The Five Colored Stones

Supernatural Story

🌹 Phoenix high school 🌹

✍️ Written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️

THE FIVE COLORED STONES: Episode 31 to 40.

🌹 Episode 31🌹

🌹 Lonrenzo 🌹

“What do you think you are doing?” Dreyfus yelled as she disappeared.

“I know what am doing” l replied.

“No you don’t, do you know who she is and who the he.. ll sent her?”Dreyfus queried.

“You want to bring Skylar back to life don’t you?”

“I will love to bring her back but not like this, l can’t let her die, there must be a way, l can ask master for help, l will do anything, anything” Dreyfus said.

“We don’t have a choice Dreyfus, she still have 24hours to be brought back to life,l know what am doing but we still need to save Clarissa am afraid something bad will happen to her.”

“And what about Maya?” Dreyfus asked.

“She will be fine, you can tell Finn to take care of that” l replied.

“Let’s go” l said.

“To where?” Dreyfus asked.

“The prime ministers Manor” l replied.

“How do we go about it? Skylar can’t help anymore, we can’t be able to manipulate the prime ministers wife.”

“Am the crown prince Dreyfus, this time and gonna act like one, let’s go” l said.

“Dreyfus! Dreyfus!” I called.

“Dreyfus what are you thinking?”l asked as l tapped him slightly.

“Revenge!” He replied.


“Anyone that did this to Skylar won’t go Scott free, and if l lose her am gonna,am gonna lose my mind.”

“Am sorry Dreyfus,but she won’t die l can assure you, she won’t die okay!”

“She is dead Lonrenzo, she is dead, what if we can’t bring her back to life, what if……………am finished.”

“Stop it Dreyfus, l understand how you feel due to the fact that she is your mate, but let’s try, we still have a chance, let’s be positive okay!”

“What should l do with her?will it be okay if l leave her here? Or should l carry her along?”

“Lets take her to firmament” l said and Dreyfus agreed.

After taking Skylar to the firmament, we headed to the prime minister’s manor.

This time , l wore a royal robe and dressed like l used to when l was in the palace.

This time, am acting as the crown prince, the whole of the five regions fear and respect me, who dare to go against me?

“We just have one day for everything, and l hope it turns out well, tommorow we will set out on our mission, we have to bring the state perspector down” l said and Dreyfus agreed.

“Dreyfus can you please act like nothing happened, you look messed up, just for some hours try to act like nothing happened remember we are using Clarissa as a bait to resurrect Skylar, we need to bring her out and we can’t not when you are like this.”

“Let’s go, l will try, l can’t let her die, she can’t die, she can’t die.”

“Let’s go”l said and we entered a carriage that have been prepared for me.

“The book Phoenix high school, how come it has the same name with my school? and why did she say that only Clarissa’s uncle can open it?”

“Their uncle is not what you think he is Lonrenzo.”

“Master said you know who he is, l thought he is mortal, who really is he?”l asked Dreyfus.

“That l can’t say,he alone can tell you, when you meet him you can ask him” Dreyfus said.

“Phoenix high school”
“Phoenix high school, does the book in any way has a connection with our schooI?”l asked.

“You can only open it to find out” Dreyfus said and l sighed.

“Clarissa have been absent countless times in school, the last time l begged miss Chloe to let her off, this time l don’t know how am gonna help her.”

“Let’s make sure she is safe first, then we find a way to let her off, what about you? When last have you gone to school?”Dreyfus asked.

“I don’t remember but l promised my father to attend school regularly from now on, after this matter is over, l will make sure to attend school regularly so father will not stop me from attending firmament.”

“Did the emperor threaten to stop you from attending firmament?”Dreyfus asked.

“Yes you know my father, he never jokes around” l said.

“Apart from the state perspector l find the prime minister’s wife suspicious, the other day she framed Clarissa for reasons best known to her, l need to investigate her.”

“Don’t you see the way she always look at you?” Dreyfus said.

“Who?”l asked.

“The prime minister’s wife, she always look at you with admiration like she is crushing on you or something” Dreyfus said.

“What? Since when? How come l have never noticed?”

“Since we were little, and those days we usually visit the prime minister’s manor, when it’s time to Leave she will insist you stay while l Leave, do you not remember, l think she has this special likeness for you but why will she frame Clarissa?” Dreyfus said.

“I don’t know, l will investigate her.”

“We ve arrived” the carriage ride said and lay on the ground so l could get down.

“Your highness” the guards all bowed on seeing me.

We entered the compound and saw the prime minister’s family already waiting for me.

“Greetings your highness” they all bowed.

“Welcome your highness, we received your letter, it’s my pleasure to have you here your highness” the prime minister said.

“Thank you for your warm welcome” l said and looked at everyone who were with him but his wife isn’t here.

Dreyfus stood behind me as my personal bodyguard as planned.

The prime minister took me to his Chambers and dismissed the others.

We arrived the prime minister’s Chambers and a chair was brought in for us.

“You may seat crown prince” the prime minister said as he stood waiting for me to sit.

I sat and so did Dreyfus..

The maids came in and served us.

“With all due respect may l ask why you are here my prince?” The prime minister asked.

“I heard that you threw out some slaves, l want those slaves” l said and he stared at me in surprise.

“May l ask how your highness knew about this?” He stuttered.

“I just happen to know and besides l really need to get lots of slave lately so when l heard you threw them out, l thought what a waste it will be so l decided to come negotiate with you so you hand over them to me” l said.

“I dare not, l dare not your highness” he said in a rush.

“You don’t have to negotiate l will be let you have them.”

“It’s just………..……”

“It’s just what?”

I don’t know where he is,he was thrown out and his daughter offended the young master and was punished.

“Where is the daughter?”I want you to bring her to me.”

“My prince, she was punished by my wife and only she can bring her out.”

“Send for your wife, l need to see the slave girl” l said.

“Send someone to call the Madam” he said.

“My prince she will be here any moment from now, please be patient” he said and l nodded.



*Mintues later, the Madam came in, on seeing me she was surprised..

“Greetings your highness” she said and bowed.

“I need to get the slave girl you imprisoned l will take responsibility for her offense” l said and she gasped.

“No my prince,l dare not l will send someone to bring her out immediately” she said.

“Thank you madam, you are a good woman” l praised.

She sent someone to bring her out.

Dreyfus stared anxiously at me and l stared back same way,l can’t wait to see Clarissa.

Is she hurt badly?

“My prince she will be here shortly” the prime minister assured and his wife sat.

I could see the worried look on her face.

A guard came running in.

“Madam we can’t find her.”…

“You said what?”

“We can’t find her, we searched everywhere madam we can’t find her.”




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