The Hunted House : Episode 1 – 10

The Hunted House!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 6.

It was on Sunday when Steve and Bisola arrived. Steve was 18 years old and Bisola was 13 like Success. The house was lively and booming with laughter all over the place. The children were excited to see their cousins after three long years. Everyone was downstairs eating the fried rice that Mrs Ade had prepared. Except Loveth who was upstairs praying. She had not come down through out the day.

Steve: Uncle this house is really lovely. I came at the right time.

John: yes o , Steve am glad you are here. I have already picked your room before you came. The door next to my room
That’s your room. I already arranged it.

The two boys laughed as they shook hands like old men.

Steve: John o, my man.

Mr Ade: Bisola, I had wanted you to share a room with Success but she insists on staying alone o. Will you be able to stay in one room all by yourself?

Success: (interrupting her dad)/Daddy I change my mind. Let Bisola stay with me.

Mrs Ade and John looked at themselves and burst out laughing. Just then Loveth walks in.

Mr Ade: Success but why? Why did you suddenly change your mind. Yesterday you were almost crying that you wanted your own room.

John: Daddy leave her jhoor, am sure she must have had a bad dream that’s why she got scared.( they all burst out laughing again)

Lilian who was 3yeara old walked up to her mom.

Lilian: mama, pleaseee yeh me stay with tita Loveth. I dont want my own yuum.

They all bust out laughing because of the way she spoke her funny English.

Loveth: come here baby, you will stay with me okay?

Lilian: Yes (happily)

Mr Ade: Meanwhile Bisola will share a room with Success. I hope we are all good with that.

They all nodded in the affirmative. The kids stayed awake for sometime gisting and chatting, as their parents retired to their rooms. Loveth also held Lilian by the hand and walked up to her room. Just as they entered the room, Lilian held unto Loveth so tight with fear written all over her.

Loveth: Baby what is it? Are you afraid?

Lilian: yes

Loveth: why?

Then Lilian points to the picture on the wall.

Loveth: The portrait?(she nodded), it’s just a portrait baby, you shouldn’t be afraid of it.Besides you have Jesus inside of you okay?

Lilian: the pishure was telling me to come, it was yaffing hahahaha, and telling me to come.

Loveth: The portrait asked you to come?/when was that.

Lilian: in the night yesterday when I was sheeping in mummy and daddy yuum.

Loveth: listen baby, if the picture call you or laugh for you again just about JESUS! okay? And dont be afraid, it can’t hurt you okay?

Lilian: yes!

Loveth held Lilian and prayed then anointed her head and put her to sleep. She also anointed herself, casted a look at the portrait one more time with so many thoughts on her head. She finally read her Bible and went straight to beg.

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