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Episode 33

Felix walked out of the library with books in his hand, he went there to study properly since Maria didn’t let him study.

His phone made a sound to indicate message, he stopped and brought it out to see what the message was.

It was from his father again, *are you coming over, I will have your favorites prepared* it says.

Why won’t he stop trying so hard, isn’t it enough that he is in American, he left China per his father’s request.

He left home when he was twelve after his mother died, his father no longer had time for him.

He was no longer the loving and caring father he knew, he was so engrossed in his work that Felix concluded that he forgot about his existence.

He went to China and lived there alone, his father hardly check on him and he’s fine with it.

Just of recent he asked him to come home, he agreed but he won’t stay in his house. He has been staying in a hotel that belonged to his father.

“From your girlfriend?” Monica asked standing behind him.

” Hey! When did you get here?” He asked nervously dipping his phone into his pocket

” Just now, what you were reading must be important” she said walking away and he followed.

” Not really it was a spam message” he said and she nodded.

” Oh my God!?” Maria yell standing in front of her locker.

“That’s your sister’s voice” Felix said and they rushed towards the sound of the voice.

Maria was at the verge of crying as she stared at her broken locker, Monica rushed to her and held her shoulder.

“What happened?” She asked

“Can’t you see?!” Maria snapped angrily, “some bch destroyed my locker and ruined my things” she cried as a single tear escaped her eye.

Monica was short on words, her sister hardly cries something important must be in the locker.

“We are going to find the culprit and punish him or her” Monica assured.

” That’s useless, I already know who the culprit is and I’m going to punish her myself” she said and wipe the single tear on her face before walking away.

“Maria!!” Monica yell following her and Felix followed too



“Going out?” Grace asked Ethan as he checked himself out in the dressing mirror

“Yeah” he answered

“Can I come with you?” She asked

” No, rest at home” he said

” I’m fine now, it’s boring at home” she pouted

“play with Tommy or something” he said getting his phone

“Tommy went out with his nanny, a friend of his is celebrating his birthday” she said

” Chat with Blair visit one of your friends” he suggested and she frowned, why does he want her to stay at home.

She has no idea why he’s stopping her from going with him but she’s not giving up anytime soon.

“I don’t want to, I want to go with you” she said and he sighed.

“You can’t, it’s not a meeting you can attend” he protested.

“I won’t cause trouble just take me along, please” she pleaded giving him a puppy face.

” It’s still a no” he said trying to leave but she blocked his way

“If I don’t go with you, you are not leaving” she said holding him tightly, her chest was pressing so hard against him that he felt his thing react.

“Fine we are going together” he said and she smiled letting go of him.

She got a purse that matched her gown and quickly held his hand, “let’s go” she said with a smile

“I didn’t know when you became so persistent” he mumbled as they walked out of the room.

They bumped into Blair as they got downstairs, she looked restless and was in a hurry.

She bumped into Grace to be precise and she lost balance buy Ethan was quick enough to catch her.

She wrapped her arm around his neck and she felt her heart beat increased, it was like she’s in the ICU and her heart is struggling to circulate blood.

She blinked her eyes repeatedly trying to get back into conciousness, “are you okay?” Ethan asked

“I… I’m fine, thank you” she said letting go of him as she stood straight.

Blair bowed her head immediately, “where were you heading to that was so important?” He queried as he turned to face her.

” I’m sorry your Excellency” she apologized

“That doesn’t answer my question” he growled. Blair fidget with her fingers nervously, Grace noticed this and held him by the shoulder with a smile.

“It was a mistake which anyone can make” she defended her

“But she pushed you” he said with concern

” And you caught me” she chuckled

“It’s not funny” he said still frowning

“No one said it was” she replied and he sighed before turning to Blair whose head was still bowed.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you but I don’t want this type of mistake next time” he warned

” I promise it won’t repeat itself” she said and he nodded before they walked away.

Grace could sense fear and pain in Blair’s voice, it was more like she’s crying or about to, anyways she will find out when she returns.

They got into the limo and it didn’t take long for them to get to where they were headed.

They stopped in front of a restaurant, the same one she met with Ariel. It brought back old memories, memories that reminded her of her place.

She forced a smile as she got out of the limo, Ethan held her hand as they walked in.

Unlike the other day, it was almost empty only two people were there not even the waitresses and waiters.

She wondered why? But she concluded that it must be because the president is visiting.

“Your Excellency” the man bowed and the voice rang a bell in her head.

“Vice president Manuel” Ethan call with a smile as they shook hands.

*Vice president* Grace thought as she felt her heart racing.

“Your Grace” he strech his hand for a shake and Grace took it slowly. She felt like electricity just passed through her body.

*What’s this feeling?* She wondered.

“Have a seat” Vice President manual said pointing at the chairs just opposite him.

Ethan pulled a chair for Grace to sit and she mutter a thank you.

“Excuse me” the guy who Grace didn’t notice said and she raised her head only to see April’s boyfriend, Rob.

“What is he doing here? Does he work for the vice president?” She mumbled but no one heard.

They talked about politics which bored Grace but the more she hears the vice president voice the more she thought it sounds familiar.

She felt uneasy and excused herself, she was on her way to the restroom when she saw Rob, he was smoking.

He quickly bowed at the sight of her and hid his cigarette, “Your Grace” he muttered.

She nodded and walked past him, after she was done she still met him there but he was no longer smoking

“Excuse me” she said and he bowed his head immediately which made her chuckled.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked and he raised his head to stare directly into her eyes.


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