Chapter 5

Happiness is written all over grandmother’s face! Seeing her this happy gives hope.

She doesn’t look bad, yes she’s sick but she hasn’t lost so much weight even though you can see that she’s in pain.

I never thought that this day would come where she meets the twins for the first time!

They are very happy too! The problem is they want to jump in this small bed, they are just all over her!

This is a beautiful scene to watch, hence, I am taking as many videos as I can to keep the memories.

The door opens and we all turn heads to see who’s opening!

My heart skips as my eyes meets Thulani’s! I was planning to text him after this and apologize for not showing up at a coffee shop he invited me to this morning.

Kids wouldn’t let me off the hook after promising them that I would take them out to eat the best bunny chow in town!

They just couldn’t wait and I didn’t want to see their disappointed tiny faces.

“Uncle!” Andy shouts pointing at him, “mummy! This is the uncle Thulani!” She shouts with her missing front teeth and I frown…

“How do you know this uncle my Angel?” I ask, puzzled

“He… he said he wanted to be our daddy yesterday when you left us at the complex!”

“What? You guys went outside even if I had told you not to?” They keep quiet and look at each other. I want to pvnish them right now! Only if we were not here!

“Asanda!” I call his name and he looks down. He’s the responsible one in this combo. I trusted him!

“It was only for few minutes mummy, we were too excited and wanted to see our surroundings and…”

“Calm down Amanda! They are just kids, kids are always curious…” Grandma says with a warm smile while brushing both their big heads. I want to shout more but I suppress my anger.

“Mmmh Mmh…” Thulani. He’s been standing in one spot like a lost puppy.

“Hi guys… I just came to check on grandmother, your dad gave me a task to look after her while he’s away.

I can leave if you want.” I secretly roll my eyes before facing him and fake a smile.

“No, you don’t have to leave on our account. What are you going to tell your dad if he phones you?” I say the last part and they glance at each other with grandma.

I am not joking, That man doesn’t qualify to be my dad. He neglected me when I needed him the most.

“Kids, there’s a play area at the back of this ward, it’s very safe. Do you want uncle Thula to take you there?” Granny

“Yes grandmother we would love that!” They both shout! I could only swallow as I wasn’t given a chance to speak. Maybe I need to loosen up a bit.

My aunt always tell me how overprotective I am, maybe I should just let this one slip.

Thulani excitedly exited the back glass door with my kids. I don’t know but I feel like they are safe with him. He comes back after a minute.

I can hear the sweet giggles from outside! We both stayed with grandmother listening to her jokes until she fell asleep.

I don’t know why the guy is not leaving because I’m planning to spend the whole day with grandma, hence, I even packed all kinds of snacks for kids.

We are now sitting on the coach watching grandmother resting.

“I waited for you this morning…” Thulani broke the silence.

“Oh, about that… I’m sorry, something came up. I was going to text you.”

“I see.” He says busy rubbing his sweaty hands. It’s awkward in here…

“I’m going to check on the kids.” I say standing up but he grabs my hand. That was quick. We look at each other awkwardly before I look at his hand on mine…

“Sorry…” He says slowly letting go! My heart is beating like a drum! I’ve never had such a close encounter with any male person before, he scares me.

The way he looks at me alone is enough to send shivers down my spine.

“Thulani it’s now or never…” I hear him mumbling the words to himself and I frown, maybe I heard wrong.

“What did you say just now?” He sighs and starts breathing abnormally… one would swear he just came back from a long run!

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something. It scares me that this might be the last time you speak to me but for my conscience I have to do it.

I’m tired of carrying this burden on my shoulders Amanda! Honestly… I was a child, I was broke and had no parents or source of income!

I was hungry and wanted to fulfill my dreams, I was only 22 and had just finished Matric! She took advantage of me!”

“Okay! Calm down! You are not making sense! What are you on about?” I ask, have you seen an old man crying tears streaming down his face? Well, it’s my first time seeing one too.

Growing up we were made to believe that a real man must be strong! Thulani is here crying like a little baby and I don’t know what to say to make him feel better.

He taps his fingers on the side of the couch as if he’s practicing a speech… “Amanda! Your stepmother…”

“What about her?”

“She paid me a lot of money back then, I didn’t want to do it but she tempted me with the money, lot’s of it.

I was in need and she used that to her advantage to fulfill her ev’l doings! Amanda I was forced to sleep with you! The twins….”

“What? Wait… wait! Can you start again and say it slowly? You are saying you are the one who…”

“Goodness me!” My grandmother exclaims! I feel paralyzed! My whole body is numb… I was right all this time!

“You raped me! So you are the one who raped me back then Thulani? Do you know how much I have suffered because of this?

My father disowned me, I had no one on my corner because of what you did? How could you? My father trusted you so much but what did you do?”

I am screaming on top of my lungs and can’t even control it, I am shaking uncontrollably with anger! He left the door open, I see some nurses gathering in the passage.

“It wasn’t my intention Amanda! Your sister and mother are the ones who are behind everything!

I admit I liked you a lot and wanted to pursue you but was waiting for the right time.

When your stepmother approached me I refused, several times, until she promised to give me N100,000, I needed money for registration so I accepted her offer!

“An offer to rappe my granddaughter Thulani? How could you?”

“I was forced grandma…”

“Forced by who?” A cold voice sounded from the door… I haven’t seen him in a long time but I will never forget that cold voice.

I start shaking looking at him, flashbacks starts playing as I glue my eyes on the floor! I remember the day he slapped me and even spat on my face for not being a daughter he raised!

He insulted me repeatedly and never bothered to listen to me no matter how hard I tried to explain!

His wife and precious daughter are right behind him… Thulani is explaining everything he just told us right in front of everyone.

As expected, they are both denying it. My grandmother starts coughing badly! I rush to give her water with my shaky hands but her eyes are white!

She starts f!ghting as if she’s seeing something! I try to hold her while calling her but her body relaxes as she takes one deepest breath!

“Grandma! Grandma! Please wake up!” I shout while crying but she closes her eyes!

“Grandmother! You are the only family I have! You can’t leave me!” She opens her eyes and smiles at me but there’s sadness behind her grin.

“I’m sorry…” She says before closing her eyes again! I’ve never seen a dying person before but I’m positive that she’s gone! I hug her tightly, as a matter of fact I know that this is our last hug!

The room is now quiet after a commotion between Dad, Stepmother and Thulani.

They watch as I start singing grandmother’s favorite song, I finish singing and speak very close to her ear…

“Thank you for everything grandma, you’ve been a great mother to me for years.

I am glad I got to say goodbye to you… unfortunately I won’t be able to attend your funeral because, well, you know why.

I am not welcome at your house. I am glad that I made you proud. Send my regards to my mom if you bump into her in Heaven.”

I stop talking when someone pulled me away from her body. It’s the man who despise me.

I walk straight to the glass door to get the twins. Everyone is still puzzled as I walk back with my kids straight to the door…

“Amanda! Stop!” I didn’t even bother to look back. I can’t stop the tears from coming out. We got into a cab and the driver started the car.

I watch in amusement as Asanda gives the driver our address. It’s only me and them from now on!


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