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Episode 47

Ethan kept on smiling as the car drove back to the White House, he was so happy that he spent time with the mother of his unborn child.

Though it was the first time he saw her without Ariel’s face his heart still beats for her and the fact that she is carrying his child was more than enough reason for him to celebrate.

“You have been smiling since we left,” Tommy whispered to Ethan as they walked into the mansion.

“I’m happy,” he replied truthfully. “I am happy for you too,” Tommy said and they smiled.

“Your excellency,” Blair called behind them and he turned around. “I think we are forgetting something,” she said.

“Ariel?” Tommy asked. “Yes, what are you going to do about her? She is not the type that will go down without a fight,” Blair stated.

“I know but I won’t give in easily either,” Ethan replied. “Thank you both for today, you should get some rest,” he suggested and they bowed before leaving his presence.

He sighed and turned in the direction of the staircase, he went to his room and was surprised to meet the light on.

Ever since Ariel got pregnant she has been sleeping quite early. “You are back,” she said fitted on the sofa.

“Why are you still awake?” He asked sitting on the bed. “I was waiting for you, you have been out since morning, I was worried,” she said standing up

She sat beside him and began to stroke his hair, he felt disgusted by it as he imagined another man fking her.

“Ariel,” he called taking her hand away from his hair.

“What’s wrong?” She inquired studying his facial expression.

“You are three months pregnant, aren’t you?” He asked.

“Yes, why do you ask?” She inquired.

“I am confused because we had aéx two months ago not three,” he replied and she felt her heart torn apart.

“What are you suddenly talking about?” She asked with her gaze on the floor.

“I don’t believe that baby is mine,” he blurted. “How can you suddenly come to such a conclusion? We had sx three months ago,” she argued.

“I am not an idi’t Ariel, I know you are not the woman I slept with,” he dropped the bom.bshell and she wished she could erase his memory at that moment.

“You cheated?” She gasped trying to turn the table on him.

“I would not call it a cheat, you were in Hong Kong having fun with another man and I simply use the substitute you left,” he replied.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” she denied.

“Of course, you don’t but I am sure Blair does and she has proof that the b@$tard you are carrying is not mine,” he said glaring at her stomach.

She knew all h’ll as broken loose and there was no way she could escape but she won’t let him toss her aside as if she meant nothing.

“So what? What if my baby isn’t yours? What are you going to do? Divorce me?” She asked.

“Yes,” he answered. “And I will consider you the most foolish person on earth,” she stated.

“Why will be?” He inquired. “The world will laugh at you for being incompetent, your wife cheated right under your nose and you had no idea, she even brought in an imposter but you were still clueless, tell me what you think will happen If I reveal all this?” She asked with a smirk.

There was a moment of silence, Ethan was burning in anger. There was no way she won’t ruin his reputation if she revealed all those things, he tighten his grip on the sheet as he stared at her.

“You don’t have a choice Ethan, you have to take care of my baby,” she said trying to touch him but he glared at her and she withdraw her hand.

“I won’t take care of a b@$tared when I have my child,” he retorted and she felt angry.

“You got her pregnant?” She asked angrily. “Yes, so you take care of your child,” he spat and left the room.

‘I will get rid of you Ariel, just wait,’ he thought as he walked out of the room.

“I don’t care about your b@$tard child as long as I don’t give birth out of wedlock,” Ariel muttered rubbing her flat belly.


Sunshine High ★★★

“Hey Missy,” Monica waved at her, they were in the classroom, and Ethan gifted them two cars one for Grace and the other for the twins.

“I am mad at you guys,” Missy pouted as she sat on the empty sear close to them

“Why are you angry?” Maria asked.

“I went to your place yesterday night but no one was at home, you should have told me you won’t be around,” she complained.

“You should have told us you are visiting,” Monica replied and Maria nodded in agreement.

“Don’t you want to know where we were?” Maria asked.

“No, not until you admit your mistakes,” Missy replied with a stubborn expression.

“I can’t wait to go shopping,” Maria started. “Too bad we can’t shop for baby things,” Monica replied.

“We should try to convince his excellency, we can shop together,” Maria suggested.

“What are you guys talking about?” Missy asked moving closer to them.

“We thought you weren’t curious,” Monica replied

“I am like a sister, don’t treat me like this,” she snapped.

“Fine, the president found out about Grace’s pregnancy and he is taking responsibility,” Maria explained.

“We moved out of our old house to a bigger house, we took only important things and we are going shopping later today,” Monica explained.

“Gosh! I’m so happy for you girls, can I join you guys later?” Missy asked.

“Let’s go,” Felix whisper to Monica’s ear and she stood up. “Of course, you can join, it will be fun,” Maria replied Missy ignoring Felix and her sister.

Felix and Monica went to the field, he gave her a chocolate bar as they sat on the seats there.

“Thank you for everything you did yesterday,” Monica appreciated.

“You are welcome,” he replied and she took a bite out of her bar.

“What are we doing here?” Monica asked.

“Monica,” Felix called and she turned to face him. “I like you,” he blurted.


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