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Episode 45

It was already night and Ethan was in his study going through some files. “Hey bro,” Tommy said as he knock on the door.

“Hey, come in,” he said dropping the file on the table. “You are busy, are you going to be done soon?” He asked.

“It’s fine, is there something you want to tell me?” Ethan asked. “How is First Lady?” He asked.

“She is resting,” he replied. “Aren’t curious about us?” Tommy asked. “I don’t understand,” he squeeze his face in confusion.

“I and the First Lady, we aren’t that close anymore aren’t you curious about what happened?” He asked. “I’m not sure,” Ethan mumble.

“She has changed to her old self,” Tommy said. “I don’t understand you Tommy, her attitude is because of pregnancy hormone,” Ethan defend her.

“Don’t you miss the old Ariel, the jovial and kind Ariek who stood by you?” He asked “I do but what can I do when she I changed?” Ethan asked.

“That Ariel, the pregnant Ariel in your room is the wife you married but not the woman who fought beside you,” he said.

“Your words are confusing Tommy,” he said. “I am telling you that you lived with and fell in love with another woman named GRACE,” he blurted.

He kept quiet for a while while Tommy was nervous. “Did you join an acting class if you did I must say you are good,” Ethan said.

“This is the truth Ethan,” he said. “I know you don’t like Ariel but you guys became close for a short while. I have no idea of what happened between you two but don’t bad mouth her, she is carrying my heir for Christ sake,” he said trying his best to sound calm so he won’t hurt Tommy with his words.

“She is carrying a b@$tard child your excellency, everything Tommy told you was true,” Blair said joining the conversation.

“What are you two talking about?” He asked in total confusion. “The Lady who helped your excellency was someone else who pretend to be Her Grace. The First Lady left the country for weeks and returned two months ago,” she said.

“Wait, did you say two months ago?” Ethan asked. “Yes, she is three months pregnant so there is no way her baby is yours,” she stated.

“Why are you guys telling me this now?” He asked. “We wanted to give Ariel a second chance but seeing the fact that she is going to ruin you by lying about her pregnancy we had to do something,” Tommy said.

Ethan was quiet for a while, his head bowed and none of them knew what was going on in his mind. “Excuse me,” he said and left.

“Ethan,” Tommy called wanting to follow him but Blair held his arm. “Don’t, he needs time to accept everything we just told him,” she said.

“We still need to find Grace,” Tommy said. “We will,” Blair assured.

Ethan sat beside sleeping Ariel as the thought of what he was told kept flooding his head. “How am I going to differentiate them?” He mumbled.

He remembered seeing a scar beneath Grace chest, he started caressing Ariel until she woke up. “Ethan what are you doing?” She asked sleepily.

“Touching my wife,” he replied kssing her hand. She was wearing a pajamas and shirt so he just unbuttoned get shirt, she has been craving for sx anyway so she just let him touch her.

He stopped at he got underneath her chest there was no scar and her skin was a bit different compared to that of Grace.

“Go back to sleep,” he said and walked out of the room. “What was that about?” She muttered angrily.

“They are right, they are two different ladies,” Ethan said as tears left his eye, he had no idea why he was crying.


Two days later ★★★

“Are you sure about this?” Felix asked as they sat in the car in front of the white house. “Yes,” Monica replied and the drove in.

Grace told the twins her plan of abo.rting the baby that afternoon, Monica planned on telling the president about the pregnancy.

They already recognized Felix anyway, he went there a few times, he helped Moica out of the car and they walked into the mansion.

“Is his excellency around?” Felix asked a maid. Blair who watched from afar could tell the similarities between Grace and the girl beside Felix.

“I’ll take them,” Blair said and motioned at Felix to follow her. He held monica’s hand and they followed.

Tommy was having a discussion with him, they were trying to find Grace but they have not tell Ariel the truth.

“Your excellency! You have guests,” Blair announced. “Who is I?” He asked.

“The former vice president son and a girl,” she answered. “Let them in,” he ordered and they all walked in including Blair.

“Grace,” Tommy called as he saw Monica. She (Monica) could not help but ask,” do you know my sister?”

“Sister?” Ethan asked. “Yes, Grace Darwin,” she answered. “Where is she? Your sister?” Blair asked.

“We have to stop Grace,” she blurted after few seconds of silence.



Grace was sitting patiently in the doctor’s office only Maria went home, she tried reaching Monica but her phone was switched off.

“I’m sorry miss but we can’t do this without your husband’s or boyfriend’s approval,” the doctor said.

“Why? I mean it’s my body I decide what I do with it,’ she said.

“And it’s my child,” a voice said behind her, the doctor stood up immediately and Grace prayed in her heart that it isn’t who she think it is.

She turned around to see Ethan, Tommy, Blair, Felix and Monica all staring at her. “Your excellency,” she called as her heart raced, she was happy and sad.

She is seeing the one and only man she loves again so she is happy but he is definitely going to stop her from doing what she wants.

“She is not ab.orting the baby,” he said and Grace frowned. “You don’t get to make that decision,” Grace said.

“I am the father,” he stated.


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