Chapter 10.

(Final Chapter)

Well… who knew that one day, I, Amanda will be sitting here surrounded by people she sincerely adore?

I had lost all hope back then and thought my life was over, I honestly never thought that I would be able to put everything behind me and live a happy life again.

The only thing I lived for back then was the twins, I had contemplated to take my life on several occasions but one thought about them would make me stop.

I wasn’t really in love with them at first, I really struggled I won’t lie, but the more time I spend with them the more I felt the overwhelming love growing inside me.

Looking and touching their soft bodies made me grow very fond of them.

“Mummy… are you okay?” My son ask getting closer.
“Yeah… I’m good, was just lost in my thoughts.”
“Oh okay… dad is calling you. Looks like all the guests have arrived.” He says brushing my shoulder, he is very loving.

It took time for him to be convinced that Thulani is his dad, he had lots of questions at first… what hurts more is that I couldn’t always tell him the truth about why I wasn’t acknowledging their father back then.

I had to lie and tell him that we used to fight a lot with him when I was pregnant and ended up dumping him and relocated, he didn’t know my location.

As for Andy, she was over the moon and never asked questions. She was just happy that he finally had the only thing that was missing in her life.

“You look more like your dad as you grow, it’s scary…” I say and he chuckle.

“Honestly, I wasn’t fond of him when you first told us that he’s our dad, I kept hoping that one day you will come clean and say maybe he’s a stepdad, but hey, I have grown to love and appreciate him very much.

I can say without a doubt that I’m in love and I’m feeling the bond.”

“In love with who son? Jeez you are only 10, what do you know about love and bonds? Please don’t be a player son.

If it’s a girl then leave her alone, she’s very young and still need to blossom! I am not raising a player!” Thulani’s voice echoes from the door as he walks to where we are sitting, we look at each other and burst into laughter.

“See you outside mom.”

“Okay son, I’m coming just now.”

“What was that about?” Thulani.

“You, we were talking about you… He was telling me how much he loves you now compared to the first time you guys met.”

“Oh… I’m glad my efforts worked. I used to notice his behavior but decided to ignore him and worked hard to earn his trust.”

“Yeah…” I say

“Are you ready for today?”

“I’m ready… but I still think this celebration wasn’t necessary, it’s just five years not even 10!”

“Well… every milestone needs to be celebrated…”

“Whatever!” I say and he plants a kiss on my forehead. I have gotten used to his squeezing hugs and random ksses.

I used to flinch when he touched me, but now I’m doing much better. At some point we had to seek professional help because I was nervous of him.

We opened up to the therapist, even though it took us more than a year to be normal, I’m glad we are here today. We’re celebrating 5 years of marriage and we are more in love than ever.

He texts me almost every day asking when I can hurry up and get home and I find myself driving faster than I should to get to home to him.

I know it sounds weird but I cannot imagine missing out on life with my husband, even though I feel guilty sometimes.

As we walk out to meet our guests I spot my dad’s old Mustang amongst the cars parked outside… my heart starts racing! So he came! I sent him an invitation but I wasn’t expecting him to come… He was against this relationship and decided to distance himself from Thulani.

We always go to his house with kids and sleepover once a month. I wanted kids to have a relationship with him so I had to find a way.

The only time he graced us with his presence was on our wedding day 5 years ago. After that he offered to buy us a home that is suitable for raising his grandchildren.

Two years after that he bought me my own restaurant so that I don’t rely on anyone for a salary.

I accepted but deep down I knew that he was referring to Thulani. He saw us and slowly opened the door and stepped outside.

There are few people in the garden, just like our wedding. It was a very small intimate wedding. We only invited our close friends and families.

The only person I call a friend is Mellisa. She’s here amongst our friends with her fiancé. I leave Thulani and go to my dad who is busy entertaining his grandchildren.

“Dad… you came.” I say and he raise his head and not before hugging me…

“They are growing so fast.” He says fixing his coat. He’s getting old but he still wears his expensive suits like a business man that he is.

“I realized that my actions are draining you. I came because I want to see you happy my child. You are my everything.” Finally he came to his senses.

“I still don’t like what that boy did..” He says his eyes on Thulani who’s busy chatting and laughing with his friends at a distance. “But I have realized that you guys are one of the most beautiful and strong couples I’ve had the privilege of knowing.

He makes you happy, and that’s all that I ever wanted for you! To be happy and live your life to the fullest.

Besides, I kind of understand why he did what he did back then… the only person to blame is that stupid ex wife of mine and her daughter.

Sometimes I wish I can turn back the time and erase the day I met her.”

“Don’t beat yourself up dad… I am sure you learned something from that relationship. Some people come in our lives for certain lessons, but we always learn the hard way, which is very sad.” I say

“True… but now I know that there’s something special between you guys, rather I focus on that.”

I was about to respond when I heard Thulani saying… “Hi dad…” I almost jumped with fear… my hands trembled. I don’t know how will dad react to his greeting…

“Hi…” That sounds very cold but it’s better than the last time he tried to speak to him.

I won’t even tell you guys what happened! “I’ll join your aunt Amanda…” I turn to look at the guests tables. I didn’t even know that my aunts are here too.

“Oh, and the twins are coming with me after this, they insisted, plus they just make life look so easy when they are around.” I can only sigh and agree, he’s not asking us anyway.

“Do you think he will ever accept me as his son in law?”

“He’s trying Thulani, give him time.” I say and left him standing. This is no time to nurse his feelings, he knows what he did and he’s facing the consequences.

I love him but he can be petty sometimes. If I can start entertaining him now, he will end up emotional.



Time we wrapped our small celebration, my dad dropped a bomb on us! He booked us a trip to celebrate in style in Vegas!

“Your mom died when I was planning to take her there… doing this for my children makes me feel great.” His words exactly.

“All you need to do is to pack your clothes, the rest is set, remember I told you that my grandchildren are coming with me.” We both laughed, we couldn’t understand his statement at first, but it made sense in the end.

“Thank you dad! Thank you!” I said clinging to him. I couldn’t hold my happiness!

“I did some research, found a chapel that had a ‘good’ reputation, and booked your package.” He listened attentively as he explained! We were so excited and couldn’t wait to leave.

We spent a week in Vegas and just did everything a young couple could do. We had so much fun.

On Friday, I found a beautiful navy blue dress with rhinestones and got my hair done in the hotel salon.

We looked stunning. The topper was that we were wearing blue suede shoes.

We bought them at home and since mine were so plain, I dolled them up with glue on craft rhinestones and ribbon to hide the white part of the shoes. They were a hoot.
When the limo picked us up, the limo driver really gushed over us.

The people at the chapel, complete strangers, were so nice and they loved the blue suede shoes. I don’t think anyone had done that before!

After being praised for and given blessings the way they do in their country, the photographer took photos and then they ushered us outside for a photo by the limo, our names were on the marquee in lights! Wow!

Once more back inside to say thank you again to everyone, I wish we could have stayed longer, they were all so nice, but we had dinner reservations at the Top of the World restaurant at the Stratosphere hotel.

My dad was so happy when we came back with photos and videos! Since that day, him and Thulani are back to being the best father and son duo. We became one big happy family!



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