🌹 CHAPTER 26 🌹


Everything has fallen back to a normal state and peace had been reigning ever since Elon, his boss and his colleagues were put behind bars. His boss was sentenced to death by hanging, while he and his colleagues were sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour.

I had my exams and of course my friend and I both aced it. Anita was offered admission into the fashion school she’s always wanted to attend and she’s been attending classes ever since the school activities commenced.

I was also offered admission to study art which of course was my dream course too and I’ve been doing well in the field of study. My model business has always been in place too as I got more companies I work with.

With john’s assistance, I was able to secure and launch my own clothing company though it’s not as big as I’ve always wanted it to be, but with time I know I would be able to expand it. The business has been blooming ever since I launched it and I still can’t thank God enough for making my life take a good turn this quick.

I haven’t been able to secure an apartment of my own, so I’ve been living in john’s other house.

He dismissed Gabrielle, Danielle and his other housekeepers and gave them some money for them to establish their own business instead of working under someone. And he recruited another set of people to work for him and for me.

I was walking at the school hallway with some of my colleagues when I sighted Mia from afar and luckily she saw me too. “Hold up guys, I wanna say hi to the lady over there” I said to my colleagues and excused them while they waited.

Surprisingly, she walked to me too. Hey girl! What’s up, she said as she got to my front. “Nothing much”i replied and we hugged each other and exchanged pleasantries afterwards.

It’s so good to see you again. Are you a student of this school as well? I asked. “Of course I am and it’s so good to see you again as well. I’m so sorry for all I did to you, I learnt a great lesson while I was locked up. I hated you out of envy and it took me to a really bad place, I really hope you could find a place in your heart to forgive me” she replied apologetically.

Of course I’ve forgiven you since a very long time ago. I’m not the type that resent people for long in as much as you don’t hurt me, of course I have to forgive you. Besides, I would never have come to say hi if I’m harbouring resentment towards you… I said and she hugged me again.

Thanks for that. I can see again that you’ve got a kind heart. I gotta go now, I’ll be having lecture in few minutes time… She said

Alright! I hope to see you again sometime… I replied and bade her goodbye.

“I’m so sorry for keeping you guys waiting, pardon my manners” I apologised as soon as I got back to their place.

You both seem like one that’s just seeing each other again after a very long time… Carlos, one of my friends said.

Yeah! We were once colleagues at work. I just had to go say hi to her. I’m surprised to see her in this school though. I replied

I got back from school and went to freshen up and eat something’s I always do. I was watching a movie on the TV when the door opened and John entered and directed his gaze at me looking expressionless.

Welcome! What’s up with you, why are you like this? I asked him but all he did was stare at me.

Answer my question and stop giving me this awkward silence. What’s wrong, did I offend you or were you pissed off by someone? Or did someone tell you something bad about me? I asked again.

Why does it have to be you, why? Why! Why!! Why!!! He shouted angrily and I flinched.

Please explain what’s going on, what do you mean by what you just said, what have I done? I asked perturbed but he walked out on me instead of answering me.

You can’t just leave me in the dark, answer me before you go… I said as I held his hand stopping him from going further. “Let go of me now!!! He said sternly and I obliged immediately.

How come I’m so scared of this John right now. What could possibly have happened, why did he start acting cold suddenly? I asked myself as I watch him exit the house.

Of course he doesn’t come to this house everyday but just once in a while, but he spend the night here no matter what but here he is leaving without even having a seat… I thought and brought out my phone to ask Gabriel if his brother told him anything but I got a call instead and it’s from Chris.

Hello! I said as the call connected. Where are you? He asked. “I’m at home, I got back from echo not quite long and John came here few minutes ago and acted so weird that I couldn’t understand why” I replied.

“Just make sure you avoid him at all cost, he isn’t the John you’ve always known, I know it’s hard to believe and that’s why I need to see you, I’ll be there shortly, just wait for me, we need to talk” he said

Alright! Please come on time I’ll are making me confused what’s happening… I said but he had already hung up.

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