Meet Matilda Robert, an 18 year old lady who confidently speaks for herself that she’s a beggar to anyone who tries to mock her though she became one due to some circumstances.


She’s a beggar but that doesn’t mean she won’t fight for her right even if she knows she will lose.

“YEAH! I AM A B-E-G-G-A-R AND NOT A T-H-I-E-F” ‘say one more word right there and imma shut your mouth up for good and forever”

That’s what she said to someone that frustrated her one very day.

She’s a true definition of psychopath. She used to be a very calm lady but not until she lost her parents and her only living sister, you’ll get to know more about her as the story unfolds.

Meet John Thomas, a 24 year old billionaire who met Matilda coincidentally and happens to like her personality and vowed to change her life for good and lots of things happened when his brother found out Matilda is the one they had been looking for.

N:B Other characters will be released as the story unfolds.

How did Matilda lose her family?

Why has John been searching for Matilda?

What actually transpired between them?

Will Matilda’s dream come through?

Do y’all wanna know the answer to these question?






My name is Matilda Robert, I’m an 18 year-old lady who lives
in gainesville in the united state of America. I’m a beggar because I beg for a living. You all can cur$e me for being a beggar at my age for all I care, but trust me no one among you dares to say that to my face.

I wasn’t a beggar right from the beginning of my life but I
eventually found myself as one as my fate wants.

I once had a happy family, not a rich one as though, but we never begged before we survive.

Life took everything I once called happiness away from me all in one year and I could only find a means of survival on the street and that’s what I’ve been doing till date.

Enough of the introduction.
None among you can feed me, so I had better resume to my daily

You all can keep following me if you wanna know lots about me.

Get off my car!!! You filthy piece of s¢um! That was another rich woman cur$ing me for begging from her while she’s stucked in the traffic.

I’m so sorry ma, but please could you just give me any amount to put something in my stomach? I’m really hungry. I requested but she ordered her driver to wind the glass up instead and zoom off.

I moved on to the next car instead and without even allowing me beg for something before throwing some cash at me, my joy knew no bound as
I picked them up immediately.

“yes! Keep packing them and don’t stain me with your wretchedness” I heard him say as he zoomed off while I
picked my money. “It’s never my wish to be beggar though” I thought.

Thanks for at least giving me something you good for nothing rich man…

I cur$ed and quickly slapped myself for talking so loud. What if the next car owner had seen or heard me? I would’ve forfeited my opportunity automatically… I thought
Matilda did I just hear you call that rich man good for nothing? I asked myself and tutted at my stupidity. Who among us is good for nothing? I said to myself and moved on to my next customer. Yeah! I
call those I beg from my customer because they’re the ones that feed me.

I continued with my daily hustling till my tummy started crying for help. I went to a corner and counted the amount I’ve been able to gather so far. This would be enough to make my stomach happy once

Once I’ve been able to gather enough money, I’m planning on
starting another petty trading. The first one I tried went into mud when I was arrested for assaulting a customer that pissed me off when she was pricing the carrot I was hawking in an annoying way. I was tempted to hit my carrot tray on her teeth while she was talking and that made blood gushing out of her teeth and her hubby treated my fk
up by taking his time to make sure I was completely destroyed and I haven’t been myself ever since then.

There she goes, Anita (I call her Annie for short, though I know it’s another name entirely, but I don’t care) my fellow beggar.

Hey girl! She said as she just returned home, I wouldn’t wanna tell you what our home looks like, but I want you all to know it’s nothing compared to where you all are living.

Hi dear! How was the day? I asked. ‘Hectic a usual’ she replied and brought out her polythene bag. (that’s where we keep the money we earn and we both count every penny we make together).

Wow! You really made lots of money today… I said and she smiled. ‘Of course you did too. Let’s go get something to eat please, I’m famished’ she said and we both stood up and left.

