THE FIVE COLORED STONES: Episode 41 to The End

The Five Colored Stones

Supernatural Story

🌹 Phoenix high school 🌹

✍️Story written by Joan lkponmwosa ✍️

🌹 Episode 41🌹

THE FIVE COLORED STONES: Episode 41 to The End.

🌹 Dreyfus 🌹

“Clarissa still doesn’t know what she is capable of, how can someone’s blood do so many things?”

“You are gonna tell her right?”Dreyfus asked.

“Yes l am,but honestly am scared of what’s written in that book.”

“The diety said you are the owner of the book, is it true?”

“Yes uncle Noah said so too”l replied.

“Really? But since the book was written by Clarissa’s mom, it’s supposed to be hers, and does uncle Noah in anyway know something about Clarissa’s background?” Dreyfus asked.

“I don’t know, he said the book is for me.”

“This whole thing is just so complicated.”

“If we are able to arrest the state perspector,then we will have a little peace for sometime. I feel that the state perspector have a hand in Chloe’s death” Dreyfus said.

“My late principal, she swore an oath and failed to carry it out, l wonder what that oath is?”

“It’s getting dark already what should we do?”

“Let’s look for a place to sleep, we will continue our journey in the morning.”

“Not being able to use our energy is so tiring”Lonrenzo said.

“It’s for our own good, remember what master said.

“Have you told Skylar anything about your past?” Lonrenzo asked.

“No l haven’t,am scared she isn’t going to believe me.

“It ve been so long, you have to do things that will trigger her memory, or rather make her fall in love with you again.”

“It’s easier said than done” l said.

“I think she likes you but won’t admit it” Lonrenzo said.

“The same way you like Clarissa but won’t admit it” Dreyfus replied.

“And who told you so? I admit l like Clarissa okay and l told her too” Lonrenzo said and l gave him a surprise look.

“It’s a good thing you finally admit it.”

“And she likes me too and we kssed.”

“What the he..ll!” Am jealous bro” l said and he laughed.

“I knew she liked you, she never hid it unlike you” l said.

“Yeah, but l admit it,l like her, l really do.”

“Maya is pregnant” l said and Lonrenzo gasped.

“Dreyfus stop joking around okay, what do you mean by she’s pregnant?” Lonrenzo asked in bewiderment.

“She is pregnant” l said.

“How come you know everything! How did you find out?”

“The other day, l checked her pulse, l felt it.”

“Does Clarissa and Skylar know about this?”

“I don’t know either, but they are going to know sooner or later.”

“And who impregnated her?” Lonrenzo asked.

“I don’t know.”

“How come you don’t know, Mr know it all” l mocked.

“I don’t know okay!” I deadpanned.

“It’s dark already, let’s make a fire and lets hunt for bush meat” l said.

“You make the fire, while l hunt” Lonrenzo said.

“Be careful” l said and he nods.





I can’t take this, those lowlives, am gonna deal with them, am gonna deal with all of them l screamed.

“What happened” mom asked and l gasped in surprise.

“Mom! What are doing here?”

“What happened? Why are you talking to yourself?”

“Come in” l said and she followed behind me and locked the door.

“Mom you can’t believe this?” I said and stood akimbo.

“Believe what?” She asked.

“A wretched girl is pregnant for Lindon” l said and mom’s eyes widened.

“What did you say?” She asked in disbelief.

“Mom, Lindon impregnated a slave in his manor.”

“What, how dare he do this to you? and whose the useless slave?”

“Maya, Clarissa’s sister.”

“That evil girl that dare to lay are good for nothing hands on you?now her sister is pregnant for Lindon?”

“No l can’t take this, how will some bunch of lowlives be competing with my daughter? Don’t worry my dear, am gonna help you deal with them.

“First we are gonna get them expelled from school, so they won’t be a problem to you.”

“Thanks Mom, now l feel better.”

“I will leave now, worry no more leave by them to me.”

“Okay Mom.”



*(In the prime minister’s manor)

“My lady,she is the one, you don’t have to doubt it anymore” the masked man said.

“Am scared for my son.”

“The crown prince is a wise young man, l think you should leave the girl alone, cuz the crown prince have fallen for her.”

“Hurting her is same as hurting your son”

“Really, l should sit and do nothing, how can he fall in love with someone who is destined to kill him?”

“It’s the crown prince that’s destined to kill her my lady.”

“Shut up you know nothing, why do you think l want her dead so badly? It’s either she kills Lonrenzo or Lonrenzo kills her, that’s their fate.”


“Yes now she doesn’t know about this but if she finds out she can be mislead into Killing my son.”

“This is bad” he said.

“And l also found out something.”


“The crown prince suspects it already and now that he is out looking for evidence to arrest the state perspector am afraid he is gonna find out everything.”

“Oh no! He can’t know, he can’t find out, he shouldn’t find out, he must not know about it.”

“You know your son, he is definitely gonna find out, he is too smart for that and you know l can’t stop him, when it comes martial arts l can’t compare to him.”

“No please you have to do something, when he arrest the state perspector, he will definitely find out, he will be so furious no l can’t let him find out.”

“So what do we do?”

“I don’t know, l don’t know.”

“What about you lay ambush for them?”

“What ambush? He asked.

“Are you asking me? Can’t you think of something?” I asked pissed.

“Yes l know what to do.”


“Just leave, before someone comes in” she said and dismissed him.



*🌹 Dreyfus🌹

I waited for several hours and Lonrenzo is yet to come.

The fire was out already.

Everywhere was dark.

I took a torch from my bag and started searching for Lonrenzo.

Where could he be?

I searched and searched,everywhere was quiet with sounds of birds chirping.

I tried mind communication but l was blocked out.

What’s happening.

I was starting to worry.

I got to a path and it was very quiet and covered in trees.

Lonrenzo! l called.



“Lonrenzo, thank goodness! Where are you come out have been looking for you?”

“Wait where are you? don’t come closer?” He yelled l took some few steps and boom!
l fell into a pit.

“What the hell!” I yelled as l kept falling deeper and then l landed on something.

“I warned you” he said and hissed.

“Lonrenzo,l called and stood up quickly,my body was aching terribly due to the impact of the heavy fall.

“How did you end up here?”l asked.

“The same way you ended up here” he said.

“Hahahaha! This is hilarious, it’s obvious we ve been set up, what should we do? This pit is so deep we can’t climb out and we can’t use our energy either.”

“What’s funny, have been here for hours now,l need to get out of here, we are being trapped here on purpose, who ever did it don’t want us to carry out the mission.”

“We should we do?”

“Just watch me, l can’t stay here any longer” Lonrenzo said and closed his eyes.

“Lonrenzo! Lonrenzo what are you doing?”

“I wanna get the hell outta here, let me concentrate.”

“Are you nuts? Remeber you can’t use your Powers.”

“I didn’t lost my memory, but we can’t remain here, just this once and l won’t use it again.”

“Why are you so disobedient? Stop it now” l Yelled.

“I can’t” he said.

“Lonrenzo! I called.

“Lonrenzo! Lonrenzo!”

“Stop it now” we heard a familiar voice.

“Thank goodness!” Master you are here.

“Lonrenzo! Lonrenzo! Stop it now Lonrenzo” master yelled but he closed his eyes and suddenly slumped to the ground.

“Lonrenzo! Lonrenzo! I screamed as blood came out from his nose.

“Lonrenzo wake up! Lonrenzo! I screamed and stared at master who stood doing nothing.

“Master help please” l begged.

“He warned me but it’s too late l couldn’t arrive on time”master said.

“Let’s go back.”



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