THE LONGEST NIGHT Episodes 9 – 13

It might have taken more weeks before I said yes to Yemi. I wanted to be sure. I prayed, fasted and asked friends to intercede on my behalf. I felt peace when I thought of Yemi. I had peace when I see him.
The day I said yes to his proposal, was the happiest day of his life. He was ecstatic, exhilarated and so happy. I felt loved and I loved him.

The day I met his family was memorable, I envisaged a relative hating my guts for no reason as Uzor’s relative hated me but all I received was love all through.
. I felt accepted and Ada was accepted. Knowing kids, it didn’t take time for them to be friends.
We got married months after I said yes and it was a memorable, intimate event that was filled with dancing, lots of food and joy.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish Uzor well. Last I heard, he became a drunk and his health dwindled. His mum called several times to plead on his behalf. Dera called her a selfish witch, all I did was smile and gently let her down and emphatically state I wasn’t coming back to her son. After several failed attempts she gave up and simply prayed for me.

Here I am after 7 years of torture both emotional and physical, finding a chance at love again. Reclaiming my life I thought I’d lost and gradually finding a pace at life. This transitioning and life altering event started from one night, The Longest Night of my life.