The Trillionaire’s Surrogate.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 2

Angela’s POV

I sat at the room given to me. I starred around and adored how magnificent the room is. I had heard a lot about how wealthy he is, I never knew I would ever have a chance to enter his house.

The only reason why I had dared to come to his place despite the runours of him having the tightest securities in town was because I had promised myself that any of my seed would not turn out to be who I am.

I’m a pr0$titute as a result of what life throws at me and I’ve since accepted my fate. But I won’t let my child live a life without a father.

I went to the shower and clean myself up. I began to do some pressups to become fit more when a knock sounded on my door.

I looked towards the door and ignored, I continued what I was doing.

The knock was persistent after which the door got forcefully broken.

“Are you deaf.” One of the huge men that entered shouted at me. They must be part of his guards.

I stood up majestically and sat comfortably on the bed. “But you did not have to break the door…Anyways, what do you want to see me for?” I was bold.

One of the three men grinned and walked close to me.

“Seems you think you are a superwoman, rumours reached us of how you kicked two of our men.” He laughed sarcastically. The two others laughs hysterically too.

“We will deal with her later.” They said amidst themselves. One of then faced me and said; “The boss sends for you.”

I stood at once and they led me to where their boss is.

He was at a place that looks like the backyard of the house.

“Excuse us.” I heard him say to the guards present and they obliged.

“Your name again?” He asked.

“Angela and you?”

“Are you cr@zy? Do I look like a friend to you?” He barked while I just watched him with a relaxed face.

“Just so we are clear, you are not here cause of that thing you call baby that is inside of you, you are here cause it seems you can fight and I cherish that. Where did you learn your fighting skill from? ”

“Well, I Love fighting so I start training myself since I was young.”

“I see! And you easily took down two of my men.”

“I will take down another two.” I said and he bursted into a brief laughter.

He called in two of his men immediately. “My men are not amateurs ,woman. You only caught them off-guard the previous time.”

I went farther from him and position myself to fight the two men he had called.

“Seems you are so courageous, if they succeed in beating you, not only are you going home, I’m slicing you open and taking that thing you call baby out. I can’t let someone somewhere be tarnishing my image. ” his words really made me scared.

Slice my w0mb open? Jeez! I felt like saying I am not fighting again but the two men are already in front of me, positioning themselves to fight me already.

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