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Episode 36

“What is she doing here?” Ariel’s father snapped at her mom, he returned from work to find her sitting at the dining table.

“Our daughter was hurrying,” she defended. “What if she was? We warned her! I warned her! But she refused to take heed,” he replied.

“I’m sorry dad,” she apologized. “I have learned my lesson and I’m changed, I just need to stay here until I’m properly healed.

I promise to return to America, please let me stay dead,” she begged but he didn’t reply, he just walked away.

“Don’t worry too much, just focus on getting better,” her mother advised and she nodded.

She is going to get back at Norman once she returns to America.



It was Monday morning, Missy was waiting patiently for Felix, she plans on confronting him.

She didn’t have to wait long when he walked in, keeping the cold usual look. “Good morning,” she greeted.

“What do you want?” He asked. “Replying wouldn’t hurt your excellency,” she said and he stopped walking.

“What did you just call me?” He asked turning around. “You heard me, but if you want me to repeat myself I will gladly do it out loud. You know what that means, the whole school will know your little secret,” she said.

He smirked and held her wrist, it didn’t hurt at first but he squeezed it harder, “let go,” she wince in pain.

“Go ahead, tell everyone in the school who I am, I bet you have no idea of what your brother does,” he said.

“He serves your dad,” she replied confidently. “Do you know what type of orders he takes,” he asked.

“W….what type of order can the vice president possibly give?” She asked a bit nervous. “I and my dad aren’t close because he runs illegal stuff. Your brother is his right-hand man, a world about my identity, two about yours,” he threatened before turning to leave.

“I don’t believe you!” She yelled. “Ask your brother,” he replied not turning back.

Missy was quiet throughout the school period, and Felix knew his words affected her.

Maria wanted to pick up a fight with her for stealing her phone but she just ignored her. “Missy is weird today,” Monica said.

“I admit, she even ignored me,” Maria added. “Could she be feeling guilty?” Monica guessed.

Felix just listened to them, he was lost in his thought. “Are you okay? You’ve been moody too,” Monica started her observation.

“Did everyone have a bad weekend?” Maria said. “I’m fine, just have a lot to deal with,” he replied.



Grace decided to take a stroll in the mansion, Tommy went out with his nanny and Ethan had to take care of something concerning the missing food.

Grace couldn’t get her mind off the vice president, she was sure that had met before that day.

She visited the twins during the weekend and they were doing fine, there was still no news from April and that bothered her.

“I will get every information you want, I just need some time,” she heard Blair speak to someone.

Curiosity got the best of her so she walked closer, she was on call. “Please don’t hurt her, I will do whatever you want,” she pleaded.

There was a short silence, “he is not always around, he is desperate to find the culprit,” she said.

Grace knew she was talking about Ethan but who is she talking to and why is she a spy.

“I will, I promise just don’t ki.ll my daughter,” she pleaded. She is being threatened but by who? Could I be the same person stealing the food?

Blair had a daughter? There is a lot of mystery in the White House than she thought.

After a short silence, Blair kept the phone in her small pocket and looked around to see if anyone was watching her, but she didn’t see Grace.

Grace walked back into the room to meet Ethan, he looked lost in thoughts, and she was hesitant in telling him what she found out.

She had no evidence to back up her words, she bit her lower lip nervously and Ethan who she had no idea was watching found it se ductive.

He walked close to her startling her a bit since she didn’t expect him to see her. “Thinking about something?” He asked leaning to kss her neck.

“Nothing,” she mo aned. “You look tired, is something bothering you?” He asked, by now he is trying to get under her br@.

He gave it a gentle squeeze and she mo aned. ” I don’t think we should be doing this,” she managed to say.

“Why not? We have been married for three years,” he said gently walking her to the bed. “Yeah but there are crises in the country, we should solve that first,” she suggested.

“There will always be crises,” he replied taking off her bl ouse…..

“Let’s do the real thing,” he whispered to her ear and a cold shiver went through her body.

He fixed his thing directly in her entry and entered without warning, “stoopp!!” She s¢reamed in p ain.

He knew the real Ariel can’t be a vrgn but this Ariel is a vrgn and he was confused but he didn’t stop making l ove to her



“How long have you been with my brother?” Missy asked April. “Not too long?” She answered.

“Are you aware of his profession?” She asked. “Yes,”

“You know he does the illegal things?” She asked and she went mute. “I knew something was up, let me guess you are his partner,” she added.

“Missy it’s not what you think,” she tried to sound convincing. “It’s never what I thought,” she replied on the verge of crying.

“He had lots of money and I never asked how he got it,” she muttered and the door opened.

“Hey girls,” Rob said excitedly. “What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you guys fought again,” he mutters disappointedly.

“You! What are you?” Missy asked as a single tear rolled down her eyes. “What are you talking about?” Rob asked.

“You do illegal things for the Vice President!” She blunted. Rob turned to April, “what did you tell her?”

“She didn’t need to tell me, I found out that you both are criminals,” she cried.

“Missy mind your choice of words!” He yelled. “Why should I?” She retorted.

“Listen to your brother missy,” April said. “You start this,” Missy snapped at her.

“You are ho rrible Robert! Are you the food thief? Do you steal from the country? Or do you ki.ll? Tell me how ho rrible you are!” she cried.

“It was all for you, our parents died and I had to take care of you,” he yelled

“Cr!minal, that’s what you are! It wasn’t for me or our parents it was all for your selfish interest!” She yelled and ran out of the house.

To be continued

Missy ooo

Grace and Ethan

So Blair had a daughter.


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