THE SINGLE WIFE : Episode 1 – The End

Episode 10

Becca arrived at her mothers’ house with the children. She was welcomed by her grandma, who was shocked upon seeing her. She helped her granddaughter bath the kids, feed them and later put them to bed. Becky, “why are you here?” the old lady asked as they took coffee. Alot mammita(grandmother), she replied. Am listening dear, mammita assured her. Becca narrated to her how life her life with klaus was. She admitted to her grandmother that she was sad leaving and giving up on her family but there was nothing she would as klaus loved another woman. Mammita hugged her and Becca cried her soul out. Mammita promised her to help her no matter what decision she made.

“Where is your brother?” Sheila questioned Terry. I don’t know, and even if I knew why would I tell you, Terry replied rudely. Fine then I will wait for him here, she said and pushed Terry away and let herself in. Klaus’ mother found Sheila sitted, she greeted her and sat beside her. Miss, “I understand my son loves you, but there’s something I would love to ask you, ” Are you happy being a mistress?” she asked and Sheila faced down. She remained silent as she was ashamed. I was with my daughter in law, a while ago and she explained everything to me, “Becca is leaving klaus and all thanks to you, i hope you are very happy, but remember this, I will never acknowledge you as my daughter in law she said and stood from the couch.
You can use the guest room together with Stephanie, Becca already returned her, but as soon as the sun rises, better get lost, she said more of commanding and left. The news delighted Sheila. She walked into the guest room, refreshed and joined Stephanie in the bed.

The next day, Sheila prepared Stephanie and was set to leave. As they were leaving, klaus burged into the house calling out Beccas’ name. Everyone gathered in the room but Becca didn’t show up. Where is Becca? he asked particularly no one. The last time we checked, you left with her, “so why are you asking us? Shouldn’t you be with her, simply meaning its us who should be asking you, where she is,” Terry stated. Terry! he yelled her name. Am here, “why are you looking for Becca?” Sheila asked him smiling. Klaus looked at her angrily and went towards his room calling out Becca. He looked all over the house but couldn’t find Becca. So, “did you find her?” his mother asked him. Mom, “Becca left coast and am sure she came here, please ma, i need to find her,” he literally begged his mother. Where were you when she left? Terry asked. Son, “Becca did fly back here and she told me all that happened. How could you leave your wife and go after your mistress?” his mother asked getting irritated. Maa, i need to apologize to her, “just tell me where she is,” he begged. Klaus, “stop it, forget her let’s start our family, Sheila said holding klaus but he pushed her away. I don’t want to see you nor listen to your rubbish, please just get lost! Klaus yelled at her. He ordered his guests to throw Sheila out and not to let her in. He remained with Stephanie. After convincing his mother, she finally told him where Becca was. He immediately left for Becca’s house. In an hour’s time he was at their house. He was welcomed by the gateman as the gateman recognized him. He parked his car and went towards the house. Becca was playing with the kids when she saw klaus. She called out the nanny and asked her to stay with the kids as she went to speak to klaus. Yes, “may I help you?” Becca asked. I’m here to talk and take my wife with me, klaus replied. If that’s the case you are in the wrong compound, you may take your leave, Becca replied. Klaus tried to talk to her but Becca had him thrown out.

Klaus didn’t stop visiting Becca. He did it almost everyday but every time Becca refused to talk to him. Most times he would bump into Daniel. This made him furious but he remained calm………

Sheila decided to confront klaus and apologize to him. Truly, she did love klaus and she wanted him back. She drove towards klaus’ house and as she arrived she saw him leaving and decided to follow him. Klaus was heading towards Becca’s but spotted her at the park. He parked his car and ran towards Becca. He called her and when he was about to hug her, Daniel stopped him. He asked klaus to stay away from Becca. He said to him if at all Becca wanted to speak to him she would personally call him. He held Becca and walked away from klaus.

Klaus, sheila called him. He looked at him but she blocked his way. Is this how you are? “yes I admit I made a mistake, but klaus I apologized and explained what really happened, Sheila said crying. Sheila not now, he said. So I made a mistake and all of a sudden you fall in love with Becca? “klaus am the one you love not Becca, why can’t you see that?” she asked in a broken voice. Did you honestly love me! She yelled. I don’t know Sheila! “all I know is that all this while I was deceiving myself,” klaus replied. What do you mean? Sheila asked. The reason I couldn’t divorce Becca even after you returned I came to understand it now, “Sheila I love Becca, I have always loved her, she’s the one I’m in love with and not you,” klaus said and wiped away his tears. You what! she asked. I am in love with my wife, Becca………

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