Trillionaire Surrogate.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 10.

Jason’s POV

I was surprised to see Sam rolling on the floor with just one kick. Seems we are all doomed here today.

“Why do you want me to leave?” I asked the man.

“Well, I don’t talk much, but if you love your life, leave.” He said.

“He is not leaving.” Angela said boldy and walked to the man in he middle.

I was surprised at her boldness despite being pregnant.

The man in the middle chuckled. ” I don’t want to fight with you, Angela. ”

“I’m not interested in fighting too, I’m only telling you that Jason isn’t leaving.” The man looked at Angela sternly and emotions could be seen expressed on his face.

Hope these two didn’t have some connections in the past?

“Maybe my boys should teach you little lesson , then.” The man in the middle of the enemies said and stepped back.

He signalled for the two men with him to deal with Angela.

They charged towards Angela and began to fight her. The way Angela calculated her moves in a twinkle of an eyes left me stunned.

How can an ordinary lady be this skilled in fighting?

I watched as Sam and Dan watched Angela fight in surprise.

Dan made a move of joining Angela in the fight but I stopped him, I want to see how far Angela can go.

If it gets worst, I will tell Dan to join.

Few minutes later, the fight get tough but Angela is yet to get hurt in any part of her body. yet the men had bruises already all over their body as a result of Angela’s Punches and blow.

Angela flew to the wall, walked sideways on it and sent kicks to the two men simultaneously on their neck. I have never in my life seen that kind of smack down.

The two men fell to the floor, if I would say, I will say DEAD, but I can’t be so sure until we check.

The man that seems to be their leader watched his men on the floor and smirked.

He didn’t say a word but walked out instead.

Angela walked to me victorsioily and I welcomed her with a smile.

“You did well.” I said and I could hear Sam cussing where he lay.

I signalled for Angela to follow me to my room while we left the two silly men there.



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