THE SCENT: Episode 21 – The End

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(WHEN A RICH MAN FALL IN LOVE WITH A BEGGAR 馃暩锔忦煏革笍馃暩锔忦煏革笍馃暩锔忦煏革笍馃暩锔忦煏革笍馃暩锔忦煏革笍馃暩锔忦煏革笍)





“Do you, Dwayne Sanchez, Take Oona Smith,as your lawful wedded wife?…in sickness,and in good health. in sorrow,and happiness. In riches and poor. Till death do you part?” The pastor asked and my stomach grumbled in happiness.

“I do!”I said simply.

But trust me, those two words,held a lot of embedded emotions.

“Do you, Oona Smith,take Dwayne Sanchez,as your lawful wedded husband?…in sickness, and in health. In sorrow,and happiness. In riches and poor. Till death do you part?”

“I…do” Her beautiful tiny voice said with excitement.

“Till death do you part”

“Till death do us part!”we both chorused.

The pastor blessed the rings,and I was asked to put it on Amelia’s finger. And Amelia on mine.

“You may now KSS the bride!”

Even before the pastor could finish that Statement, the congregation were already shouting and screaming in happiness.

I removed the veil covering her face and slowly, steadily,conciously, I placed my lips on hers.

I never intended it to be a long k!ss but I just can’t help it. I drew her head closer and deepened the k!ss.

“Amelia!… congratulations!” Alex yelled and I was forced to disengage from the new heaven I thought I now found on Earth.

Intertwining our hands, we faced the congregation.

The first person my eyes landed on was Mom.

When I first told her how I felt about Amelia, she disagreed saying is not right.

It got me into a deep thinking for months because I couldn’t stop my mind from beating faster anytime I set my eyes on her.
She’s so innocent.

Very unaware of what she’s doing to me.

And when I confronted her and asked her how she felt the same way I felt about her.

“Whenever am with you, I always want to do that thing you did to me in your pent house. And also, whenever am with you, my heart beat race more than normal…I don’t know why!”she had said then.

I couldn’t wait for anymore reasons to make her mine. Even as she was saying those words to me, i was jubilating with happiness inwardly.

I went to Mom and told her I don’t want to bear her surname anymore. I explained all my plan to change my surname to my real parents surname. I thought she was going to disagree but she never did.

Amelia revealed to me that my surname is Sanchez so both I and Lia went to court and had a change of first name.
Though, didn’t stop being the CEO of the Moor’s corporation.

The only problem I had then, was Amelia innocency and memory loss. So because of this, both Lia and Mom travelled out of the state for 4 good years.

She said the reason why was that she want her to associate and relate with other women like her.

With each passing moment and days of their absence, it made me feel as if a part of me is not functioning anymore.

And when they both came back, I saw a lot of changes in her.

One day, I asked whether she still felt the same way about me and instead of answering my question, she started blushing. She blushed hard that her cheeks turn pink.

Seeing her blushing instead of answering my questions gave me the confidence I thought I had lost in asking her out.

Without wasting much time, I went to Mom and repeated the same word to her.

“I love Amelia!… would you please, allow me marry her?”I had asked her then.

She sighed and nodded her head in agreement.

“I think I don’t have the right to stop you both from loving each other.”she said and I saw the brightness in her eyes.

“I know with you, I could entrust my daughter. You are my son. She’s my daughter! Now that I have thought about it. I realized you both are the best person for each other.”

I went over to her still holding Amelia’s hand and we both took turns in embracing her.
She was just smiling happily at us.

The second person my eyes landed on was Lucy.

Funny right?
She got released last month.

And standing beside her was Alex.

She was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for the crime she committed.

I don’t know but I think Alex has a thing for her because throughout her stay in the prison, he has been a very regular visitor.

Everyday he would wake up get dressed and whenever I ask where he’s off to, he would to see Lucy.

And now, I think she has turned a new leaf.
No more the arrogant and bitchy Lucy.

You could have seen how she cried and begged for our forgiveness the day she came to the Moor’s mansion. And since then, she haven’t tried to harm any of us in any way.

The rest of the congregation were Mom’s friend and those who came from the company to celebrate with us.

I gave them all a thankful look and finally,my gaze landed on the gorgeous queen beside me.

I haven’t behold such beauty in all my life.

“You are pretty”I complemented.

“You are soooo handsome!”she said giving me a naughty look.

Fl!rting with me Hun?

“No prob. We would get to see how long your fl!rting would last Tonight!”I smirked inwardly.


I was already done with freshing up so I laid on the bed waiting for my bride.

She came out of the bathroom wearing a very short and transparent inner wear.

Her flawless thighs in view.


What’s she doing?

Oh my!

Don’t tell me she’s planned to seduce me.

“D…Dwayne”she called nervously while sitting at the edge of the bed.

“What are we going to do now?”she asked again and I scoffed.

She don’t know what to do Hun?

“We are going to do what you did to me the other day when I had a very low temperature”I replied smirking at her.

“W..I don’t… understand”she said pulling a confused look.

“We are going to do what you did but the other way round. I will be the one lying on top with you underneath!”I said with a mischievous smile.


She still don’t understand me!.

“Don’t worry. I will show you how”I smirked again standing up from the bed.

I stood in front of her and carried her bridal style to lay her in the middle of the bed.

I expected her to protest but she didn’t.

I crawled to her using my both hands to hold her in captive and not to put my weight on her.

“Do you now understand me?”I asked her before i stretched my hand and pressed the button beside the bed.

I heard her gasped when the light went off.

“How…do you know about that night?”she asked me and with the help of the candles I lighted earlier, i looked and saw her covering her eyes with her both palm.

Someone is being shy here!.

“You don’t have to know that!”I replied before I slammed my lips on hers.

I can’t believe am married to her.
The owner of the SCENT.
My childhood friend OONA!.

I feel like the happiest man on Earth.
You are free to imagine how the night went for them馃ぃ.

All I know is,
It went well.

THE END.鉂o笍*

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