Where did Danielle get this courage from? She’s the weakest among us and she’s able to get everyone’s attention at that. I thought


What did you just say? The boss asked her and the cops also looked perturbed. Bro! Your workers really have some nerve in them, see how she entered with the motive of making them stop what they were doing… Gabriel interfered.

Well! I guess the environment isn’t welcoming at the moment, so I was trying to ask why the sudden change in everyone’s mood and my colleagues aren’t looking happy except Mia and I can see handcuffs on Matilda… Danielle replied

It’s so sad to know that our boss isn’t the one I used to know. You don’t just prejudge people like you do nowadays. You called the cops on her despite her claiming she’s innocent. My question is, did you check out footage of every happenings in the house? She asked

Wow! I never knew she could be this brave and I could see everyone staring at her in utmost surprise.

Do you wanna get arrested alongside her? Do you think I wouldn’t have checked the footage before taking action? The boss replied and she laughed.

“You’re wasting our time young lady. Can you just get straight to the point and tell her what the problem is and stop beating around the bush or you get yourself away from our way and let’s proceed in carrying out our duty? One of the cops said and she walked to his front.

“Alexander Wilton” she read aloud from the badge on his breast pocket. Can you just relax while I teach you how to do your job perfectly? She half yelled.

My other question is, did the camera capture her stealing the document and keeping in her room? She asked again but he kept quiet and ignored her question.

You see, ever since I got to this house, I’ve never been rude to anyone and I’ve always been the weakest but not until I was falsely accused of exchanging the boss’s document with a fake one and I was severely punished. The boss was too blind to see the truth and that shii hurts real bad.

I’ve always had my eyes on everyone in this house to see who the villain was and was convinced the day I caught Mia adding more sauce to Lucy’s cooking which I corrected secretly without anyone knowing till date and I saw the look of disappointment on her when she didn’t see any effect of what she did working on her.

The real culprit here is Mia, not Matilda. So I’d like you to remove that thing from her and put it on the real owner… She said

How dare you accuse me of stealing!!! Mia yelled and charged towards Danielle to slap her, but she was quick to dodge the slap. She raised her hand to make an attempt to slap her again but was held back by the boss.

And what evidence do you have to prove what you just said? He asked still holding her hand.

Of course we all know this country and it’s policy is no joke. It would be so dumb and stupid of me not to have evidence before talking so confidently… She said and brought out her phone

What!!! What’s going on? She asked no one in particular as she looked at her phone, “I guess she’s lost the evidence” I heard Gabrielle say in a whisper. “I guess so too” I said in a whisper too but no one heard me like i heard Gabrielle.

Can you now see she was just bluffing, let go of my hand and have them leave the premises already… Mia said to the boss with a smirk

Wow! I got you all, I can see the look of triumphant on Mia’s face. Y’all must be thinking I’ve lost the evidence, right? It’s really obvious.

I’m sorry I had to put in that small show. This is the picture I took when I caught her stealing the document and taking them to Matilda’s room. I kept it in my phone just incase a situation like this occur… She said and handed her phone to the cops who later passed it on to the boss.

I heaved a sigh of relief and winked at her. “I owe you one” I whispered to her and she smiled. Release her and take this bitch instead. The boss said and they released me.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do it, it wasn’t intentional” Mia pleaded as she was being handcuffed. Weren’t you about to slap her claiming she was lying against you just now? The boss asked her.

“Save me please” she said to Gabriel and he shot her a deadly glare before going to sit.

I thought you both hate me, why don’t you save your acquaintance now that she’s in need of your help? I said in a jeering tone.

I’m sorry for not making better research before calling you, please take her away and give her a proper punishment… The boss said to the cops and they saluted him.

“We’re sorry for not doing our job properly” they apologized to us all before finally taking her away.

“Thank you so much, I love and appreciate you for saving me just now” I said and jumped on Danielle while Gabrielle also came to hug me.

“You’re welcome dear, let’s get back to our duty posts” she replied and we disengaged from the hug.

I went to the boss’s front and made direct eye contact with him making him uncomfortable. “Apologize already” I said inwardly but he left instead and I followed.

Why are you following me? He asked. “Well! I’m doing my job, as your personal assistant here at home and trying my best not to be falsely accused of stealing” I replied so as to make him feel guilty.

Leave now! I’ll call on you when I need your attention… He said.

What if your things get lost again? I asked still making direct eye contact with him.

I said leave and stop making me feel guilty!!! He half yelled and I laughed. “Well! Apologizing to me won’t make you feel less of a man” I said but he left me instead and ascended the stairs.

“See his head” he said staring at his back while he climb the stairs.


Boss we found her location… Elon said to his boss as he sipped his wine. “Good, I need you to find any way of kidnapping her. We must get rid of her before she gains the power of coming for us, and I can’t stand having any of my opponent’s family breathing the same air I breathe”… His boss replied.

Okay sir! I learnt one of his workers got arrested recently and he’ll be needing someone to replace her, so I plan on hiring a lady to disguise herself as a worker in that house. It’ll be easier to know everything she does so we’ll get her in our hands and eliminate her afterwards… Elon replied and his boss clapped.

You’re so wise, I don’t regret making you my favourite. Just make sure you keep being you, so you won’t be my weakness… He replied

“Take this and use it for yourself” he said throwing a bundle of money on the table for him.

Thank you sir, I’ll bring her here tomorrow… Elon said with a bow before getting dismissed.

*Here she is sir” he said as he brought in a lady as he promised”.

Wow! She’d fit perfectly for the job. I’m sure you’ve been told what you’re to do when you get to that house. That’s some money for you, you’ll have another once you make progress in your line of duty… He said as he handed an envelope to her.

“Go now and bring me good news later” he said and patted her shoulder. “Alright boss” the lady replied with a bow.

“I can’t wait to have you in my hand Matilda” he said and let out a wicked laughter.


The beginning of the real drama.🙂

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