🌹 CHAPTER 22 🌹

Mat!!! It’s been a long time, how have you been? Where have you been? Why haven’t you been calling to check on us? What happened exactly? C’mon! How did you become a renowned model within the short period you left this house? Did the boss sacked you? Everyone bombarded me with questions as soon as I set my foot into the house.

Y’all should relax and let me answer your questions each. Now ask me one after the other, I’m not a robot so I can’t answer all your questions when I don’t even know which among you asked the question… I answered

Fine! Let me go take a shower and change my dress before taking my time to answer all your questions… I said after they had finished asking me their various questions.

Everything started the night I went with Gabriel to the dinner party. I guess we have someone amidst us here that secretly work for someone. It seems the person gave out the Information of us attending the party that night.

I was attacked and abducted but Gabriel and the chauffeur were quick to come to my rescue but the were lucky to survive the gunshots with the aid of the bulletproof vest they were wearing.

I’ve been away from y’all because I feel my life was at risk, it took me days to get over the incident that happened to me. I became a model by choice and here I am glad that I became one.

I’m here again because I feel everything will soon be over, my nightmare I mean. And I can’t continuosly run from my fear, I gotta face any challenges so I’d solve them. Running away won’t solve any of my problems I guess.

I hope the snitch among us get caught soon enough. With the person among us, our lives definitely is at stake if I’m not wrong. I hope all I’ve said answered your questions. Have I satisfied your curiosity? I asked and they all sighed including Cassandra who look so innocent.

I’m glad you’re alive, but please be careful always, we never can tell what the person is planning to do now that be couldn’t his hands on you… Gabrielle said

Yeah! I agree with her, but where have you been staying? Who have you been living with? Or you’ve gotten your own house? I know you’re rich enough to do that, you’re way out of our league now… Cassandra asked.

Who she’s been living with and where she’s been is nine of our business, all we have to do now is be careful. We all heard her say our lives are at stake untill we get a hold of the person and rat her out to the cops… Danielle replied.

She’s been living with me. Why did you ask? Oh! You wanna come visit me some time? Chris said as he descended the stairs.

C’mon! I didn’t mean it that way, I was just worried about her please don’t think otherwise… Cassie replied

I think it’s high time we interrogate everyone in this house, we can’t just turn a blind eye to the issue. Now let me ask everyone of you, Who is the snitch here?

Danielle is it you? Gabrielle? Cassandra? Matilda? Has the boss offended you anyway that you decided to take revenge by pretending to be hurt? He asked everyone of us.

Of course it isn’t me, everyone knows I’m the victim here so we need to ask others…I said

“It isn’t me either” Cassie replied. “Neither is it me” Gabrielle said too and Danielle followed.

None among you is ready to confess. Well! We all will know who it is when the time comes. Please get diner ready… Chris said and turned the TV on.

I got back from the supermarket I went to and saw a message from an unknown contact pop on my phone screen. I hurried to John’s room and met him busy with his laptop.

What’s wrong, what stopped you from knocking before entering? He asked after seeing I’m the one that entered.

‘You must be happy I’ve been declared wanted, don’t even think you could escape from me and trust me when I say I’m gonna have you killed first before getting killed” I read aloud and he stopped what he was doing.

What do you mean? He asked and snatched the phone from me. “Trace the message immediately” he said to Chris, Gabriel and the head of the secret agents working for him as he called them all at once.

Come to my apartment if you’re truly ready to face your fear and don’t try to act smart by bringing the cops and your bodyguards if you truly aren’t a coward… he read out the message that entered again.

We can’t breach the firewall sir! I heard the head of the agency say.

“Fine! Y’all should relax, I’m sure he would send in an address soon” John replied and a message came in from a different number and it’s indeed a home address.

“I got his location already” I’ve sent it to my trusted agencies. Matilda, you’d go tomorrow but trust me, the cops and others would be there right away.

They’d go in disguise and skulk around the vicinity till you arrive. Don’t fret, John and Chris will go with you, so go start getting yourself prepared… Gabriel said

“Alright! Thanks for that brother, I’ve always known you to be the best technician.” John replied. “Alright! Thanks, I’ll start bracing myself up. He’s indeed called for his downfall with his own hand, I just hope I win this time. I said

“Anita! I’m about to take a dangerous step, please wish me well” I said to her as we talked to each other with WhatsApp video call. “What’s wrong, what dangerous step are you talking about?” She asked and I told her everything.

Please let’s go there together, I can’t allow you take the risk alone, I wanna see you fight on your family’s behalf. I’ll be at your place tonight, I don’t trust you. I know you’d go there tomorrow without informing me, so with that, I’m coming over soon… She replied

Don’t stress yourself, I have a lot of people rooting for me, I’d be going with John, Chris band some other people. My life would be at stake if we become too much. Just stay where you are and pray for me… I persuaded

You can do it, just close your eyes and take a deep. I believe nothing would happen to you. Remember all the techniques I thought you and everything I told you…John said holding my hands as we parked at a place a bit distanced from the house

Alright! I said and took deep breaths as he said.

Set your head on straight, I’ll be watching you from here and remember we all are rooting for you. Don’t fret even if You’re, don’t show it to him. He mustn’t know you’re scared.

We should’ve followed you, but I know he isn’t completely dumb, he’d have people at alert. Remember how I said you’d recognise the cops if you see any of them, okay? He said and I nodded.

Alright! Thanks for everything. even if I don’t return, let my colleagues know I love them all and appreciate their friendship. Most importantly, take good care of Anita for me… I said with a sad time

Be optimistic okay, nothing bad will happen to you. I will never forgive myself if you don’t return. Go now before something else happens. “I LOVE YOU” he said and kissed my forehead before opening the door for me.

I looked at the chauffeur and my cheek flushed in embarrassment as I saw him smile and wink at me.

I hurried out of the car with mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. I took a glance at them to the windscreen before proceeding.

Matilda lovers should start praying for her, or what do y’all think?😉

And is this man not too dumb for doing that when he knows everyone’s searching for him?

Shouldn’t he have just lain low forever?

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