🌹 CHAPTER 21 🌹

Just make sure you don’t answer any unknown call again till we solve the issue on ground… he said and hung up.

“Make sure you don’t repeat that mistake again” she read the message that popped on her phone screen… “So he already know about it” she said to herself and dropped the phone

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I have to get going now, I’ve got things to do at the office so you have to go home with the driver, he’ll drive you home. And make sure you call me when you’re in need of something… john said to he as he dropped her off at Cindy’s fashion house

“Hey Good morning! Thanks for honouring my invitation and accepting my offer” Cindy greeted as she came out of the company, thereby interrupting them. “Good morning! You came just right in time. I was just about leaving her here, you ladies should proceed I have to go now.” John replied.

“Let’s get down to business already, you need to get your face and hair done before getting dressed. We can proceed to the shooting section after that. Hurry now please, we’ve got limited time” she said to Matilda as they got to the main room in the company. “You! take her to the dressing room” she said to one of her employees and left for another thing.

Wow! The pictures really turned out better than I could ever imagine. You should become a public figure already, you’re really beautiful and gorgeous… Cindy complimented as they both stared at the pictures after the end of the shooting. “I knew it would this has always been my dream ever since I grew up to have this stature and I’m glad I met you and you made the offer” Matilda replied.

One thing I’m sure of is that lots of companies would love to have you as one of their models once they see these pictures of yours and would make attempts to have you model for their brand. I just hope you won’t quit working with me even if you become famous and start having bigger deals because I know I’d have competitors once your face reaches out there… Cindy said.

C’mon, how can I ever forget where I started from, what I started with, and who I started with? If it turns out the way you’ve just said, it then means you are the one who made me known to the world, the one who made my dreams come through. So tell me, how can I ever forget that person? She replied

“Alright! Thanks for coming and thanks for doing business with me, I hope to see you some other time” Cindy said to her as she walked her to the parking lot. “Okay bye! Thanks for the job offer as well” she replied

Wow! You’ve really made it girl, I saw your picture on the shopping bag a lady was carrying while I was coming and I could swear on my life that it was your picture I saw on it. Tell me, how many brands are you modelling for? How many companies? Anita said as soon as she entered the classroom and got to Matilda’s seat.

How time flies. It’s just like yesterday when I started with Cindy’s brand. She told me this would happen and it indeed happened. I really can’t believe I could be this rich even though I’m just starting. I indeed got calls from different companies and I accepted offers from the ones I’m contented with, so that’s how I’ve made it so far. Don’t worry girl! I promise to make your dream come through and true very soon, imma enrol you into fashion school where you’d be trained to become the best of the designers out there. You can then be my personal designer… Matilda replied her

Dhoor! She said and rolled her eyes. Do you really think I’m not rich enough to do that myself? I mean, do you know how much I get paid and how much I’ve saved so far? We both are still hustling and struggling, so let’s save whatever we have for our future… she replied

You should know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you if I’m capacitated, so don’t blame me for saying such… Matilda said again.

“Excuse me lady I’ve started learning how to sow some styles online, I can design some styles already. So me attending a fashion school is just for a certificate. I just wanna conclude my high school education level before embarking on that journey. My boss could sponsor me if I let her know I’m ready for it, don’t bother about me, okay?” Anita replied

It’s so funny how the table turned on you girls so fast. You renowned beggars in a school like this and speaking of being rich all within a year. I was so shocked to see you modelling for brands already and I must confess, God is indeed great… a classmate of theirs said.

That’s exactly why you need to get something done in your life. Find something done and don’t just rely on your parents money. Stop meddling in people’s matters and discuss with your parents on how you can survive this world without their fortunes… Matilda retorted

Another thing, never in your life should you prejudge someone again, it’s annoying to hear you talk without using your brain, don’t just hurt your brain’s feeling by giving it total silence, don’t just ignore it totally, make use of it at least once in a while. Wake up and stop being a dweeb… Anita added and some students jeered.

What!!! Y’all should check your phones, I just saw a news about the man behind the murders that has been happening all these years being declared wanted. He’s face has been known and he’s location is being searched for… Their class president said as he came in.

Isn’t that whom you and your boss have been searching for? Anita asked her and they both took out their phones to check the news.

Have you seen the news already? She asked John on the phone as she walked to the school garden.

I did, that’s a do or die affair now. You’ll return home, you have to go join others and I’m sure Cassandra would lead us to where we’re going to. She’ll try to do something stupid and we can use that as our stepping stone, Chris would be the one to come pick you from school today, I’ll meet you at home when I return at night… He replied

Alright! That’s a nice idea, I just hope he gets apprehended soon enough and get shot on the spot, he needn’t face any law again but should be eliminated immediately instead… She said

Wow! I’m glad you’ve got many knights. You really are lucky, I just pray everything should get resolved soon and you should be back to living your normal peaceful lifestyle… Anita said

All will be over soon, I hope so. I just wanna make sure I get to meet him and pour my heart out. I wanna hurt him even if it’d be the littlest pain he’d pass through. I wanna make him feel something from me too and that I’d do without letting anyone know beforehand.

I’ll have him castrated and amputated. I need you to get the equipments I’ll need for me please. I’ll transfer some money to your account, please let it be ready on time.

I Know he’d be caught soon, now that the whole country is aware of his acts and face… Matilda said while Anita just sat and watched her our out her intentions.


Will she be able to carry out her plan?

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