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Episode 44

Tommy has been trying his best to avoid Ariel, Blair advised him not to say a word to the president and to stay out of trouble.

He was seated in the third living room where his parents portrait were displayed, Ariel hardly goes there so he thought it was safe.

He was solving his homework when someone suddenly tap him. “Nanny Julia in a minute,” he said with his gaze on the homework.

“It’s ain’t your nanny,” Ariel said. “Good afternoon First Lady,” he greeted not rating his head.

“Where did you learn your manners? You should be on your feet and now when you greet me,” she said.

“Sorry but this homework is kind of important,” he said. “You have no manners, do you?” She asked.

“You are distracing me,” he said with his teeth gritted. “Did you!” She raised her hand to hit him but couldn’t when she felt headache.

Her head hurt and she felt dizzy, she held her forehead as her legs felt numb. “Help,” that was all she could say before slipping to oblivion.


Few hours later everyone was in the room with Ariel fast asleep on the bed. The doctor ran some tests and told them she was three months pregnant, Blair and Tommy knew Ethan wasn’t the baby’s father.

Ethan sat by the bed and removed some strands of hair on Ariels face, he has been smiling since the doctor gave the good news.

“She’s waking up,” he whispered and Tommy rolled his eyes. “Hey,” he muttered as she sat up.

“What happened?” She asked. “You passed out,” he answered.

“That’s unusual, what did the doctor say?” She asked. “He said you are three months pregnant,” he informed her.

“I am….., pregnant?” She asked. “Yes,” he answered beaming with smiles.

“How can I be three months pregnant?” She asked. “Is something wrong? You don’t sound happy?” He said looking hurt.

“I….., am happy,” she replied with a fake smile. “The doctor said not to stress yourself, you should have adequate sleep, and don’t starve yourself,” he stated.

“I…, can I have water? I’m thirsty,” she said hoping everyone would leave, she needs time to comprehend what she was told.

“Blair, please get her a glass of water,” he requested. “Yes your Excellency,” she bowed and left.

“I still have an unfinished assignment,” Tommy excused himself. Ethan turned to Ariel with a smile which she returned, she started around and wish something would make Ethan leave.

Tommy followed Blair to the kitchen, he wanted to tell her his thoughts. “Blair wait,” he said rushing down the stairs.

“Your Grace,” she called, she was not expecting him to follow her. “We have to tell Ethan,” he uttered.

“Tell him that exactly?” She asked. “About Grace,” he blurted and Blair pulled him to a secluded area.

“We talked about this, we are not going to interfere, the president will detect the truth by himself,” she said.

“You have been repeating the same thing for the past two months and now things are getting out of hand” he snapped. “And that pregnancy is not Ethan’s, she came back two months ago there is no way Ethan is the father of that three month old thing,” he squeezed his face in disgust.

“I know but what can we do Grace is no where to be found, and his excellency won’t believe us,” she replied.

“We need to find her, that witch will brainwash Ethan with the lie that he is the father,” he said. “We still need to be careful,” she said and Tommy nodded before leaving.

Blair gave Ariel the water and went to stand by the door. “Blair please watch her, I have to make a phone call,” he excused himself.

Ariel noticed the scorn on Blair’s face and asked. “What’s that look for?” Blair shrugged, “I don’t understand,”

“You are glaring at me, why?” She asked. “Well I guess I will have to give you an answer since you are requesting for one,” she uttered informally.

“What?” Ariel’s eyes widened. “We both know that thing Inside of you is a b@$tard,” she blurted and Ariel’s opened her mouth in awe.

“Why do you look surprised? Were you expecting something different? Like a perfect advice on how to wrap his excellency around your finger?” She asked with a smirk.

“Don’t be surprised that you are alone in this,” Blair spat. “Are you insane? I am the First Lady and you dared to disrespect me?” She scoffed unbelievably.

“You might be the first lady but that is just a title, you have no right as one. You are pregnant with a b@$tard don’t you know that is a grave offence?” She asked rhetorically.

“Don’t call my baby b@$tard!” She snapped getting out of bed. “I’ll be careful if I were you, I can’t imagine what his excellency would do you once he finds out,” she said and glared at Ariel before walking out of the room.

Blair felt happy as she walked to the kitchen, she has always wanted to put Areil in her place ever since she came back.



The Darwin’s family were having breakfast quietly, no one was saying a word. They have been avoiding Grace since they found out about the pregnancy.

“Umm,” Grace cleared her throat to get their attention and they raised their heads. “I have given it quite a lot of thought and I came to a conclusion,” she paused and took a deep breath.

“What was your decision?” Monica asked. “I will ab.ort the baby,” she blurted.

There was silence and in that silence lies confusion. “Girls,” Grace called. “Why will you do that?” Maria asked.

“The baby deserves to leave, he or she is the nation’s child. Why will you mu.rder innocent child?” Monica asked?

“This decision is the best, that’s it girls,” she said trying to hold their hands but they pulled away. “Thanks for the meal” Monica appreciated sarcastically and left.

“You are not heartless I know that,” Maria said and followed.

‘I’m not, but this is the right thing,’ she thought.


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