By Vintage Library

Episode 42

Grace woke up with her eyes swollen the next day, she sat up and stared at the room with a sad expression.

It felt like old times before she met the president but she didn’t want that, she wants to be in the White House waking up in his bed and arm.

She hugged her knee to herself as a single tear rolled down her cheek, she was about to start crying when the door opened to reveal Maria.

“Good morning,” Maria greeted. “We prepared breakfast, you should eat something,” she added before closing the door.

She wiped the tear and let out a sad smile, she should cherish what she has, the twins are the only family she has now, she thought and got out of bed.

“Good morning,” she greeted taking a seat at the table. “Morning,” they replied in unison.

They were dressed in their school uniforms, Grace smiled as she stared at them. They have grown and she is proud of them, they dished out the food and it was her favorite.

“My…” Maria completes the sentence for her. “Favorite, we know. We thought preparing it will cheer you up, you looked really sad yesterday,” Maria blurted and Monica h it her.

Grace chuckled and said, “it is fine, I’m happy you guys did this for me,” she said.

“We want you to smile always,” Monica said. “I’m so lucky to have you two,” she said on the verge of tears.

“No, we are lucky to have each other,” Maria said and they hugged. “Let’s devour this before it gets cold,” Grace said and the twins took a seat.



Monica walked out of the library with books in her hand, their final exams were approaching and the last thing anyone wants is to fail.

Maria is in practice, she joined the choir, they needed to join a club before leaving school.

Monica joined the acting club, she is not much of an actress but did it for fun. “Hey,” Felix tapped her.

Hearing his voice she hurried her steps, she he been avoiding him since the incident. “Monica,” he called running after her.

He doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her, he and Maria are cool so he tried to ask but Maria is clueless too.

Maria might try to ignore it but she is avoiding him too, she hangs out with Missy, though her’s is not as bad as Monica’s something is up with them.

“You can’t ignore me forever!” He yelled as he finally caught up with her, she tried to free herself from his grip but he was too strong.

He pulled her into the empty classroom beside them and shut the door. “What are you doing?” She inquired trying her best to avoid his gaze.

“Why can’t you look me in the eye? Why are you avoiding me?” He questioned. “I don’t have time for this our final exams are coming up,” she said and tried to leave but he pulled her back.

“Neither you nor I am leaving this room unless we solve this,” he said with a serious expression. “We have nothing to solve,” she snapped.

“Is it because I didn’t tell you about my identity? I’m sorry I just don’t like it when people know I’m the vice president’s son,” he said.

“That is not it, please let me go,” she pleaded to try to walk away.

“What’s the problem? Don’t you like me anymore? You don’t want us to be friends? Tell me what the problem is and I promise to correct it,” he said with so much pain and frustration.

“It can’t be corrected,” she blurted and finally stared into his eyes. “Why? Why cant it be?” He asked.

She stared at him short of words, she wiped the single tears that dropped on her cheek. “Excuse me,” she said and try to leave but he pulled her back.

“I honestly want to know, please tell me,” he said holding her arm. “My parents! My parents were in that hospital, they worked there,” she snapped.

“Your parents? I don’t understand,” he uttered confused. “The country hospital that the vice president…. No your dad burnt down, my parents worked there,” she blurted and he felt his heart sink.

“Your father murdered my parents! How do you expect me to feel? How do you want me to look at you with the same eyes without thinking about my late parents!?” She yelled as tears left her eyes.

“I…. I’m sorry,” that was all he could say, she was right for avoiding him, he is the son of a mur.derer.

“I’m sorry for causing you pain, I never imagined the kind of pain you are going through by just staring at me. I should not have tried to make it worse,” he apologized and she felt guilty.

It was not his fault, he wasn’t the one who ki.lled her parents and he must be young then. “You should ignore me, sIap me if I try to reach out to you. I’m sorry,” he apologized and walked out of the classroom.

She wanted to stop him and apologize for a tug childish but it was useless so she just sat on the floor, dropping her books as tears flew out of her eyes.



Ariel was applying makeup on her face when Ethan pecked her neck, “you look beautiful,” he whisper.

She found it weird and uncomfortable but forced a smile. “I’m going to visit a crippled girl who lost her family in the collapsed hospital, do you want to come with me?” He asked.

“No I have somewhere else to go,” she replied. “Huh? That’s odd, you felt sorry for these people, why don’t you want to go now?” He query

“I’m busy,” she replied simply. “Please,” he pleaded pecking her neck. “Stop that,” she snapped and pushed him away.

“What’s your problem?” She glared before walking out of the room.

“Aunt Ariel!” Tommy yelled as he ran into her arms but she pushed him away. “What the heck was that for?” She yelled.

“Aunt? Is something wrong?” He pouted. “Aunt? Haven’t I warned you not to call me that? It First Lady for you!” She snapped and walked away.

He was still dumbfounded when Ethan came out too. “Tommy, what are you doing here?” He asked.

“Did you fight with your wife?” He asked. “No, she is acting weird, isn’t she?” He asked and Tommy nodded.

“I don’t know what’s wrong, she was fine yesterday,” he said and rough Tommy’s hair, “I’ll be back soon,” he said and walked away.

“Why does that sound familiar?” He wondered rubbing his forehead. “She’s back!” He snapped his fingers as he remembered something.


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