The Hunted House : Episode 1 – 10

The Hunted House!

Written and composed by Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 9.

Mr Ade quickly dressed up that morning and had a quick breakfast. He has a very important presentation to do that morning and this was going to be a major breakthrough for the family. He was going to be promoted to the position of a manager after this presentation. After eating, he took another look at himself in the mirror, he smiled to himself and then took a look at his wife and children.

Mr Ade: How do I look?

John: Daddy you look like me when you were younger.

They all started laughing.

Success: Daddy you look sweet!

Mrs Ade: honey you look perfect. Manager soothes you.

Mr Ade: Thank you sweetheart.

Loveth: Daddy I wish you success in Jesus name. Amen!

They all chorused ”amen”.

Mr Ade quickly rushed to his room and picked up his laptop. His presentations were all inside.
He put it on and checked on it to cross check it everything one last time before going. After checking for the last time, he bade his family good bye and left.

Loveth: mummy let’s pray for daddy that as he has gone for his presentation he will come out in flying colours. I suggest we fast today until he returns.

John: ah ah which one is fast na? Abeg abeg you can fast alone o. Me I will eat o.

Bisola: me too o, uncle is already the manager, even the devil knows that already. Me I can’t fast o.

Success: me too, am even hungry already!

Mrs Ade: Love dear, you can go ahead and prey for daddy even without fasting. God will still hear. Okay?

Loveth: yes mom.

Loveth climbed upstairs to her room leaving her siblings whispering behind her.


Mr Ade got to the office and everyone was already sitted waiting for him to come. He greeted them and they all smiled at him. He dropped his laptop and put it on so its content can display on the projector. What mr Ade saw on the projector almost gave him a heart attack. A video of his house from sitting room to all the rooms, kitchen and bathroom with that portrait displayed on the projector screen. Mr Ade was shocked as he had no idea how a video of his house entered the laptop, he tried to find the documents he was to present but he couldn’t find anything on the laptop. He was shocked because he just checked it few minutes back before leaving the house.

After a while, he gave up and decided to present his topic without the laptop. Surprisingly, Mr Ade could not remember anything. He could hear himself talking but could not understand what he was saying and he couldn’t stop himself from talking.

Mr Ade: Mr chairman sir, I want you to know that this my laptop is so stupid, the laptop is as foolish and stupid as you are. You think you can just wake up one morning and invite me to do a presentation for you while you sit here with all this dick heads……..

Everyone was shocked at Mr Ade on what he was saying. His friend Bayo tried to stop him, but Mr Ade pushed him away with one hand like a possessed young man.

Bayo: Ade what is wrong with you? Are you okay?

Mr Ade: your father! Bayo I say your father! It is you and this stupid chairman of yours who gathered this people here to waste their time that is not okay. Rubbish, give me my laptop let me leave this smelling stinky place.

He picked his laptop and bag and walked out of the office. It was only when he was far away from the office that the reality of what just happened dawned on him. He quickly reversed his car and drove back to the office. He saw his friend Bayo and the chairman and board members coming out of the office. He quickly went on knees.

Mr Ade: Mr chairman sir, if I tell you that I have no idea what happened few minutes ago you wont believe me sir. Please am sorry sir. I dont know what came over me sir. Please forgive me sir.

Chairman: Mr Ade, please tell that thing that came over you, that you have been fired! Security please escort this man from here.

Mr Ade tried to beg as he was screaming and explaining hut nobody wanted to listen to him. He was bundled out of the company.

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