Chapter 3

“I’m going to lunch chef.” A colleague says while carefully placing plates inside the dishwasher.

“Cool.” I say without sparing her a glance. I am focusing on the dishes my boss asked me to prepare.

He gave me strict instructions that his business associates are coming over and that I have to make sure that their meal is prepared strictly by me as a head chef.

“The guys you are preparing food for has just arrived!” She says, her voice lowered.

I am certain that she wants to say something but I am not about to entertain her. She’s obsessed about getting herself a rich boyfriend that will pay her bills.

“Their food is ready, I’m just doing the touch ups, please get me two waiters who will carry the food to their table.”

“I’m going to help the waitresses. I can’t miss this opportunity to be noticed by them. Who knows, maybe one of them is my future bae.” She jokes and I chuckle.

“That’s okay with me.” I say

“Come with me Amanda, you might as well start exposing yourself to potential people, you can’t be…”

“Ah! Stop right there Mellisa, I’m here to work, okay? I have a growing family to take care of… I am not looking for a man in my life.” I say, I know where she’s going with this so it’s best to cut her before she opens my healing wounds.

She’s the only person I spoke to about how I conceived the twins. She knows how much I hate men but she’s always trying to hook me up.

“Okay… I’ll get the waitresses.” She says with both her hands up.

“We will wait for the big bosses instructions.” I say and someone enters the kitchen before I could finish talking. It’s one of the waitresses.

“Mr Madida says you can send the food if it’s ready.” Mellisa looks at me with her tongue out of her mouth, the excitement in her face!

“Thanks, please get one waitress so that she will help you take the food.

I made quite a lot of different dishes.” I say. The big boss made it clear that he wants to impress these people. I made my best dishes and I’m feeling proud.

After they finished taking the food I made a call to my grandmother, I have four missed calls from her… which is so unlike her, she usually phones in the afternoon.

She’s not picking up and I am getting worried. I stop calling and check my messages… there’s one message from her… ‘I am in hospital, diagnosed with cancer, the doctors says it’s spreading faster. Please come and see me before I perish.’

My heart sank after reading the message. I can’t stop the tears from coming out.

I stayed in the bathroom trying to calm myself down until I heard Mellisa searching for me while calling my name. I ran to the sink and washed my face before walking out.

“You’ve been crying? What’s wrong?”

I shyly look away before saying… “nothing.”

“Oh my goodness Amanda! Is it what I said earlier? I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to…”

“No Mel! It’s not that, my grandmother is sick.” I say shutting her, she has this tendency of turning every situation and make it about herself, and then she starts talking and apologizing until she’s crying.

I like the happy and bubbly Mellisa but she’s dramatic sometimes!

“Oh okay, that’s a relief… Granny is going to survive this friend, don’t worry too much. Your dad is rich, he will make sure that she gets the best hospital for her.

The reason I was looking for you is that one of Mr Madida’s friends/colleagues, whatever they are, is asking for the person who prepared the food.”

“What? Why? Was the food bad?” I ask and she makes a funny face while shrugging.

“Mel you are also a chef, please go on my behalf, I can’t handle any disappointment right now, plus my eyes are red and puffy.” I beg her

“Well, its a little too late, your boss told them your name. Just go and hear what they say.”

“Oh my goodness! No!” I panic. “At least come with me?”

“Of course… that will give me more chances of washing my face!” She’s so excited.

The room fell silent as I walk behind Mellisa, they are all looking at us like we are some kind of statues.

It’s three strangers and Mr Madida, I made so many dishes but they finished all the food. Men!

“Oh… this is Amanda, our head chef. She’s the one who made the food.” Mr Madida says and they all speak at the same time.

It’s like they are singing. One man stands up and stands next to us, I am in between him and Mel.

“Thank you chef, your food was amazing! I wouldn’t mind eating it every night.” He says and his friends laugh.

He’s drooling over my body, it’s so annoying. I met this guy few weeks ago if not months, I was out with kids and he kept bothering us, asking them silly questions. He ended up asking for my number but I refused.

“Thulani is right, we enjoyed the food. We just wanted to thank you in person.” One guy chimes in.

“Thank you so much, I am still learning so I really appreciate the compliments. If there’s nothing else, I will excuse myself.” I say and the one next to me chuckles.

“Actually there is something, I have an offer for you…” He says moving slowly until he’s in front of me. Besides the fact that I’ve met him once, He looks very very familiar!

“You can discuss the offer with my boss, he will discuss it with me.” I say rushing to the door but stops when Mr Madida calls my name.

I turn to look at him and he points at an empty chair with his head. I glance at Mel before walking back to the chair.

I swallow while placing both my hands on the table. Thulani’s eyes are on me all the time. He is now sitting right opposite me.

I don’t have time to be shy so I’m looking at him straight in the face, even though his aura is intimidating. He clears his throat and everyone kept quiet.

“Can you guys give us some privacy, I want to have a word with Amanda.” He ordered and Mel rubs my shoulder. She’s been standing behind me.

“Umh.. gents, let’s go to the bar and finish our drinks there.” The boss says, I was hoping that he won’t agree… they all left silently, Mel is the last person to leave.

We are now looking at each other intensely! My guts tells me not to back down from his intimidating stares!


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