The Hunted House : Episode 1 – 10

The Hunted House!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 8.

Loveth didnt know when she slept off, it was Bisola that woke her up.

Bisola: hey Loveth, its morning already.

Loveth: oh good morning (she said cleaning her eyes with her hands) I didnt realize I slept off. Where is mummy and daddy.

Bisola: They are still in their room.

Loveth got up and walked up to her parents room and knocked gently on the door. Finally Mrs Ade opened up.

Mrs Ade: Love what is it this time? Did the man in the picture slap you?

Loveth: Mummy good morning.

Mrs Ade: Loveth good morning what do you want?

Loveth: mummy please where is daddy, you should come out for morning devotions.

Mrs Ade looked at her daughter once again, she loved that Loveth loved God so much at her age but right now she felt she was getting out of control.

Mrs Ade: Loveth your daddy is still sleeping.

Loveth:Mummy, please wake daddy up. We need to be very prayerful in this house. Something is wrong, and we need to pray. Please wake him up.

Mrs Ade looked at her again before talking.

Mrs Ade: Loveth I said when your dad wakes up I will let him know.

Loveth: Mummy please wake him up.

Mrs Ade was about shouting at her when Mr Ade walked out of the room.

Mr Ade: Sweetheart am awake already, let’s go. (Turning to his wife) please join us okay? (To Loveth) let’s go and please bring tour sister with you.

In few minutes the eight of them were all sitted and Mr Ade read the daily manner and gave the exhortation. Then he also led the prayer. After everything he asked if anyone has any prayer points and Loveth said she has.

Loveth: I want us to pray for the wisdom of God to envelope every member of the house to be able to get out of every trap the devil has set for us.

They all prayed for a while and everyone retired for their daily activities but Loveth asked to speak with the dad.

Mr Ade: Loveth I hope its not about what happened last night.

Loveth: Daddy its obvious you dont believe me but I am telling you the truth.

Mr Ade: Love how do you want me to believe that a portrait spoke to you. Picture, picture ooo.

Loveth: Daddy am telling you the truth. Ask Lilian she will tell you the same thing. She is very terrified of that picture.

Mr Ade: Lilian is just a baby, how do you expect me to be listening to what she says. Kids are dull of imaginations and I expect you to be bigger and more matured than this.

Loveth: Daddy but am speaking the truth.

Mr Ade: Okay tell me, what did the picture tell you?

Loveth: it asked me why I was staring at it?

Mr Ade burst into laughter as he listened to his daughter.

Mr Ade: Loveth abeg I dont have time for jokes this morning. Am already getting late for work. I need to go please . (he said still laughing)

Loveth: Daddy I know you dont believe me and probably will not, but I know what I saw and what I heard. And before you go I want you to know that I am taking that picture away from my room and my toilet.

Mr Ade: What? The owner said we ahiukdnt touch that portrait.

Loveth: Daddy am not throwing them away I am just taking it away from my room and toilet.

Mr Ade: So where will you put it.

Loveth: Anywhere that is not my room. Outside, corridor, store room anywhere!

Mr Ade: I will not argue with you. Take them to my room.

Loveth: Dad, not your room please.

Mr Ade: is it your room? I said put them in my room and that is final.

Loveth: Yea dad.

Loveth walked to her room, picked the picture on her bathroom and the one that fell on the ground the previous night and handed them over to her dad. She was not happy that he was taking them to his room but there was nothing she could do other than pray for him. She was sure of what she saw and heard but nobody believes her except Lilian!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

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