The Hunted House : Episode 1 – 10

The Hunted House!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 10.

Mr Ade walked into the house looking frustrated and dejected. His wives and kids who rushed out to welcome and congratulate him were taken aback when they saw his mood.

Mrs Ade: Honey what is it? Why are you looking like this?

John: Daddy you came back early. What is it?/why are you so sad?

Loveth walked down stairs when she heard the car honks and Also the voices in the parlour.

Lilian: Daddy what ish it. Did you fail your interfiew?

Loveth: Daddy what is it?/what happened.

Mr Ade: I just lost my job.

Everyone shouted ”what?”

Mrs Ade: But how is that possible? I thought you were going for a presentation and even if the presentation didnt go well its not sack na? What are you saying?

Mr Ade: you heard me right. I’ve been fired. I’ve been sacked.

Mrs Ade fell on the ground and started crying, ”no no no no”

Bisola: uncle but what happened?

Mr Ade: I dont know, honestly I dont know.

Loveth looked up for a while and then held her dad by the hand.

Loveth: Daddy dont worry, the devil has failed already. He will not win over us.

Mr Ade: Love, where do I start from? School fees, food, how am I going to pay? Thank God for this house if not how am I going to pay? (He starts sobbing ) tell me how? God, what have I done to deserve this? What is my offence? Oh God!

Mrs Ade: And my shop rent is expired. The things in the shop is even finished, I was thinking once they pay you, you will give me small money to add up to the little I have to go to the market. Oh God what is this na?

Lilian: Daddy what wee happen to my SKU, I don’t want to stop SKU o.

Mr Ade looked at his last daughter and began to cry even more.

Loveth: Hey baby, you will not stop school okay? Daddy will get another job soonest. Dont worry dear okay?

Lilian: Okay!

Mr Ade was encouraged by Loveths words to Lilian. He smiled. Picked up his bags and cleaned his eyes.

Mr Ade: children, don’t you worry. Your sister is very right. I will get another job soon okay?/

They didnt say anything to him because they knew he wasn’t even sure of what he was saying. They watched as he staggered into his room with Mrs Ade following behind.

To be continued
Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

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