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Episode 37

“Mom… Dad?” Sixteen years old Grace called as she walked into their house. “You are back,” April said coming out of her room.

“Is mom and dad?” She asked. “No, but mom said you should come and get the twins,” she informed.

“Why do I always have to pick them?” She frowned. “Because they like you and I have to prepare dinner,” she replied.

“Prepare something delicious,” Grace said before rushing out of the house. She walled to her parents hospital, it was just thirty minutes walk.

She hummed a song as she walked toward the elevator. She met a man in the elevator, she greeted him. “Good afternoon sit,”

He didn’t reply her, she studied him and noticed the bruise on his wrist. She brought a candy, “here,” she said.

“This is actually for my sisters but you need it more, mom gives us candy when we are hurt. Eat it when you treat your wound,” she said but he just stared.

She took his hand and shove it in, “see you later,” she said when the elevator stopped.

“Kid,” he called and she turned around. “Get your siblings out of here,” he said and the elevator door closed.

“What was that?” She mumbled. “Grace!!” Ten years old Monica called running toward her.

Maria jumped on her and ask, “our candy?”

“Sorry girls, I forgot to but one,” she pouted. “Let’s go get some!” Monica yelled.

“Where’s mom and dad?” She asked. “Dad is in surgery, mom is in a meeting,” Monica answered.

“Let’s go get candies before they notice our disappearance,” Grace suggested and they rushed to the elevator.

They got candies and were on their way back to the hospital when it exploded, Grace covered the twins eyes as the building collapse.

Tears left her eyes as she cried but it came out as a whisper, “Mom….Dad”



Grace could be seen moving her head sideways, it was obvious she’s having a mare. She hasn’t woken up since their heated session.

She was sweating all over as tears left her eye but they were still shut, Ethan walked into the room with her dinner.

“Ariel, babe!” He panicked as he dropped the tray and rushed to her side. He tap her face as she continued crying, “snap out of it!” He scream and she sat up sweating.

She hugged Ethan as she cried, it all happened six years ago but it seemed like yesterday. It hurts her like he ll, it happened so fast.

“It’s just a dream,” Ethan mutter patting her back gently. ‘No it was real, it happened,’ she thought.

She let go of him and pulled the duvet to cover her body, she felt her heart beat increased as she remembered what happened hours ago.

She gave her vrgnity to him, he isn’t her husband or boyfriend. How could she be so cheap?

“You should eat something,” his voice snapped her out of her thought. “I will,” she mutter shyly.

He dropped the tray in front of her. She held the duvet close and didn’t let go, “you don’t have to be shy,” he said.

If only he knew the truth, he would probably hate her. “Can you excuse me?” She requested.

He smiled and said, “sure,” he left the room and she rested her back on the bed board as she sighed.

“It’s the vice president, that was why his voice sounded familiar. He was the man on the elevator, he asked her to leave, he bombed the hospital. He murdered my parents,” she said as tears left her eyes.

She limped to the bathroom and had a cold bath, and wore a free gown. She stared at the food without an appetite, finding out you met with your parents ki ller and couldn’t recognize them



Missy felt abandoned and could not think straight, she went to Maria and Monica house. She knocked on the door as tears didn’t stop streaming out of her eyes.

“Who could it be?” Monica wondered and walked to the door. She opened and her jaw dropped at who she saw.

“Monica, who is it? Is it Grace?” Maria asked walking towards Monica. Maria pushed her out of the way and felt anger build up in her.

“What are you doing here?!” She yell as she tried to h it Missy but Monica stopped her.

“She’s not herself,” she said, Maria faced her and noticed the tears in her eyes. “I just need a room to spend the night,” she sob.

“Come in,” Monica said and helped her in, Monica knew she’s was not in the right state of mind to explain what happened, so she didn’t ask.”Have you eaten?” She asked. “I just want to sleep,” she said.

Monica took her to April’s room while Maria just stood by the door with her arms folded under her chest.

“We are in the next room if you need anything,” she said before leaving. “Why will you let her into our house?” Maria asked.

“Can’t you see she’s hurt?” Monica asked. “Hurt? Who gives a dmn? She could be sent to ki ll us,” Maria stated.

“She doesn’t look like a ki ller,” Monica said. “They don’t have an ID,” she rolled her eyes.

“Let’s her be,” Monica said.



Grace woke up to find the best empty, she saw Blair opening the windows. “Good morning,” she greeted.

“Morning,” Blair replied. “His Excellency ordered your breakfast to be served in bed,” she added.

Grace went to ease herself then back to the bed, Blair did her thing not saying a word. Grace remembered the conversation she overheard, “Blair,” she started.

“Does he know the truth?” Blair asked. “What truth?” Grace inquired. “That you are not his wife,” she blunted.

“No,” she replied. “I guess he s¢rewed you thinking you are his wife,” she uttered nonchalantly.

Grace was hurt by her words but she decided to hide it, “I’m not the only one keeping a secret, and deadly one at that,” she said.

“Does the real First Lady know that you have a daughter, and you are a spy,” she blurted and watched her expression change to fear.



Monica and Maria were done preparing breakfast and were dressed for school. “Maria would you go and wake Missy?” Monica requested.

“Why should I? She doesn’t deserve our kindness,” she said. “Stop holding gurdges,” Monica snapped and Maria reluctantly went to April’s room.

Maria met her still asleep and decided to wake her up by splashing water on her face but she restricted herself.

“Wake up!” She yelled and Missy groaned a bit before sitting up. Missy rubbed her eyes as she sat up, Maria folded her arms as she watched, her twon is really kind hearted.

“Good morning,” Missy greeted. “I can’t believe my ears,” Maria said sarcastically.

“Monica asked me to get you for breakfast, after that get the he.ll out of our house,” she said with a glare.

Missy stared around the room sadly and her eyes landed on April’s picture, “who’s that?” She asked, her index finger pointed at the picture

“My sister,” she answered. “April?” She asked. “Yes, how did you know her name?” Maria asked.


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