THE SCENT: Episode 21 – The End

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“aaaaaaaah!” I howled.
I looked over and saw the other guy leaning on the dinning chair with a cofused look on his face.

“Please!…. please… please help me beg my daughter!” I keep crying and pleading.

Now I don’t know where Dwayne is heading to!. I know I don’t deserve their forgiveness. But I really prayed they find a place in their heart to forgive me.

I don’t know when the boy took the strand to where I was sitting on the floor. But I felt his hand trying to pull me up.

“Please Ma….just stand up! Am very sure she would forgive you!… because I knew her too well!…she has a soft spot in her heart!… stand up Ma!”he started feeding me with consoling words.

With his help,I stood up from the floor and he also helped me settled down on the sofa.

Since he left here, I don’t think he would be coming back anytime soon.
But I don’t care! Anytime, Any day, I would be waiting for him in this mansion!.

I know he would have a change of heart someday and forgive me. I looked over at the guy and he was staring into space.

“Please my son!…. Tell me about my little baby!… Please!” I pleaded.
He sighed but didn’t say anything.

“She is the strongest person have ever seen in my life!” He said with a sad face.
” She’s nice even though she doesn’t have! She went through a lot a girl her age shouldn’t!”

And as he said that part, I broke down in another marathon of crying.
My baby!.
My baby really passed through a lot.

“But sir Dwayne!” He suddenly said again attracting my attention back to him.
“Sir Dwayne is really a God sent!” He said with a smile.
“He helped us a lot!”

” Tell me about everything!”

” Ma?”

“Tell me about everything…the life she lived and also how you met Dwayne!” I asked with pleading eyes.

He sat down on the sofa beside me. Stare at me for a minute, And then, He started narrating everything.

When he was done, I broke down again. I can’t believe she passed through this beatings, abuse, being homeless, and memory loss.
all my fault! I caused it all.

Dwayne unknown of their connection,still helped them!.
I have always known him to be a generous man.
He doesn’t take a dime from the company.
He ordered everything given to the charity organization.
How I wish I was the one who gave birth to him.
But still, He is still my son!…and am still his mother.

I just pray he forgive me!.


It has been more than hours sir Dwayne has been on the road. Where is he heading to?

I stare at him and his concentration was on the road ahead. My emotions about the woman who carried me for nine full month in the womb was confusing.

I felt some affection for her, yet, an overpowering urge to hate her also consumed me.

After hearing her words, I pondered over whether what I deemed to be hatred was a mere desire to cushion the pain of my existence and to blame her, whom I help responsible for dumping me in this cruel world.

But when am like this, How do I expect sir Dwayne to feel?. He keep driving and not long after, He pulled up in front of a very small house,but we’ll built.

The house looks exactly like his mansion but just that is smaller. The gate opened and closed by itself. This just a smaller replica of his mansion. He drove in,and got out of the car still ignoring me.

He’s not the only one affected so why is he like this?

I quickly got out and followed behind him.

He pressed something on the door and it flew opened.
He go in, and I also got in after him.
No way am allowing him out of my sight.

I looked around and my eyes landed on a very big shelve. Full of something that looks like wine.

Before we entered,I looked around but couldn’t find anyone. So that means no one is staying here. But who is going to be taking all this wines?. Ain’t it going to expire?.

I stare back at sir Dwayne and he was ruffling his hair.
His hair has now became a mess. I knew he’s fighting a self battle with himself.

He slowly walked up to the Shelve and I saw him took a wine from it. He opened it, and without glass cup, he started gulping it’s content.

What! Without a twinkle of an eyes he has finished it.

He threw the bottle and it hit the tilled floor shattering and wheezing when it landed on it.

“What!” I flinched.

Before I knew what was going on, he already took another bottle and it remains just a little for him to be done with that also.

“Am in for trouble today!… Why did I even followed him here in the first place!?”I thought inwardly.

Now, What am I gonna do?.


Since Mrs Moor didn’t allow me to bring my car along, I started trekking with my legs. I have to go pick my car from her mansion.

But before that,
My plan B!.
My plan B comes before that.

I quickly brought out my phone.

πŸ”’”HELLO!” I heard his grumpy voice boomed.

πŸ”’”Poison?” I asked to be sure.

πŸ”’”One and only!…. Who is this?”I heard him snorted.

πŸ”’” Poison this is Lucy!”

πŸ”’” Lucy?… Who is Lucy?”his cold voice asked and I scoffed.

πŸ”’” Lucy Smith you this motherfvcker!” I yelled lowly.

πŸ”’”Oh!… Lucy!… How long as it been?.. 5years?… 7??”

πŸ”’”snap the f*ck out of it Poison!… See I need your help… So just f*cking tell me where are you?” I asked him impatiently.

πŸ”’”Am in New York!… Have a business for me hun?”

πŸ”’”yes!… The one that would change your life completely!… Huge sum of money on it!”I said amusingly before hanging up.

A cab showed up and I waved at him quickly.

“Now wait for my plan B!”

“Am going to destroy them all!”

“WAIT TILL AM DONE WITH YOU!” i smiled wickedly to myself before proceeding to sit inside the cab.

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