🌹 CHAPTER 27 🌹

I chatted Gabriel up but he didn’t reply and that got me more worried and scared. I called him repeatedly but he didn’t answer my call despite the fact that he’s online.

I placed to and fro in the house as different thoughts came running on my mind, but I still couldn’t think of where the problem could’ve come from.

I decided to give John a try but remembered Chris’s word. Everything has always been fine among us and we’ve never for once had any misunderstanding and that alone is what I’ve always loved.

I guess it’s the devil’s doing. My mom once told me devil always find a way of ruining a happy and peaceful home and this is another time I’m experiencing that… I thought

I was guzzling water when the door flew open and Chris cane in. I didn’t even know where the force came from, I dropped the cup in my hand and found myself at his front almost in a flash.

Come shed light on the matter please, thanks for coming. Now tell me what’s going on please… I said as I pulled him to the couch.

Relax! Have you ever had a mental illness before? He asked and I arched my brow. “Sorry that sounds offensive. I mean, have you ever had a memory loss? Do you remember every you’ve done in the past?”

No, I’ve never had a memory loss. Why did you ask that question? I replied.

Well! If you could remember vividly, John or Gabriel might’ve said something about their parent’s murderer. Their parents were murdered in cold blood while they were out of the country.

They’ve been investigating the case ever since they grew up and it was yesterday John sent some documents to my mail…. He said

Alright! What’s the document all about? I asked and he sighed. He brought out his phone and opened his mail. “Check these pictures out” he said and I collected the phone from him to check them out truly.

These are my old pictures and it shows that I was younger. What’s my picture doing with you and how did he get them? I asked.

Are you trying to tell me you don’t remember being at the scene they were murdered? He said and I laughed softly.

What are you trying to insinuate? Are you telling me I know who his parents are or are you trying to say I killed them?. I asked

Well! Those are pictures from one of the surveillance cameras that was secretly planted in the room and it shows you had the knife they were stabbed with. That’s why I asked you if you once had a mental illness.

What on earth are you uttering. Why would you say i killed someone, do I look like a killer to you? Is that why John was giving me the attitude? How in earth would I know who his parents were not to talk of murdering them. What offence could they have committed to make me do that? I was young for goodness sake and my parents were also murdered. Why would anyone think of me as a murderer, why!! Why!!! I yelled out crying profusely already.

I knew you couldn’t have done that, and that’s why I told them we have to investigate further. The video clips might be edited… He said as he patted my back.

This men helped me a lot. They fought so hard and risked their lives just to make me get the proper revenge, so why would I have done that to them in the past… I said

I’m sorry you had to go through the accusations, but I think we’d have to visit the hospital you’ve been using ever since you were born to see if we could get any record of your health issues. You’re the only suspect here and trust me when I say the brothers could harm you anytime. The an they’ve always had foe their parents murderer isn’t a joke… He said

I sat down and started racking my brain to check if there’s something about my past that I didn’t know but every effort proved abortive as I couldn’t find anything.

Get yourself prepared, we will be heading to the hospital like I said earlier and please don’t over think about it, everything will get sorted out soon. I’ll try my best to find the real evidence… He said

I woke up the next day with a throbbing headache and I got dressed quickLy and hurried downstairs to see if Chris is around.

I was about calling his phone when I heard the screeching sound of tyres. I rushed out of the house only to be welcomed by Gabriel whom I met at the doorstep looking furious and scary.

H..hi..I stuttered as I walked back into the house while he walk to me.

I can’t believe the one my brother and I have been helping is the one we’ve been looking for. Matilda I loved you like my sister, why do you have to be the one?

What did my parents do to you that you made you kill them? Why were you so angry when you family was ruined too? Why did you chose to cabbage from a murderer when you know you can’t bring those you’ve killed back alive? He asked angrily

I’m sorry, but I didn’t do any of what you all are accusing me of. Why would I kill a human when I can’t even kill an insect? Let’s just find more evidence instead of the ones you have before believing I did kill them… I retorted.

“I need you to explain this video” he said as he dropped the phone on the table which I picked up immediately. The phone dropped from my hand as soon as I saw myself in the video.

What’s happening, I’m going crazy!!! I cried?

Get her!!! I heard him say and look up only for me to see the guys come to drag me.

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