🌹 CHAPTER 24 🌹

Get up right now!!! He yelled and I scoffed. And What’s gonna happen if I don’t? I asked without opening my eyes but he kept quiet and didn’t reply and I was forced to open my eyes and laughed on seeing him point a gun at my forehead.

I’m tired of your useless drama, as I’ve said, I’ve got no time so I gotta get rid of you and leave here. I’m giving you the grace of saying your last prayer before dying… He said

Would you at least Let me use my phone? I need to hear the voice of my loved ones for the last time… I said and took my legs off the table and reached for my purse to take out my phone.

You’re not so smart you know, I know you couldn’t have come here alone and be this confident. So I wanna surprise you by bringing in your muse… He said and the door opened andJohn entered with some strong looking guys.

I widened my eyes in pretence of being surprised to see him. Wh..wh.. what’s happening? I asked in a stutter and he laughed.

You must be surprised to see your boss in my apartment. I fucking warned you not to come with anyone, your stubbornness will cost him his life now. “Shoot him” he ordered

Wait! I said and they paused. Let me guess, you can’t just kill me in one go, I know you’re not that merciful. So let them come take me instead since it’s your plan to make me writhe in pain before dying… I said

“Wow! You’ve indeed become smart. Come get her” he said and one of the guys holding John came towards me and I stood up to welcome him.

I stepped on him the moment he touched me and sprayed the pepper spray in my hand on his face and john took that as an opportunity to fight the remaining guy.

Their boss was about shooting John when I quickly sprayed the substance on his face too and hit his hand making the gun drop.

One of the cops that has been disguising as one of his employees came in firing shots at the men that came running in on hearing their boss scream.

I laughed at him on seeing the cops and few reporters run in.

I guess it’s the end for you already. You made a great mistake by letting your best warriors come for me that night making them lose their lives. I know we wouldn’t have been able to fight you if you’ve got skilled fighters working for you.

Turn yourself in now and go accept the judgement given to you… I said but he laughed instead with tears streaming down his cheek out of the reaction of the substance I sprayed on his face.

I guess you all didn’t know I have everything well planned. I told you earlier that I’ve got no time and I have to leave on time. I promise to comeback for you… He said and before we knew it, he pressed a button and everywhere became dark only I us to hear his footsteps as he ran off. the cops started firing shots at the direction he was without seeing him.

“Culprit escaping towards 2:00! over” one of the cops said as we all ran out of the room. “Surround the building now!!!” another one said to their colleagues outside.

“To the rooftop now! He’ll be leaving in a chopper” Chris tipped us off and they all ran up. “Go wait for us in the car, you can’t be here. We don’t know what he’s planned” John said to me but I refused and ran with the cops to the rooftop.

Before we could reach the rooftop, he’s escaped but the cops didn’t give up on firing shots at the chopper as it departed which they returned till they went higher.

Tears streamed down my cheek as the thought of him escaping got me.

Relax dear, the plane’s being monitored. He’s been declared wanted, so he can’t escape that easily… John said to pacify me and I wiped my tears.

The cops arrested the ones that were lucky to be alive and we all departed.

I checked my phone few minutes later and the news of him escaping popped up. I’m sure everyone that sees this video would blame the cops for their incapability… I thought

I think it’s time we let the cops know about Cassandra too, she might try to make a move now that her boss has escaped the country too.. I said as we drove into the compound.

That’s what I planned on doing, the cops will be here soon as I call them. I just need to make her confess her crimes before getting her arrested… He replied

Don’t allow anyone in or out of my compound without my consent and y’all should surround the house. Anything could happen any moment from now… He said to the gatekeeper and his bouncers

Babe! Are you okay? Anita said as she came to hug me immediately I entered. “I’m fine but just sad our efforts were in vain” I replied.

I’m sorry about that dear, I know he can’t keep slippering off the cops hand forever, he’d be apprehended soon, just know that.

I hope so. I have to take a shower and get some rest, we have plans on making Cassandra confess that she’s working for him… I replied

“Y’all should gather, I’ve got some business to do with you” I heard John say to everyone as I was about ascending the stairs.

Alright sir! They said in unison.

“Is everything okay with you?” Danielle asked through a text message. “Yeah!” I replied “I need you to keep an eye on Cassandra, she might be planning something already” I texted again.

“Alright! I’ll head to her room now” She texted back and another message popped up which I clicked on immediately and it was a video clip John sent to me.

“Wow! What a smart lady, I guess I won’t have to rest again” I said and dashed out of the room. “What’s wrong, where are you going to?” Anita who was in the room with me asked as she walked behind me. “Follow me if you wanna know” I answered and kept walking.

I knocked on Cassie’s door and she opened it after hearing my voice.

Hey girl! I said and sat on her bed. What’s wrong, what’s with these baggages? I asked without not allowing her to reply my greeting.

Oh! I was gonna ask the boss for permission. I just got a call from home. My mom sent for me, she said it’s a must that I come. So I was gonna ask him for few days off… She lied and I smiled

“The boss is seeking for your attention” Danielle said as she entered the room as well.

“Oh! I’ll be right there” She said and stood up. “Can I use your phone for a while?” I asked as I took it from the bed.

Sure, but what do you wanna use it for? She asked. “I just need to check somethings out. Go answer the boss’s call, you wouldn’t wanna keep him waiting, right? I said

Oh! You’ve got to unlock your phone for me I don’t know your password… I said and handed the phone to her.

She unlocked it and I could see her leer change to a scared one and I was forced to snatch it from her.

“I’ve sent your balance to your account, so leave that house immediately and get rid of this goddmn phone if you don’t wanna be caught” I read aloud.

What does this mean? I asked her, but she ran out of the room instead ignoring my question.

If only you knew you’ve just jumped from a hot frying pan to the main blazing fire… I said and shrugged before leaving her room while Anita followed.

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