The Hunted House : Episode 1 – 10

The Hunted House!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 5.

The day they’ve been waiting for finally came. Everyone was excited as they packed their luggage’s in the big truck. When everything had been arranged in the truck, Mr Ade asked them to check again to make sure they were not leaving anything behind. After they’ve all thoroughly checked they finally entered the truck and drove off. Their neighbours waved them goodbye.

It was not long before they arrived at the new house. John quickly started offloading his things inside the room he had chosen the other day.

Loveth: Daddy, where is pastor Mike, I thought you said he was coming to pray in the house before we moved in.

Mr Ade: yes my dear, pastor Mike said he wont be chanced today but on Monday and that is why he is not here. By Monday he would come and annoint the house for us.

Loveth: But daddy, Monday is just two days away, we would have waited for him to come and bless the house first before moving in.

Mr Ade: sweetheart you worry too much. Like you said monday is just two days away. Alright.

Mrs Ade: iyawo mi pastor, enough of the talks and take your things inside to your room.

Success: mummy hope I will have my own room too.

Mrs Ade: No dear, you are too small to have a room to your self. You will share a room with your cousin who is coming tomorrow.

Success: no na. Mom the house is big enough for everyone to have their own room even with my cousins coming. Besides am 13 years old am not too small.

Mrs Ade: yes you are.

Success: But John and Loveth are having their own rooms why do I have to share.

Mrs Ade: Your brother is 17 and your sister is 15, you are just 13.

Success: Mummy I want to have my own room. Let me go and tell daddy first. (She walks to Mr Ade who was trying to fix the television) Daddy, mummy says I cant have my own room.

Mr Ade: And why is that?

Success: Daddy I dont know for mummy o. Daddy I t to have my own room o.

Mr Ade: Can hoi stay alone in one room?

Success: Yes daddy;

Mr Ade: can you maintain it all by yourself?

Success: yes daddy.

Mr Ade: alright, go ahead and chose any room. But the day o discover your room is dirty or scattered. That’s the end.

Success was happy as she jumped up excitedly and ran upstairs. She soon chose one of the rooms and started arranging it.Everyone was busy, except Loveth.

She took the oil in her hand that pastor Mike had blessed for her and she moved from room to room anointing and dedicating the house to God. After she prayed in the house she went to the back of the compound and anointed every corner of the house before finally coming inside to arrange her luggage in one of the rooms.

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