That’s one thing about Anita, despite being a beggar, she doesn’t joke with her tummy. She eats to her satisfaction even if it is once in a day. We both have similar stories but different ambition. My ambition is to be a model, I have everything it takes to be one, but can’t just be, because I always look tattered and poor.

Anita’s ambition is to become a great fashion designer and we both always pray to God to make our dreams come through.

We were munching the snacks we bought when it suddenly started raining heavily. ‘Dmn! I hate it when it rains’ we both said in unison and got up immediately to start sweeping water out, why won’t we hate it
when it messes the place we manage to live in up. We always end up hanging around to spend the night if it rains at night.
We were able to secure a hiding place beside a supermarket.

‘Let’s stop here, I’m tired of running’ Anita complained and I nodded in assent.

Mat! Mat!! Mat!!! I heard a voice called and tapped me softly. I recognized the voice to be Anita’s and jolted up immediately as I remembered it could be her fever again. One thing about her is that
she falls sick each time rain beats her.

What is it? I asked in a worried tone and touched her forehead to check if she’s running temperature. I heaved a sigh of relief when I didn’t feel anything strange.

“I’m okay” she said when she watched me sigh. Then what is it, why did you wake me up? I asked.

‘I can hear some faint voices and footsteps, and I’m having a bad feeling about that’ she said and I knew she’s serious. How did you hear the sounds, weren’t you sleeping? I asked and she tutted.

Fine! Let’s pay attention to it… I said just then, some guys in hoodie got to our side. ‘It’s like they’re here to raid some shops’ I whispered to her and we both got up an tiptoed quietly till we got to the back of one of the shops.

We were about taking to our heels when some of them stopped at our front. How on earth did they get to us so quickly and how did they find us? Anita murmured.

Shshh! I hushed her to keep quiet and they ordered us to kneel, which we did. Please we don’t know who you are, we are beggars don’t hurt us please.
We pleaded upon hearing one among them speak with a deep harsh voice.

And who do you think you’re fooling? Another one said
Guys let’s finish these girls off or they’ll rat us out… another one said and I scoffed
Excuse me! Why do you think you can do anything to us when you’re not even sure of who we are? I asked confidently and a heavy slap landed on my cheek.

‘Geez! That was unplanned’ I said and rubbed my cheek.
‘I’ll do something unexpected now and we’ll run off immediately’ I whispered to Anita and she nodded.

I stood up and went to the front of the guy standing directly before me and held his head while I brought his face closer to mind pretending like imma kss him.

I looked back and saw the others staring at me with keen interest. I gave Anita to strike into action immediately and she did by screaming her lungs out pretending to have
being bitten by something and that made them loose guard and I took that as an opportunity to hit my head on the guy’s mouth and kicked him hard on his gr©in and that made him drop to his knees as the gun
he was holding fell off his hand. While Anita on the other hand was already into action. She bit the one that squatted before her on his ear and I went for the third one. We took to our heels immediately
while we watched our back at interval.

We were still running when we both heard a gunshot and before I knew it, Anita fell hard beside me as the fired bullet had penetrated her skin.

Aaaarrrrrgh! She screamed in pain and I fell beside her crying.

What do I do? I asked quivering and I tore my shirt immediately tied it on her bleeding arm.

I looked up and saw the guys coming towards us and I stood up immediately already fuming in anger. ‘Hang in there please’ I said to Anita who kept groaning in pain. I checked around and found an empty beer bottle lying peacefully on the floor. I stylishly took the bottle
without letting them know and hit it on the first one that charged towards me. ‘Yeah! I could be poor, but I became dangerous and heartless ever since I lost my family’ I thought as I continued
fighting with all my might.

I was almost taking the third one down when I felt a sharp pain in my back and I became weak instantly. I can’t believe I’ve been shot’ with the little energy I have left in me, I took the gun from one of them
and fired them all in their chests, just then I heard the siren of the cop’s car and watched them drive towards us speedily. ‘why didn’t you
come earlier’ I thought. Are they all “dead” was the last thing I, heard before I felt life drift out of me finally.


The story seems boring right?
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