THE LONGEST NIGHT Episodes 9 – 13

Episode 13

Welcome guys to the episode finale. Let’s see who guessed right..
We got home and during the drive in, my heart beat was on a different frequency. How do I put him down when he makes advances towards me. I was ready to lock myself in the room and not see his face till morning as I was going to insist I don’t want to share a room.

Eventually we got into the house, the sitting room was small but beautifully furnished with a set of sofas and a centre rug which complemented the brown blinds.
“Welcome to my humble abode” . Yemi said with a smile on
“It’s so lovely”. I muttered. I was surprised I could say that much .
“ I know you are beat, I would lead you to the room and get a T-shirt and short to change into for the night”.
He led the way and stopped at a door. He opened the door to a lovely room which I guess was the guest room cause it was devoid of his personal effects.
He stepped out and returned with a T-shirt and a short.
“I would give you some time to freshen up while I do likewise”. He said as he stepped out of the room.

I tried to get out of my dress but the zipper proved stubborn refusing to bulge. I need help
What do I do? Either I sleep in this dress or go find Yemi to assist with the zipper. I walked out of the room and stopped at the sitting room, he wasn’t there. I called out for him, I heard his voice from the room close to the sitting room. The door looked so big and scary to knock on. I summoned up courage and knocked.
“Please I need help with my zipper”. I muttered.
He opened the door shirtless, I saw his properly toned abs and neatly structured six packs, I was flustered and swallowed some saliva. He gesticulated by using his finger to tell me to turn around.
“Huh”. I said finally recovering from the perfect sculpture before me
He smiled.
“Turn around”. He said.
I turned around and immediately the zipper approached my bra, I walked away briskly and into my room
“I can handle it from there. Thank you”. I said as I walked away.
Some minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. What did he want? Why was he knocking? It was past 11pm. I ignored at first and on the second knock I responded.
“Yes”? I answered.
“Sorry to disturb you, but if it isn’t a bother, was wondering if we could pray before we go to bed ”. He replied.
Did he just say pray? This was surreal. Uzor never suggested we prayed all through the years we were married. I had to practically beg for us to pray.
“I would be out shortly”. A puzzled me replied.
The fellowship was short and precise. We studied Matthew 6:25-34 and said a prayer and afterwards we said goodnight and went to bed.


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