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Monica and Felix are now in a relationship, they have one more year to finish college.

Maria is also dating a coursemate while Missy is still single.

April has been released from prison and she now owns a restaurant with the help of Grace.

It has been four years since the country called America had a new First Lady and a three-year-old cute handsome guy.

“Your Grace,” Blair bowed and Grace turned around with a smile, she was wearing a blue short gown. Her hair was packed in a ponytail, her face was dashing and any man would trip at her sight.

“His Grace is back from school,” she informed. “Where is he?” Grace asked walking closer.

“He is with Tommy and Barbie,” she replied, Barbie was on holiday so Grace asked her to stay in the White House.

“Let’s go,” Grace said and Blair led the way. A little boy was playing ball with fourteen year old Tommy and nine year old Barbie.

Grace could not help but smile at the sight Of her son, Ethan married her two months after Ariel left.

They have been in touch with Ariel, she had a baby girl and she works as a secretary. She didn’t return to her dad’s place ’cause he is only going to throw it at her face about how useless and stupid she is.

Grace had a son who is now three and whose name is:

“Junior,” Grace called and knelt with one leg as the little prince ran into her arms. They named him Ethan Junior because he looked a lot like his father and he looked more and more like him as he grew up.

“You didn’t ask for mommy,” Grace said and pecked his neck, he giggled in return.

“Good afternoon Aunt Grace,” Tommy greeted. “Afternoon Your Grace,” Barbie greeted too

“Stop calling me that, it’s aunt Grace for you,” Grace replied carrying Junior.

“Have you guys eaten?” Grace asked and they scratched the back of their head nervously.

“I told you guys to eat before playing, didn’t I?” Grace asked. “Sorry Aunt Grace,” they apologized.

“Daddy,” Junior mumbled struggling to get down, Grace turned around to see Ethan walking towards them.

She put Junior down and he rushed into Ethan’s arm. “Your Excellency,” Tommy and Blair bowed before rushing to the dining table.

“Excuse me, I will go and dish their food,” Blair said and walked away.

Grace turned to see father and son pretending to be on airplane, Junior was lying on Ethan’s arm and his(junior) arm was wide open while Ethan moved him and orde a funny sound.

“He might fall,” Grace said with concern as she walked closer.

“We have been doing this since he was one, he can’t fall now,” Ethan replied putting him on his neck, he wrapped his tiny hand around his head.

“Twins,” Grace mumbled as she stared at their faces. “We look alike get over it,” Ethan snapped.

“I am going to have a baby girl who will look exactly like me,” she said and Ethan held her hand pulling her closer.

“We should make it fast,” he whispered and she hit him playfully.

“Stop being naughty,” she scolded. “Mommy, I want to eat,” Junior said and Grace carried him.

“I guess you lost your energy after flying,” Grace said and he giggled making flying sounds again.

“I think he is going to be a pilot,” Ethan said wrapping his arm around her waist.

“Whatever he wants to become he will be great,” Grace replied and put junior on a chair beside Tommy.

“I’m lucky to have you guys,” Ethan whispered and she smiled. “I love you,” he added and she blushed.


“I love you too,” she replied and he made her face him, he kssed her softly and she reciprocated.

“We are here!” Tommy and Barbie said in unison and they laughed.




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