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Episode 32

“Hey” Ethan mutter as he walked into the room.

“You are back” she said with a little excitement.

“yeah, I’m sorry I left before you woke up” he apologized

“It’s fine, thanks for taking care of me” she appreciated.

” Why will you thank me for that, you are my wife it’s only normal if I take care of you” he said sitting on the bed.

There was a brief and awkward silence between them, Grace decided to break the silence.

“What was so important that you had to leave?” She asked.

” The missing foods” he answered.

” Have you found a solution?” She asked.

” Not yet but I am going to catch the culprit soon, I know I will” he said with so much determination.

Grace just nodded and stared away, “have you eaten?” He asked.

“I was about to when you walked in” she a answered and he stood up. He carried the tray containing food and placed it in front of her.

“You should eat so that you can have enough strength” he said as he opened the food.

” Thanks” she mumbled getting the spoon. He watched as she ate slowly.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” She asked and he shrugged, “nothing”

“Is something wrong?” She asked, “no everything is perfectly fine” he answered with a fake smile.

He had a fight with the vice president at the meeting earlier, he’s just trying to get his mind off it.

“You look bothered” she stated.

“I’m just worried about you” he replied and she blush.

” I don’t think it’s about me, tell me what’s wrong?” She requested and he sighed.

“The vice president thinks I’m wrong to suspect the council” he started.

” You suspect them? But why? They are working for you there is no way they will be against you” she said.

” I know but it’s strange that the food is missing and the spy I sent is missing too” he said.

” I know everything is confusing and weird but you shouldn’t have made your intentions clear, what if they go against you?” She said, worriedly.

” They should, that way I will catch them and put on end to this pathetic drama once and for all” he replied as he clenched his fist.

The anger was visible in his eyes, it’s obvious he’s ready to go against anyone who draws the battle line.

“Who exactly are you suspecting?” She asked, “I’m not sure but my guts tells me it’s the senator Jasper” he answered

” The Senator? Why will he steak the food? Are there sure about your suspicions?” She bombard him with questions.

” I believe he’s the culprit, he is always the first person to know about the missing food. He is way too informed, so I believe he is behind everything” he answered.

Grace didn’t say anything but only sigh and countined her food.


***The next day sunshine high***

“Good morning guys” Felix greeted taking a seat opposite to the twin.

” Morning” they chroused.

“Looks like someone isn’t ready to fail” he said eyeing Maria.

“Is that sentence meant for me?” She sneered

” Of course not, it’s just something I read” he quickly said and Monica laughed, Monica knew he was talking to Maria.

Their exams is fast approaching and Maria is not the study type seeing her study Felix decided to joke a little.

“Hi Felix” Missy said as she sat beside him facing Monica.

” Hi” he replied not to make her feel awkward or something.

“Are you studying?” She asked

“I believe you aren’t blind” Maria said, “Felix is not the only person sitting here and he is studying not just him but all of us” she completed.

” I wasn’t talking to you and I’m not blind but you guys are too tiny for me to notice” she retorted.

” If we are too tiny them your eyes must have some sort of problem” Monica said which surprised Missy not just her but Felix too.

She’s not the type to cause trouble, so talking back to Missy is really surprising.

“Did you just talk back to me?” Missy asked, unbelievable as she pointed her finger at herself.

“Yeah, I just did, or has your ear stop functioning too and not just your eyes?” She spat.

” You little!” She sneered and raised her hand to hit Monica but Maria caught her hand in the air.

“Don’t lay your stinky hand on my sister!” She snapped.

” Who have a stinky hand between you and I?” She ask.

” Idiot don’t always admit they are idiot so I’ll let it pass” she said letting go of her hand roughly which made her fall on the bench.

“This exam is important to me but if it isn’t to you kindly leave” she added and Missy glared at her, she wish she can just hit her right there but she’s no match for Maria.

“You are lucky I’m not in the mood to fight” she said before leaving.

” That pest!” Monica mumble.

*This two are unbelievable* Felix thought with a smile as he stared at them.

He was still smiling when a message appeared on his phone, it was from his father.

*Come and spend the weekend with me* it reads. He scoff and kept the phone in his pocket.

Monica heard him scoff and raised her head to see this angry expression on his face.

“You don’t look okay” she said and he raised his head to stare at her.

” I’m fine, I’m just worried about this exam. If Maria can be this serious I have to be” he said and Maria threw a pen at him which he dodged

“Hey what’s…” Before he could complete his sentence she got up and he stood up too.

They started chasing each other while Monica only laughed as she watched them.

Missy fun in anger as she watched them play, she turned to walk away when an Idea suddenly pop to her mind.

“Don’t be too happy Maria Darwin, I’m coming for you” she said and walked away.


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