By Vintage Library

Episode 40

Grace wait patiently in her former house for the twins to return from school. She wanted to visit April and she wanted them to do it together.

She tapped her feet on the ground impatiently, she missed them so much and is happy that their parents murder is finally caught.

“First Lady!” They twins yelled exitedly in unison. “My girls,” she said as they hugged.

“I missed you,” she added hugging them tighter. “We miss you too,” they replied.

“You look different,” Maria stated. “More beautiful you mean?” Monica added.

“Whatever, how have you guys been?” She asked pulling them to a seat. “We are good,” Monica replied.

“We made friend with the sister of the guy who was working for the president,” Maria said. “It was all Monica’s idea,” She added.

After the incident students hated Missy and called her murderer sister at every chance they get.

Monica stood up for her once and befriended her, they did almost everything together, Maria had no choice but to accept her too.

“That is good I am proud of you girls, you sure take after mom and dad,” she said cupping their cheeks.

They noticed the water in her eyes and knew she would break down soon, they decided to change the topic.

“How are you doing in the White House? Are you having fun? Tell me about it,” Maria urged.

“I’m doing great,” she replied simply. “I saw a post of you and Tommy, he is the president’s younger brother right?” Monica asked and she nodded.

“When can we visit?” Maria asked. “I’m not sure, I have to sort somethings out before you guys can come,” she said.

“Alright, it is nice to have you here,” Monica said. “Same,” she replied and there was a brief silence.

“Girls,” she called and they gave her their full attention. “I want to visit April and I want you girls to come with me,” she said.

They glance at each other and nodded, “we will come with you,” Monica said.

Grace smiled at them which they returned with a smile too.



“You have just fifteen minutes,” The officer who brought April out informed. Grace was sitting between the twins.

April sat in front of them, her hair was messy and there were dark spots around her eyes.

“Hey,” she said. “How are you?” Monica asked and she smiled, it felt great to know someone still cares about her.

Her inmates are not the best, they have made life a living h’ll for her. “You don’t look healthy,” Maria said sadly.

“It’s just a year and I will be out,” she said with a fake smile. “We will bring food next time we visit,” Monica said.

“Thanks,” she said. “Don’t thank us, that is what families do, they stand by each other” Maria said

“But you never did that, you never stood by us. You were the oldest yet the dumbest, I am sure our parents are ashamed of you.

They must be ashamed of the fact that you helped their murderer escape punishment. You helped him ruin thousand more lives,” Grace blurted.

“I know and I am sorry for all the pains I caused you,” she apologized.

“Sorry isn’t going to bring back all those times we lost, sorry isn’t going to heal our broken heart! So quit saying sorry April because thousands of sorry will never be enough for the pain you caused us,” she spat.

“We are orphans for goodness sake, we are suppose to stand together not pull apart! But you were the black sheep of he family! You dared to work for the same man who murdered our parents,” Grace said as tears gushed out of her eyes.

April was already crying too, Grace wipe her tears with the back of her hand. “I’m sorry, that is all I am going to say. I have no excuse, I accept my fault and I am sorry,” she kept on apologizing.

Grace felt bad she saw her new self, the kind and loving girl. “Time up,” the officer said and tap April by the shoulder.

“Forgive me girls, please forgive me,” she pleaded as the officer made her stand up. “I love you guys and I don’t want to lose you,” she cried as the officer drag her away.

The twins were crying too, they hugged Grace as they all watched their sister drag into the prison cell.

Grace dropped the twins at home before heading to the white house.



“F…first lady,” Blair stutter as she stared at Ariel who smiled mischievously. “Yes, the one and only First Lady is back,” she said with a laugh.

“You didn’t inform me in advance,” Blair said. “I should have? I don’t remember having to seeking your consent before coming here,” she said standing up.

“I know, I was just saying…. I mean I would have made arrangements and inform Her Grace in advance to avoid confusion,” she lied.

“Her Grace? Have you forgotten that she is a fake? Don’t tell me few weeks with her made you forget who the real boss is,” Ariel retorted.

“I’m sorry,” Blair bowed her head. “Where is that fake version of me anyway?” She asked returning to sit.

While, Grace looked tired as she walked in, she returned the maids greeting with a nod. She cried a lot and what she need is a full rest.

“Excuse me,” she stopped a maid. “Your Grace,” she bowed. “Is Blair back?” She asked.

“Yes, she went to your room few minutes ago,” she replied. “Thank you,” she appreciated.

“She went out, she should be back soon,” she replied. “And Ethan?” She asked. “He had some things to do, he should be back soon,” she answered.

“Get me something delicious to eat, I’m famished,” Ariel ordered and Blair bowed before walking towards the door.

She opened the door only to bump into Grace, “Blair you are back,” she said excited. “How is Barbie? Did she like the school?” Grace asked with a smile.

Blair didn’t say anything but just stared into space, she felt sorry for Grace for some unknown reasons.

“Is something wrong?” She asked and Blair moved out of the way to reveal smirking Ariel.

Grace eyes widened at the sight of her, “First Lady,” she called with a bow. “Someone finally know who the boss is around here,” Ariel bragged.

Blair closed the door while Grace felt her heart sank as she fidget with her fingers. “It’s nice to see you again,” Ariel said.

“Hope you had a nice trip Your Grace?” Grace asked. “Yeah, nice but exhausting,” she replied.

“Thanks for your services, you did a great job but it’s time to leave,” Ariel added.

Grace had a fake smile on as she raised her head and asked, “now?”

“Yes, what are you waiting for? A farewell party?” She mocked. “No,” she shook her head and made to leave, but Ariel’s voice stopped her. “Hey!”

She turned around, “do you plan on going with that?” She asked referring to the artificial face.


“I will throw it away on my way out,” she said and Ariel nodded. “I’m sorry,” Blair apologized as soon as they were outside.

“I need to see Ethan before I leave,” she said.




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