THE FALLEN ANGEL: Chapter 11-20

πŸ’’The fallen angel 🧚🧚

❣️ Chapter 18 πŸ’Ÿ

πŸ’— Pumpkin’s POV 🧚

He roughly pushed me as i fell on the edge of the bed..

I feel like shouting back at him but I won’t because that’s exactly what the enemy wants..

“But I am innocent” I cried

“You know what! I regret ever meeting you” Jun pyo said

” Enough!! I have received enough of your insults.. before leaving your house, I will prove my innocence.. Mark my words, you will regret not trusting me today” I yelled

” To h.ell with you and your innocence, all i know is that you’re leaving my house tomorrow morning” he spat and walked away..

I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing..

Even my body became weak as I fell on the floor crying my eyes out..

Just then Mrs Nina entered the room..

Mrs Nina is just like a mother to me.. thank God she is here.. I really need someone to talk to..

She sat close to me as i lay my head on her laps…

“I saw when he was shouting at you.. pls, forgive our young master.. he has been through a lot, that’s why he hardly trust people” she explained

” Why do I feel this way? I mean, if it was another person that has shouted at me, I would have seen it as nothing.. I have always wished the best for Jun pyo.. seeing his cute face every morning is the best gift I have ever received, speaking and laughing with him is my everyday fantasy… But why does he have to shout at me?? It really hurts.. Why do I feel this way? I don’t know what’s happening to me..” I cried

” I think you’re in love with the young master.. what you’re feeling right now is called LOVE” she said excitedly

” Really” I asked smiling

“Yes my lady” she replied

I was really happy but when I remembered that my love for Jun pyo can never work, my happiness turned to sadness..

When my master finds out that I have broken the rules of the fallen Angels, I will surely be in trouble..

I have to suppress my love for Jun pyo..

“I love you Jun pyo but unfortunately you can’t be thing is certain, you will forever be in my heart” I sadly thought

” What’s wrong my lady? You should be happy not sad” Mrs Nina said bringing back to reality..

” Uhm.. uhm.. it’s nothing.. I am just wondering who could it be that’s trying to make me look bad” I said

” I’m sure it’s that Anna, that lady is full of ev!l” she said

“I am giving you my word.. before tomorrow morning, Anna will leave this house willing without anybody forcing her” I said, standing up

” Really!! But how will you do that” Mrs Nina asked

“Just watch and have fun” she replied with a smirk

Anna doesn’t know who she is playing with..

For me to conquer Anna, I will have to stoop to her level.. like they would always say:

“For you to conquer an ev!l man, you have to be ev!l like him”

Get ready Anna, YOUR D00M HAS BEGUN..


πŸ’—Anna’s POV πŸ’•

It’s night already…

Few hours to go and Pumpkin will be thrown out of this house..

I saw the way Jun pyo shouted at her earlier today, I really had fun watching her cry..

I can’t wait for tomorrow morning to come!!

Once she is out of this house, I will manipulate Jun pyo and make him dance to my tune..

I chuckled..

I put off the lights and was about sleeping when a hand tapped me…

I quickly jumped up, but there was nobody there..

As if that was not enough, the lights started going ON and OFF…

I looked at my mirror, and something was boldly written with blood..

It says;


Ghost! Ghost!! There’s a ghost in this room..

“Your end has come” A voice suddenly said

I was shivering profusely, I didn’t even know when I peed on my clothes..

“Pls, spare me.. don’t kill me” I cried

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