THE HEALER SEASON 2: Chapter 61-70

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Chapter 61💛♥️💜

When it was evening, Chridinma returned with her brother from the super market. She was quiet exhausted,all thanks to nonso for making her worried earlier.

” olive isn’t back,the door is still locked”
nonso said.
” ohh I left the key in the flower pot” Chidinma said and nonso picked the key from the place, he unlocked the door and dragged the things they got from the supermarket inside. He locked the door hastily as if he was being chased. Chidinma shook her head.

” why did you lock the door now? olive isn’t back” Chidinma said.
” ohh,yes…i…we need to be cautious from now on since Mom isn’t around” nonso made something up.
Chidinma furrowed her eyebrows.
” sure,you can watch movies,I will fix up dinner” Chidinma said and entered the kitchen

Nonso sat back in the living room…
” who knows if Charles will….jeezzz forget about it” Nonso jolts out of his thoughts and quickly joined chidinma in the kitchen….
He collected the dish washer from her and took over the dish washing.
” are you okay?” he asked afterwards.
” I’m okay” Chidinma replied. She stired the hot pot on fire..the aroma was right,Nonso’s tommy grumbled at the moment. He hadn’t eaten anything since Charles threat earlier.
” my baby is hungry,anyways you look so strange today” Chidinma stated.
” strange?how??
” yeah,you kept on asking me if am okay eversince you returned from school earlier” Chidinma stated.
” I just wanted to take care of you since Mom is not around….”
” when did you start taking care of me,silly boy” Chidinma chuckled.

Soon enough,a knock was heard on the door.
for a moment, Nonso’s heart flew away within him. ”charles” could he be him? he really meant his threat right? and is this what he means by getting it in the hard way?” nonso thought fearfully as he swallowed into nothing.

” someone is at the door,I will go check it” Chidinma said. she cleaned her hand with the napkin. Nonso hastily took her hand back tightly.

” no no….don’t check it,it’s…him”

the knock came again,this time more persistent.
” what are you talking about?.
” now that mom isn’t around,we need to be more careful we can’t just open the door for anyhow person” nonso said.
the knock came again.
Nonso left her hand and want for the door, he grabbed a Cutlass from behind.

” who is there?” nonso asked.
” it’s me olive,open the door. You’ve kept me waiting for so long” Nonso heard,his breath became steady by force.

” Olive right? come to the window side let me see you clearly?” Nonso said.
” Nonso are you out of your mind,open the door already” Chidinma said. she walked to the door to unlock it herself.
” No,we can’t be so sure…who knows if am informant followed her behind” nonso said and chidinma wondered where he got his mentality from.
He opened the door when he was sure it was olive alone,he locked it immediately.

” I’m sorry,am just trying to protect everybody” he apologized..
” protect????? chidinma and olive both said.
” hmm yes,we need to be cautious from now on…” Nonso said. Chidinma and olive exchange glances.

” yes,you stopped working in the palace because of Charles right? am scared he won’t back down without a fight” Nonso said,he edited the part of him and Charles meeting.

” yes,he is right” olive added.
” you’re really smart. I think we should give ourselves a secret knocking style…the morsel sign” olive said and knocked in a drumming way on the door.

” that sounds great. We can’t open the door if the person doesn’t knock like this” Chidinma said.
” what’s burning?” Nonso said.
” OMG! it’s the food” Chidinma ran to the kitchen.
Nonso and olive sat back and watched the movie.

Queen chiamaka stayed shocked for one full minutes. When the shock wore off,pain replaced it.
How could she have done something like that?

how could she…? she never expected it from chidinma at all,why would she….?.

” oh Chidinma…why would you do something like this?” queen chiamaka groaned in an agonized voice. When Chidinma was still working as a maid,she had treated her specially and even increased her salary multiple times and this is what she did in return; eloping with a man.
not even a sensible man,a common pool cleaner.

For a moment,just for a moment she contemplated on trying chidinma’s number again,she even wondered why she is angry Chidinma eloped with a pool cleaner,she hated the fact that she doesn’t want to even believe in what others said about her…
it’s her life,she shouldn’t care about what she does with it.

She wished Chidinma was still in the palace, she misses her so much. No one brew tea for her the way she wanted,no one mixed her bath to her taste and there’s no one to tell her funny stories….not even anyone to massage her body the way she wants…

Queen chiamaka let go of her pride for the first time,she dialed chidinma’s number,it rang but no reply. She tried it again. She wasn’t picking her calls.

” who knows if she’s having some nice time with philip?” queen chiamaka swieveled her head towards the stairs.

she let out a breath of relief as soon as her calls got picked..
” hello” she said,happily.
” hello” she heard.
she dropped the phone as soon as she heard a male’s voice.
” hold on,I will give chidinma her phone she is in the kitchen” Nonso said. He was the one who picked the call since he was with his sister’s phone.

queen chiamaka wondered why she got angry, after all Hana was right.
” hold on pls” nonso said again.
” actually no need,you don’t need to give her the phone anymore” queen chiamaka said.
” why?? Chidinma you have a call” nonso said. queen chiamaka dropped the call immediately.
she threw the phone angrily.

