumpkin, believe me.. she is just lying to us” he explained

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