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Episode 35

Felix sighed as he got out of the taxi, he refused to enter the limo his father sent him, it was obvious a party was going on.

The house has not changed that much, the security bowed as he walked past them. His father took care of everything before his arrival.

He was surprised to meet lots of people in the house, drinks and food were being served and it was obvious everyone was having fun.

April was coming from the restroom when he mistakenly bumped into Felix, “sorry,” she apologized. “Maria?” He called with confusion boldly written on his face.

“I think you are mistaken,” she said and walked away. He was sure the lady has the same eyes as Maria, but he shrugged it off, it might be a coincidence.

He walked upstairs and strolled down the hall, he remembered walking with his mother.

“Excuse me, have you seen Rob?” a girl asked and he turned around to see Missy. They were both surprised, Missy was not expecting him to be there nor was he expecting her.

“Felix,” she called in awe and walked closer to him. “What are you doing here?” She asked.

“Same reason you are here,” he replied his eyes void of emotion just like the day she tripped Monica. “Wow, the world is indeed a small place, you are the last person I expect to run into,” she said.

He didn’t say anything but just stared into space, “wanna grab a drink?” She asked. “Weren’t you searching for someone?” He asked.

“Huh? Yeah… I was…. but it’s not important,” she stutters. “Excuse me,” he said and walked away. “What is his problem?” She mumbled angrily.

Felix stood in front of his father’s room and heard him talking to someone about some goods. He leaned closer and heard him ordering the person to sell some food and save the money in his secret account.

He decided to open the door startling his father, “Felix you are here,” he said obviously surprised. “Weren’t you expecting me?” He asked.

“Yeah but… You didn’t come in the limo,” he said. “Yeah, it wasn’t necessary,” he replied walking further into the room.

“Good evening,” the guy his father was talking to greeted him. “Evening,” he replied.

“Let’s go downstairs, the party is for you,” Manuel said. “I never asked for it,” he replied.

“You don’t have to,” Manuel said leading the way. Felix and Rob followed.

Missy walked towards April downstairs and sat beside her, “why the long face?” April asked. “He doesn’t like me,” she complained.

“Who? Your brother?” She inquired. “No, some boy in my school. He keeps treating me like trash,” she complained.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, you are welcome to my son’s welcome home party,” Manuel said with all eyes on him. “I have the pleasure of introducing my son, Felix Winter,” he announced and everyone clapped while Felix rolled his eyes not leaving the spot he was standing.

“Felix? Is it Felix or someone else?” Missy mumbled confusedly. “Pardon him, he’s a bit shy,” he said and everyone laughed.

Felix walked away and Manuel signaled to Rob, he took the microphone, “let’s enjoy the night,” he said and everyone started walking around again.

“Felix! Felix, where are you going?!?” Manuel queries following him. “Anywhere but here,” he replied not stopping.

His father caught up with him and held his arm, “what the he¢k is your problem? Many kids are out there dying to be recognized as the vice president’s son!” He snapped.

“Go adopt one of them!” Felix replied angrily. “What?” He asked finding him hard to believe.

“I am Felix not any other kids out there, I don’t want to be the vice president’s son but your son, Manuel Winter’s son! Being the vice president is all that matters to you but I don’t want that. I want you to be my father, but my father died the same day I lost my mom,” he said in a teary voice.

“Felix, my son, I’m doing all this for you,” he said. “No dad, you are selfish and this is for you and you alone,” he said and walked away.

Manuel felt his heart ripped to pieces as his son walked away from him, he isn’t going to stop him because now is not the time. Once he is done taking care of the President he’ll mend his relationship with his son.


Hong Kong

Ariel was sure no one was in the house when she sneaked out of the house, the door was locked as usual but she had already broken the kitchen window.

She looked right and left carefully before running away, she looked pale and thin, and no one wouldn’t recognize her immediately.

She board a cab to her house and paid him with the money she stole, the gate was opened so she went into the house directly

“Mom! Dad!” She yelled as she entered. “Ariel?” Her mother called confused, the lady in front of her doesn’t look like her daughter.

“Mom,” she sobbed as she rushed to hug her. “What happened? Why are you here?” Her mom asked?

“I never left, I was locked up,” she said and her mother disengaged from the hug. “What are you talking about?” She asked.

Ariel explained the part she needed her to know, she never told her she went there willingly. She said he sent it to her and everything changed.

Her mother believed her and she ordered the maid to prepare her bath and food. Ariel planned on getting back at him.


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