”who was that? Chidinma asked,she removed hand from the meat she was washing.
” I don’t know,the number isn’t saved. By the voice,she should be a woman” Nonso said. Chidinma collected the phone and looked at the number, although she couldn’t read neither can she write all things…

there are still some basic things she can do.
she can write her name,she can write Nonso’s name…she can multilate rema’s phone number and she recognized the queens number pretty well.

” it’s queen chiamaka.why did she called me? Chidinma said. she called back immediately..
queen chiamaka scoffed at the ringing phone, she picked it and ended the call.

” she didn’t pick.i think she called me by mistake” Chidinma said and dropped the phone she continued washing the meat.
queen chiamaka still wondered why she’s getting angry for no reason. Of course she likes Chidinma and she’s just angry she won’t be around her anymore.

” third queen, the royal meeting commence soon” a maid interrupted her thoughts.
” dismiss” she said and wore her robe.
minutes later,she arrived.queen ivory and the other queen were there already and as usual she took her seat at the extreme.

The king entered gracefully with two well built male servant behind him,his eyes were all cold and fierce…the queen instantly knew something was off.

No queen was as bothered as queen Ivory- Charles mother…
”your highness,what’s the problem! the second queen asked.

Tochi rushed in and took his spot..
it took time before Charles came in. All the maids bowed as he entered,they rised as soon as he sat.

” there was a spy all along in the palace all this while—” King jewel started.
queen ivory held her uneasiness, queen chiamaka was the less bothered queen in the gathering and if there’s anything bothering her it should be the fact that a guy was the one who picked chidinma’s call.

” am I not being too greedy? I don’t want her with any other man,I always want her around me…why am I like this?She’s so beautiful and it’s her choice to choose not to work again, why am I getting like this?” she said in her head.
It’s so stupid to say she now likes Chidinma more than Nora.

” One of the most important treasure went missing” king Jewel said.
” what???? six star map is missing?? but father that’s the only defense skill we have against other kingdoms” Tochi said.

” Yes and right now,the only clue to where the six star map is….is…Bian city kingdom. That’s the only place thief’s and spies come in contact to exchange their loads. So….” king Jewel adjusted on his seat.
” The one who brings back this treasure takes over my throne and my other properties, although have sent some guards and informants to search around. The earlier the better….” king Jewel added and dismissed everyone immediately.

queen chiamaka left immediately, her mind wasn’t in the g©ddam meeting not even a bit.

” how is this possible?” Charles ranted.
” it’s actually possible to get the scumbag, if there’s a perfect plan” tochi replied.
” no perfect plan will make you find the spy. Father was just being irrational. Bian city is always crowded,lots of spy’s and even thief’s shares their goods there,is it really possible to find the spy???

” very possible,I will find the spy and take over father” tochi said.
” (smiles) you can’t even dare to catch the spy”
Charles said.
” yeah,I know I can’t but there’s one person who can” tochi whispered and walked away.

” Drema!! the name rang a bell in Charles brain
” scram!! he clenched his fists.

” really,nonso did all that?” rema giggled.
he was on a video call with Chidinma.
” yes,I thought he was out of his mind. His possessiveness is getting out of hand” Chidinma said. Rema stopped driving,he took his lips in $eductively.
” he’s caring for you,you should buy him gifts to show appreciations” rema smiled in dimples.
” hmmm should I bring him along to your place tomorrow,it’s Saturday he won’t be going to school. I can’t leave him all alone” Chidinma said.

” you’re still asking your boyfriend if you can bring your brother along,I should teach you how to be a better girlfriend some other time” rema said. He continue driving,this time with one hand.
” good night,I love you”
” did I ask you to hang up”
” hunn,you’re driving, bye
” don’t hang up,I like looking at your face.
” don’t get into an accident because of love…
” good night,we will see tomorrow”
Chidinma hung up..

Rema stopped his car in front of a classic bar. He wore his face cap and stepped out. His dressing was casual,yet he looked so expensive…
his skin was unmarred at most. He replied a text as he stood at the entrance of the bar, he collected the briefcase he came to get..

”its complete” the person handling him the briefcase said.
he nodded and opened it.” it’s nice doing business with you” he replied and walked away,he dropped it at the back seat and replied another text…
he was about entering the driver’s seat when someone tapped him from behind. He turned, it was Charles.

” charles” he said.
” are you trailing me or what? rema added, he took his lips in. Charles even came with bodyguards. He was surprised how he knew he was here.

” father most important treasure is missing” Charles stated.
” does that concerns me in anyway?” rema replied,deaminor of superiority in his brows.
” it concerns you cos he placed a pledge on whosoever finds the treasure….such an important opportunity,don’t tell me you don’t care so much” Charles blurted.

” what now,are you scared of something?” rema said,calming down. He’s trying not to loose his patience since he already promise chidinma and his mother he won’t drag anything with anybody.

” scared of what? you’ve always wanted father’s love Soo,I can’t underestimate you this little dev1l” Charles stated. and that was the height of it.

”If you’re stupid,you need to start reading books. You’re lucky this time I will be sparing,you won’t be lucky another time” Rema whispered and walked into his car.

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