Chapter 2

I don’t know how I would have survived all these years if it wasn’t for my grandmother’s pension money.

I owe her my life for supporting me against all odds! I’ve been staying with my aunt from my mother’s side for six years now, she’s also been very supportive even though she doesn’t have much.

Her emotional support is everything I needed and she gave it to me without hesitation! I will always love her for that, but I miss my grandmother!

As if being impregnated by a stranger was not enough, I gave birth to twins! A girl and a boy, I’ve learned to love and accept them, it wasn’t easy at first.

I would cry the whole night thinking of the day they were conceived.

But today, they are my reason to wake up every day and work hard. I gave birth to them on Christmas Eve!

My grandmother was so happy and said they are our Christmas gift! My aunt volunteered to look after them while I focus on school.

Everything worked out in the end. Soon I’ll be graduating and I already have a job! Life is getting better by day.

My grandmother’s words always pushe me to work hard! She used to say, “promise me that you will make a name for yourself and prove your father wrong!” I’m doing exactly that!


“Yes aunt!”

“Dinner is ready… come and join us!” I left the book I was reading open and rushed to the dining room.

Twins are already digging on their food competing as usual! I smile looking at them.

They used to hate cooked food until my aunt came up with this idea.

Whoever finishes the food first gets a lollipop! Now they are always competing! How funny!

“Mummy!” Andy says while putting her fork down.

“Yes baby!” I say

“Where is our dad?” She ask staring at me and I gasp for air! I knew that this day would come but I didn’t expect it to come so soon! I glanced at my aunt and then back to her…

I’m utterly shocked and out of words. My heart is beating faster than usual.

“Why are you asking Andy?” Aunt

“Most kids at school talk about their dads a lot, they always gloat about nice things their dads do for them, and most of them spend time at the park with their dads on weekends except me and Asanda!”

She looks so cute with her gaps, I can’t believe that she lost two teeth already.

“Even my friends play soccer with their dads on weekends, I also need someone to teach me how to ride a bike.” Asanda says not taking a break from eating.

“Asanda is going to win Andy! Don’t you want a lollipop tonight?” Aunt says changing the subject!

“No! I don’t want a lollipop, I want my dad!” She says slamming the table with her tiny hands and pushed the plate away, she then stood up and rushed to her room.

My aunts eyes are wide open looking at the scene unfolding in front of us. She always has ideas on how to handle them but not today, she shrugs and looked at me with her pitiful eyes.

I put down a fork and knife, tears are threatening to fall out of my eyes so I looked up trying to block them but it’s not working.

They are burning my eyes so I let them come out. I was starving after a long day of shopping with aunt and kids but I have completely lost my appetite!

I bow my head looking down on the table while taping my right foot repeatedly.

I do this a lot when I’m stressing. I stopped when I felt a tiny hand tapping my shoulders.

I raised my in disbelief and my eyes met with Asanda’s innocent eyes. He continued rubbing my shoulders.

“Did daddy hurt you in the past?” He ask and I cry even more, how do I tell my babies that I don’t know who daddy is?

“Asanda, please go and check on your sister, I need to speak with mummy.” Aunt

“It’s okay grandma, I understand if mummy doesn’t want to talk about dad, he’s useless after all, otherwise why would he not show up and help you and mummy raise us?

Don’t worry mummy. I will always support you.” I frown, when did he grow up and learned to be so gentle while he’s the only man in this house?

“Where did you learn that from Asanda?” Aunt is shocked too.

“My friend’s mom hates his dad too, all because of the things he did to his mom. He always tells me how his mom cries when he sees his dad.

I don’t want my mom to go through that, we are happy without a father!” I sigh! How I wish Andy can also think like him! God! This kid is very smart!

“I’ll be in the bedroom if you need me.” I say. I can feel my son’s eyes piercing my back as I walk down the passage to my room that is opposite his.

I owe my aunt for letting us occupy her house, imagine it’s three of us living here but she doesn’t mind.

There was a time when I felt like I was burdening her and even suggested to rent a room but she refused and assured me that we are welcome to stay here as long as we want.

She lost her husband four years after they got married, they had no child together, so she was left with this huge house and inherited a lot of money.


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